I am Courtney Davis Chapter 9

"If you're a handsome devil, then why do you have a "Halo"? Part 1

AN: Hey there it has been a while. I am now a sophomore (marching band starts) unfortunately I have three years left (tiny sad violin) 'sigh'. I have came up with an idea for a two or more part segment for this story which means a few songs are going to be included as secondary songs. Recap, the gang met five new friends, (Nigel and ACTJ). ACTJ, Courtney, and Trent put on an awesome performance at the park. "Ha, why to show Alejandro." Everyone left except for Duncan & Courtney, that's when Courtney realized her only ride home, is Duncan. They fight verbally and physically (why wouldn't they?), Courtney's parents say a few things, Duncan leaves, and Courtney falls down hard (literally).

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these songs you know who does and I don't own the TD peeps, but I own ACTJ, Nigel, Tonya, and Camille (and others).

Duncan's POV

Duncan wakes up to find himself at home on the couch. Remembering that after he dropped Courtney off and 'things happened', he left, then he passed out on the couch.

"Oh, shoot I'm going to be late." Duncan realized.

It is now 6:55, meaning that Duncan would be counted absent after 7:00 that is a stupid rule courtesy of Duncan Aiden Ricardo Evans. Who came in late (on purpose), so the metal detector wouldn't inspect him. To be arrested later for bringing weapons to school.

"Come on what if a criminal came to the school or something then I can protect myself", was the excuse.

"Boy you are the criminal," Chef Hatchet said. Then he turned the juvenile delinquent upside down. "Good times, good times". Duncan said recalling the flashback.

"Duncan you better get your hurry your ass up or I am going to use my megaphone to announce your arrival." Mr. Evans shouted.

"Honey, leave my baby alone." Mrs. Evans retorted then she hit her husband with her nightstick. "Ouch" "Alright, Ma!" the baby exclaimed.

Duncan rushed upstairs into his room and into his bathroom. He immediately undressed, turned on the shower, and hopped in. Duncan runs his hands through his hair, takes a deep breath, and…

"Snores." "Duncan your time is up!" someone yells. "Ahh, I'm out, I'm out." The terrified teen jumps out of the shower knowing the consequences.

"Hey, little bro." "Oh, its you two: smartass and jackass."

Duncan refers to his older twin brothers. Blake (smartass) is wearing a blue basketball jersey with the number thirteen on it, Jake (jackass) is wearing a red basketball jersey with the number ten on it, and they both have brown eyes. Besides, that they are identical except for their hair; Jake's hair is spikier.

"You might not want to be calling us that because we are your ride to school." Blake replies.

"Why?" little bro says annoyed.

"We're taking you to school because you were too lazy to go to your room last night. Oh, and we are driving the rust bucket." Jake adds


"Sike, you should have seen your face. No we're not riding in that piece of crap." Blake says

"I'm driving the chick magnet (AN: the Ferrari)." Jake exclaims.

"Dude, I'm still surprised you let me drive your precious 'Lindsey'." Duncan mentions. "Because she's red hot." Blake chuckles and Blake blushes the same color as the Ferrari.

"Psh, at least I did not name my motorcycle-", Jake starts.

"You, don't have a motorcycle." Duncan interrupts

"That's beside the point, at leasther (the car) name isn't 'Princess'." Jake finally says.

"AKA 'Courtney is frickin' hot Davis'". Blake hysterically laughs out and Duncan blushes red all over.

"Bro, why are you naked?" the twins say in unison.

"Uh, because you two made me jump out of the shower." Duncan answers in a 'duh' way.

"That was funny might I add." "Yeah, hi-five it." The twins give each other high fives.

"J-Just get out of my bathroom." Duncan yells.

At school

Duncan walks up to his locker, where across the hall Gwen was at hers.

"Hey, dark and mysterious." Duncan greeted his best gal pal.

"Hey, Duncan, how do I look?" Gwen spins around awkwardly not wearing her usual attire; she was wearing a long sleeved moss green shirt, short gray skirt, black leggings, and black flats.

Uh, the truth?" Gwen shakes her head yes.

"You look uncomfortable." "Ugh, I told Courtney that this", she pinches the clothing "isn't me."

Courtney walks up, to her locker that is besides Duncan's.

"I should have known this was your doing, I mean look at yourself you're preppy." Duncan exclaims. Courtney looks down at her outfit which is similar to Gwen's except for a white, long, sleeved v neck, gray sweater vest, black skirt, and white heels.

"What there is nothing wrong with originality." Courtney says as she gets her items for class.

'Wolf whistle' "Princess, you're naughty, look at those legs. I would love to wrap them around my waist and lift up you skirt."

"You perv!" Courtney yelled as she threw her geometry book at him.

Gwen, "Shut up Gwen!" Duncan yells as he rubs his head.

"Anyways, since I gave Gwen my leggings and I wanted to show Alejandro what he's missing, I'm wearing heels." Courtney stated proudly.

"Don't forget they make you look taller." Bridgette added, everyone but Courtney giggled.

"Whatever, let's go to class," Courtney changes the subject.

In Geometry Class

Duncan along with Courtney, Gwen, and Bridgette walked into their geometry class. Everyone (excluding those mentioned above) waved at the arriving classmates. They took their seats except for Duncan who found someone seating in his seat.

"Um, not to be rude or anything but you're seating in my seat." Duncan said to the mystery person.

"Oh, sorry Mr. whatever, told me to sit here," the mystery person replied.

"Mr. Evans, just sit behind her for now," the geometry teacher instructed Duncan. "Miss Hamilton you can introduce yourself now."

The girl that was sitting in Duncan's seat got up from the desk and walked to the front of the room.

"Hello, my name is Tonyetta Hamilton"

Tonyetta Hamilton: Long black hair, Ocean eyes, 5'10", Tall and athletic body type, African-American

"I am from Newark, New Jersey." The class stares back at her obliviously. "'Sigh' it's the state that's beside New York. You know like 'Jersey Shore'."

"You mean like on MTV,"everyone exclaims. Tonya nods her head. "Why didn't you say so," everyone replies back

"Well, Jersey Shore is a beach and I live in the city." Tonya adds. "That's cool, can you see New York from where you live?" Courtney asks

"No, but I can see the back of the Statue of Liberty."

"Whoa, dudette you have an awesome view but, why did you move here?" Geoff says

"My dad is in the army and he wants my mom and I to have adventures in our own too. Instead, of moving here and there and or having us stay with our family in New Jersey." Tonya explains

"Thank you, Miss Hamilton, you can sit down now," the teacher instructs. Tonya goes back to her seat. Duncan clears his throat to remind Tonya about the seating.

"Oh, right, you can have your seat back you handsome devil." Tonya says with a wink as she moves her school items to the seat left of Duncan's. Duncan sits in his seat behind Courtney. He leans towards Courtney's ear and says, "She likes me. She recognizes that I'" Courtney rolls her eyes, "she's not giving you a compliment, and Tonya is insulting you." "You're just jealous." "Jealous of what!" Courtney shouts. "I'm sitting beside you two", Tonya mentions.

The teacher walks to the back of the class, where the argument is happening and interrupts them. The teacher clears his throat and says "If you all are done everyone can be put into pairs now." The three students smile innocently at him and he returns to the front of the room. The groups are Geoff and DJ, Bridgette and Gwen, Leshawna and Katie, Harold and Trent, Heather and Beth, Lindsay and Camille, Cody and Tyler, Ezekiel and Owen, Izzy and Sadie, Justin and Eva.

Duncan gets up and makes his way over to Noah. "Finders keepers, metal-face," Alejandro mocked Duncan. "Whatever" "Oh, I am so honored to be partners with Ale-idiot." Noah said sarcastically. "What did you say shrimp?" "Nothing."

"You want to be partners with me Courtney?" Tonya asked politely. "Mr. Evans you are in need of a partner and since I have knowledge of womanizing ways. You are most definitely are not going to be part of any girl's groups," the teacher notified Duncan. "But" "And not any part of any guy's groups because of you shenanigans." "Ugh"

"I don't have a partner", someone with a British accent spoke loudly. "Oh, this is just perfect," Duncan spoke his opinion out loud. "Oh, really Mr. Evans partner up with Mr. Worthington" the teacher instructed "Ugh" (in a Charlie Brown way). "Aww, maybe next time cutie." Tonya reassured Duncan in a friendly tone. "Yeah, maybe."

Duncan walked over to Nigel's desk that is right in front of Tonya's desk.

"Hey, there Duncan fancy meeting you here," Nigel greeted

"Again", Duncan said grumpily.

"Again, do you like her?" Nigel inquired.

"Who, the pale chick, the new girl, Princess?" Duncan listed.

"Well, first tell me about the pale chick Gwendolyn, right?"

"She goes by Gwen, the gruesome Goth chick."

"Goth huh, do you date her?"

"Whoa buddy, that ship has left port, sailed, and sunk like the Titanic." Duncan explained his past relationship with Gwen exaggeratedly.

"Why?" Duncan wonders.

"It just seems like you and her were all buddy-buddy with her."

"Oh, because Gwen's my best girl pal and she's like a sister."

"Ok, the new girl?"

"I just met her and maybe she's just being nice."

"Alright, but who's Princess?"

"Princess is the nickname that I gave Courtney. I think it fits her personality."

"So do you fancy her?" Duncan looks at Nigel like 'excuse me'.

"Do you like her?" "She's." Duncan trails off.

"The relationship is complicated. You probably both like each other but the other denies it because it will sabotage their reputation." Nigel states profoundly.

"You should be that person that helps people with their personal problems."

"A psychiatrist, a psychologist, a shrink…" Nigel suggests

"Whatever floats your boat."

"Turn in your papers and class is dismissed." The teacher announces.

"We didn't even start on our work. Whatever that was supposed to be." Duncan notices.

"I've got you covered chap. I can multi-task." Basically meaning that Nigel was working during the whole conversation.

"Wow, Nigel I owe you one." Duncan promises

"Well, that's just dandy but, you don't have to I'm just naturally nice besides I already gave you advice." Nigel

"No, dude I already promised and I don't break promises."

"Alright, but I'll tell you one thing though: I don't quarrel much with others."

"Nigel, Nigel, who knows what could happen."

Later in the day at lunch

"Yeah, it's lunchtime and I am starving! What did you bring today DJ," Geoff says in a singsong voice.

"Today I brought you'll some sandwiches." DJ replies

"What kind did you bring?" Bridgette asks

"Oh, don't worry Bridgette, I brought a sandwich without meat for you." DJ answers

"Aw, thanks DJ" "No, problem."

Duncan walks in and sits in front of DJ.

"What's up Dunc?" "Nothing much." "Geoff, Malibu." "Hey, Duncan" "Hey, dude."

"I heard you and the new kid really hit it off." "Which one?" "Both." "Oh, yeah Tonya and Nigel. I'm cool with them."

Leshawna, Katie, Trent, Gwen, Courtney, and Tonya walk in together and sit at the table with the rest of the gang.

"Hey guys, DJ brought sandwiches for everyone." Bridgette announced

"Sweet, is there enough for everyone?" Trent wondered

"Yes, there's enough. I made eighteen sandwiches because you never know if we make a new friend, DJ says with a wink.

"Oh, geez I almost forgot. Everyone, this is Tonya," Courtney introduced Tonya to everyone.

"Courtney, we all have the same math class," everyone said back in unison.

"Right, well Tonya you know Duncan right?"

"Yes, I do," Tonyetta, answers by sitting beside mentioned person. "Also, I know Leshawna, Katie, Trent, Gwen, and everyone else we have seen." Tonya adds

"Okay, but you haven't mean Bridgette, Geoff, and DJ." Courtney motioned to the three other people at the table.

"Gwen, told me about them. The surfer chick, the party guy, and the gentle giant." Tonya states their stereotypes. Courtney glares at Gwen. Gwen shrugs her shoulders while giving a small smile. "Shall we eat?" Katie says happily.

While, the nine friends and a new one were eating lunch together, a dispute was going on at the other side of the cafeteria.

Nigel was approaching an empty table with his extraordinary, silver lunch receptacle. The blond teenager sits down and looks around the room taking in the surroundings. Then, he takes a deep breath and opens up his lunch container. His lunch of choice today, is Beef Wellington with mashed potatoes, carrots, and green beans. He breathes in the scent of the familiar dish and grabs his utensils and begins to eat.

"So, you think just because you are new and foreign and rich, you can take our table," an unfamiliar voice says.

Nigel turns around and he sees Alejandro accompanied by Heather, Justin, and some other snobby rude, rich kids.

"Oh, I know you. You're that chap I have geometry with. I don't recall your name but you're Spanish, right? Is your name Luis, Jose, Jesus, Jorge, Carlos, Juan, Antonio? I think the closest to it is Antonio, right?"

"It's Alejandro and I don't like you tone of voice. Are you gay or something? Actually, that doesn't matter right now. What matters is that you shouldn't be here!" Alejandro yells. Next, he reaches across the table and destroys Nigel's lunch in the process. He grabs Nigel by the neck and he slams him down onto the table.

Nigel struggling to breath manages to say a few words. "You think just because I'm not from here you can beat me into a pulp," Nigel says in a serious tone. "What are you going to do choke me to death or let go of my neck and have your posse gang up on me? Huh, tough guy." Nigel threatens in a serious tone.

Harold and Camille happen to be walking by after a tutoring session in the library and they notice the "fight" going on. Nigel knowing them from the classes they had earlier looks at the and says in French "Aidez-moi!"

Camille gasps and violently grabs Harold and takes him to the table with the previously mentioned group. "Help, help! There zis a problem Nigel zis in trouble. Alejandro zis vous fous, he has gone mad," she yells desperately to the group.

They turn around and wipe the tears they had in their eyes from laughing at a joke and look at the two with confusion in their eyes. "What Camille is saying that Alejandro has gone crazy and he's has Nigel in a choke hold," Harold interprets. Upon hearing Nigel's name, Duncan immediately rises from his seat. "Where is he?" Duncan asks violently while grabbing Harold by the neck. "They are over there," Camille says afraid of Duncan's tone.

Duncan puts Harold down and he proceeds to the previously mentioned location to do his new friend a favor. Duncan arrives at his destination and everyone, but Alejandro notice him and their faces go from malicious to frightened.

"Uh, dude," Justin, says tapping Alejandro on the shoulder "What!" "Uh, your mortal enemy." "Chris." "No." "Oh, let me guess the poor sucker that follows that preppy bitch around."

"How did you know, asshole", Duncan says with a sneer.

"Well, considering our recent encounter didn't result in a "compromise", I thought this was bound to happen." Alejandro recalls the day he broke up with Courtney.

"Right, and because of that and this," Duncan motions to Nigel who is still in a chokehold, "I'm not done with you asshole."

"Bring it then,"

Duncan doesn't respond and just shakes his head and walks toward Alejandro. Heather and Justin start chanting "FIGHT!" and everyone in the cafeteria get up and crowd around the two opponents. Nigel is still struggling and Duncan notices.

"Alright, I'll fight you, but let him you." "Let who go?" "Nigel, let Nigel, go." "Okay, man-whore, I'm giving you your lover back." Alejandro picks up Nigel and shoves him into Duncan. "Thank you." "You don't have to thank me I would have done it for them over there." Duncan motions to his friends at the table with his head. "Are you guys going to kiss or are you going to fight, Duncan," some idiot in the crowd shouted. Duncan tells Nigel to go to the table with their friends. Nigel starts walking and then, Alejandro trips him. Everyone gasps and Duncan lunges forward to help Nigel and Alejandro punches Duncan. Nigel gets up revealing his bloody nose and jumps on Alejandro and starts punching him. Duncan who is now regaining consciousness gets up and helps Nigel. Nigel grabs Alejandro and holds him in place so Duncan can punch him. Alejandro shoves his elbow into Nigel's stomach and Duncan head-butts Alejandro into his stomach. Duncan shakes his head and knees Alejandro in the face. Alejandro is unconscious. Duncan helps Nigel get on his feet.

"Nigel, are you alright man?" Duncan says concerned

"No, I think I'm going to hurl." Nigel manages to get out before he throws up. This is unusual because he didn't even eat his lunch. "I never jumped on anyone like that before and now my mother is going to make me move to Scotland." Nigel says while crying.

"Why?" Duncan asks worried. "That's the reason why we moved to Canada because the boys at my last school used to bully me. My mom didn't want me to go to a public school either though because the kids there would probably do the same thing." "Nigel, the kids would be worse and what just happened was an example," Duncan explained.

"What is going on here?" the principal shouted as he bursts through the cafeteria doors. Chris and Chef are following close behind. Everyone disperses to let them through. They walk to the center of the room where the fight was staged. They see Alejandro unconscious on the floor. "Wow, I wonder who did that", Chris exclaimed as the sight of Alejandro being passed out on the floor. "I know who did," the principal said with hatred "EVANS! Get your ass over here!" Duncan who knows this routine by heart starts walking toward the principal.

"Wait! Don't Duncan it's my fault. Don't take the blame. I hit him first" "Dude, you have a clean record and he started this, not you. Besides, he only bothered you because of me." "But..", Duncan interrupted. He started it with Courtney and it is going to finish with you." Duncan proceeded to walk with the three authority figures. Duncan passes by the table with his friends and he whispers to Tonya as he walks out "I'm a handsome devil, huh." "If you're a handsome devil, then why do you have a halo?"


Author's Note: This chapter was at first going to end with Duncan saying some inappropriate words and being sent to the office. LAME! So, I guess I got some inspiration from the fight I seen recently. Okay, it was two girls and they were slapping, kicking, and pulling hair, but it was still a fight. This chapter took months and I am glad I am finished 'whew'. Oh, and one more thing I forgot to mention that Ne-Yo wrote Irreplaceable.

Random Note: It is 12/12/12 and I am in Spanish as I am writing this. The semester is almost over, but I passed Spanish with an 86, yeah I now somewhat of the Spanish language. My Spanish instructor is playing music and he went to Youtube and he played the Cupid Shuffle, the Cha-Cha Slide, and Gangnam Style and people were dancing! Oh, and there was a fight this morning on the bus. What a great way to end the year and first semester of school.