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CHAPTER 18: Bombastic Surprises

It had already been thirteen minutes. Thirteen minutes since Chris had announced that there was going to be a school play in order to celebrate the school's annual Wawanakwa Day. Gwen groaned and slumped down on her desk. This was terrible. What was everyone going to think when they saw her shaking muttering on the stage? Already knowing how terrible she was with social skills as a whole, there was no way Gwen was going to manage.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard her pathetic excuse of a teacher complaining once again. Chris McLean had only been her teacher for a day so far and he had already dropped a major bombshell on her. Only the worst was yet to come. Currently, everyone was still waiting for Heather, Harold, and Izzy to arrive so the whole class could meet up with the students from classroom 49 at the school's auditorium. Gwen wanted to go back to her room and sleep at this point since Chris wouldn't stop complaining.

"Ugh, where are they?!" he stormed around his desk. "How dare they ruin my plans on purpose. I bet this is all Beth's fault!"

Beth looked up at her teacher, her eyes trembling with fear. "What did I do?..."

"You somehow texted the three of them not to come to class on time! I refuse to believe otherwise and I might just give you a detention later."

"Wh-what?... But I didn't! I swear!"

"That's crazy," Gwen spat. "Beth did nothing and you know it."

Chris blew a raspberry at the goth and continued lecturing Beth. Gwen was about to say something else but Duncan stopped her before she could. He leaned over his desk in order to talk to her.

"There's no point talking to that guy. He's only messing around with Beth... I think. I don't even know..."

More time passed and Chris continued dragging the mood down. All Gwen could do right now was trust Duncan's instincts and hope that their teacher was joking around. After all, she knew Chris was still the headmaster and she didn't want to get expelled. When Chris decided to stop targeting Beth, Geoff decided to lift the mood up by telling a joke. Non-surprisingly, almost everybody in the room laughed and Chris just pouted at him.

"Your jokes are lame and mine are funnier!"

Geoff was confused but he shrugged it off anyway. Being reminded of the unfortunate event that happened a few days ago, Gwen looked over at Bridgette's table to see if she had heard Geoff's joke, but the goth frowned as she saw her friend facing the front of the room, pretending not to have heard a word. Gwen frowned. Bridgette and Geoff needed to get back together somehow, and on top of that, they needed to get Blaineley fired for blackmailing Alejandro in the first place. Of course, Alejandro wasn't going to confess anything any time soon to Chris, so there was no other plan to go with.

It wasn't long until Heather entered the classroom. Her hair was damp and she had dark patches under her eyes. Duncan laughed at the sight of her as she entered the room.

"You look different."

"Ugh, I am so not bothered with you right now," she glared, walking over to her seat. "I've been showering all night and this stupid skunk smell won't go away!"

Gwen grimaced as the smell reached her nose, but that was soon replaced with satisfaction as she grinned at Duncan. He looked over to the goth and sighed, knowing that he had just lost the bet as well as ten dollars.

"Looks like you win. She still smells."

Gwen smirked as she took the money but her smile soon faded. Harold had just entered the room as well and he was out of breath. His stomach also seemed to be overly bloated for some reason and he didn't look to pleased about something else.

"Why are you late, Harold? You're totally ruining my plans!" Chris whined.

"Funny story," Harold darkly chuckled. "The breakfast burrito I just ate at the cafeteria made me feel sick! There were either too many beans in there, or too many m- AGH!"

"Hahaha, hi, Harold!" Izzy interrupted, jumping on the nerd's back from behind. "Has anyone ever told you that your hair looks like spaghetti? I like to eat spaghetti..."

Harold, clearly annoyed, tried to shrug her off. "You're so rude, Izzy, GOSH! Do you even have a soul?!"

"No, silly, and you don't either!" the ginger cackled. Gwen groaned at the joke. It was too early in the morning for overused jokes, and apparently, Chris also seemed to be annoyed.

"Now that you're all here, we can go to the auditorium. We're running late thanks to three very rude people," he glared at Heather, Harold, and Izzy. "Now chop chop and follow me!"

Almost everyone followed Chris as he headed out the door but Gwen decided to wait for Duncan. He seemed to like taking his time. Even in this situation he still managed to pull a smirk at her. She was in a grouchy mood right now, but he was somehow making all the bad things vanish.

"The auditions are going to be stupid, but at least we can laugh at everyone together," Duncan suggested, wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

"That sounds like a great plan," Gwen admitted. She leaned her head on his shoulder as they continued to walk behind everyone else. "I don't want to audition for this play. It's lame and not my style."

"You're telling me," Duncan muttered. "I'd rather be married to Blaineley."

Gwen glared at this and lightly hit the delinquent. He smirked. "You know I'm kidding, Pasty."

By the time everyone made it to the auditorium, Gwen immediately noticed how she had never been in here before. It looked like any other auditorium. There were many seats placed everywhere in front of a large stage which was accompanied with red curtains. Gwen originally wanted to sit with Duncan so they could at least share their misery together, but she changed her mind once Geoff started calling him over. She decided to let Duncan go so she could talk with Bridgette some more. That's when she was reminded of the request she made to the delinquent yesterday.

"Oh yeah, did Geoff end up taking his hat back?"

"He's not wearing it, so what do you think?" Duncan replied. Then he sighed once he saw Gwen's unsatisfied response. "Fine, I'll try again later."

Since her class was the last to arrive, Gwen already found Bridgette sitting with Courtney and Leshawna. The goth walked over to them and sat next to Bridgette. The surfer smiled at Gwen appreciatively and Gwen returned it. Then she addressed her other two friends.

"What's going on?"

"I don't know," Courtney replied. "I tried asking Blaineley what play we're performing but she won't answer me."

"I just want to get the lead role," Leshawna stated. She then turned to Bridgette. "How do you feel about auditioning, girl?"

Bridgette sighed. "I really don't feel like it, but I guess it's compulsory... I guess it will be okay if there aren't too many lines to say. That way I'll be able to get offstage in a flash."

Gwen nodded in agreement. She hated performing in front of people, so she hoped she didn't get a major role.

After talking to Blaineley for a while, Chris finally came to the decision to calm everyone down so he could announce the play to both classes. Blaineley also tried to calm everyone down and it didn't take long for her to gain their attention.

"Shhhh! Shhhh! SHHHHH! Settle down, students!"

Once everyone was quiet, Chris decided to speak. "Today you're all going to be auditioning for the play which is based on Cinderella. Of course, auditions are compulsory and if you don't want to, then you can just spend a week's worth of detention with Blaineley while helping with her stupid Notice thingy."

"It's not stupid!" Blaineley barked.

"Well it is to me," Chris flashed a smile. "I know there's twenty of you kids, but there are only twelve spots available."

Cody raised his hand. "Uh, what happens to the eight of us that don't get picked?"

"That's easy, Codemeister," Chris grinned. "The people who don't get a spot will help out with the staging. The performance is nothing without the stage!"

More students groaned. Duncan didn't even bother to raise his hand and just asked his own question.

"Can I just quit the auditions and move to the staging? I don't want to be in this stupid play."

Chris glared at the punk. "Uh, no. I know you want to do the staging so you can slack off, but I'm not going to allow that! You need to audition so I can see if anyone has potential, and if you don't then you can just go and have detention with Blaineley!"

Blaineley and Chris started answering more questions from everyone and Gwen noticed that Bridgette kept looking elsewhere. When Gwen looked in the same direction, she noticed that it was at Geoff.

"I'm guessing he didn't want his hat back?" Bridgette asked.

Gwen frowned. "I'm sure he'll start wearing it eventually."

Bridgette sighed and looked down at her lap. Gwen had never seen Geoff so long without his hat and it was obviously unsettling for Bridgette. Her attention was then caught by Blaineley who was still answering some questions.

"Yes, my secretary has already written the script, Sierra," she said as she started passing out the audition notes. "There are four main roles that you will choose to audition for today. But no matter who you audition for, we will assign you to the role that we think will fit you best." Everyone groaned at this.

"All the boys will be auditioning for the Prince," Chris said.

Duncan rolled his eyes at this. "The Prince?! Can't I be a rat or a tree?"

"No, Duncan," Blaineley answered. "And the girls will have three different audition roles to choose from. You have Cinderella, the ugly stepsisters, or the Fairy Godmother. Now go go go!"

Everybody immediately split themselves up into the groups they wished to audition for. Gwen shrugged and made her way over to the ugly stepsister territory since that seemed to be the only role that wasn't chipper. To her surprise, Izzy was the only other person who joined her. Most of the other girls seemed to be at the Cinderella group. The goth smirked as Leshawna seemed more confident now.

"This should be easy," she scanned through the script. "I'm the Cinderella of this stage!"

"Uh, you wish!" Heather spat. "This isn't Ghettorella, it's Cinderella. You're totally auditioning for the wrong play."

Courtney cleared her throat. "I hate to break it to you both, but I'm going to be Cinderella. I can sing and animals like me. Cinderella has both of those portraits."

Gwen continued to listen as the three girls began bickering. She also heard Lindsay saying something about her foot not being able to fit in the glass slipper but she had no idea what the blonde was talking about. After talking for a while, Blaineley interrupted everyone. They all turned to her and it turns out she and Chris were sitting at a large desk now.

"Cinderella is the main character, so I want people to audition for that role first. But please remember that you may not get that specific role. Someone who auditions for the Fairy Godmother could get that role. You just don't know."

Gwen looked over to the Cinderella group which consisted of Leshawna, Heather, Eva, Courtney, Sierra, and Beth. As soon as Blaineley directed them to go on stage in a specific order, everybody else claimed their own seats in the first few rows. Taking this as a great opportunity, Gwen dragged Bridgette over to Duncan and Geoff, and they both sat down. This was great since Bridgette would be near Geoff but he didn't seem to notice her existence. Bridgette frowned at this but Gwen told her not to worry about it.

The situation became even more strange when Chef suddenly decided to make his own entrance. He opened the doors dramatically and stormed in like he owned the building. He was sporting his famous apron which was now covered with blood. Gwen felt like puking from the stench, and apparently, so did Bridgette.


Gwen looked over to Chris. For some reason he seemed to be anxious. "Uh, yeah... About that... It will come soon, but do you want to help me and Blaineley judge these guys while they audition for the Cinderella play we're producing?"

Chef just deepened his glare at the headmaster in response.

"We can laugh at them..." Chris suggested, trying not to smirk.

Chef suddenly had a mischievous grin on his face and sat next to Chris on the far end of the judging table. Blaineley, who was on the other side of Chris, seemed to disagree with this arrangement.

"I did not allow this!" she protested.

Chris laughed. "You don't allow many things but I do them anyway!"

Blaineley grumbled something under her breath and Chef looked at Chris with a dark glare in his eye, "I better get a bigger paycheque for this."

"Uh, yeah... Sure, dude..." However, he didn't look so sure. "Anyway, Leshawna! You're up first!"

Some students clapped as Leshawna made her way to the centre of the stage. After signing some papers, Blaineley looked up at the ghetto girl and told her the instructions.

"Okay, Leshawna. Chris is going to read the Stepmother's line on page three. All you need to do is say Cinderella's line in response."

"Why do I have to read the line?!" Chris whined.

"Because I need to take notes and your weird friend will get blood all over the script!" Blaineley glared. "Just get on with it!"

Chris rolled his eyes and suddenly the lights went all dim as the curtains closed together. Gwen grinned as Leshawna seemed to be taking control of the situation so far. Chris then stood up and put on his best elderly voice.

"I will not allow you to go to the ball and ruin my daughter's chance of happiness. Instead you can do tomorrow's chores and sweep the cinders!"

Leshawna glared at Chris in response and snapped her fingers sassily. "Oh hell no, Lady Tremaine! I have been working hard all day and I'm going to do those chores tomorrow! End of story, ya bitch!"

Some people clapped as the auditions finished but Gwen was too busy looking through the script. It seemed as though Leshawna improvised instead of giving Cinderella's response. From her tone, Blaineley didn't seem too pleased.

"Leshawna, that's not in the script... You can't just improvise. We need people who are serious for this play."

"Yeah," Chris agreed. "You also need more emotion and less attitude. I thought you were going to punch me in a second and I was going to use Blaineley as my shield."

Leshawna took this the wrong way and glared at the judges. "You damn fools ain't seeing straight. I have emotions! I could fake cry myself into a free spa day if I wanted to!"

"Yeah, of course you would," Chris rolled his eyes. "Eva, you're next!"

Before Leshawna could protest, Eva made her way on the stage and shoved the ghetto girl out of the way. Leshawna made her way over to Gwen and Bridgette. She seemed to be calm. Duncan, however, was now bored along with Gwen so they decided to secretly have a thumb war while no one else was paying attention. Everyone else seemed to be distracted with Eva's audition.

"Don't you think, uh... You would have better luck in the... Stepsister roles?" Blaineley asked.


"O-okay then... Chris, get on with it."

Chris looked at Eva weirdly just before reading the Stepmother's line once again. "I will not allow you to go to the ball and ruin my daughter's chance of happiness. Instead you can do tomorrow's chores and sweep the cinders!"

"Oh, Lady... Lady..." Eva struggled with the script. "Lady Tremaine. I have been wo... wo... working har..."

"Do you need help?" Blaineley offered.

Eva's head snapped up in an unusual angle and Blaineley flinched. "NO, I'M JUST NERVOUS!" she yelled and Chris started hugging Chef because he was scared. "I DON'T NEED HELP! I CAN DO IT!"

Chris quickly looked back to the other students. "Call 911! I think Blaineley is going to die soon and I might be next!"

Gwen stopped her thumb war with Duncan and they both started watching Eva's audition. She tried starting all over but her stage fright didn't seem to be working well for her even though was perfectly fine yelling at Blaineley a few seconds ago.

"Please, may I... may I go the... ch-chores? tomorrow... at... tomorrow at..." she continued trembling and then snapped, scaring everyone else in the room. "AH, FORGET THIS!" she yelled, ripping her script and then kicking the speaker in front of her. With a loud boom, the speaker landed in front of the judging table and Chris quickly hugged Blaineley this time.

"Get her off the stage! We're going to die if we don't!"

Blaineley seemed to agree with Chris this time and ordered Eva to get off the stage. Once she did, Chef couldn't help but put in a comment of his own. "Wax yo' monobrow, fool! Anyway, Courtney is next... Hurry up, maggot!"

Courtney quickly ran to the centre of the stage and cleared her throat in a professional manner. "Before I begin, I just want you to know that I am perfect for this role, and if you don't give me the role that I rightfully deserve, then I will sue you."

"Can you even do that?" Chef wondered.

"I always have my ways," Courtney told Chef. "Also, I can sing so this will be the perfect role for me!"

"This isn't a musical, sweetie," Chris deadpanned to which Courtney gave a fake giggle.

"Then you people obviously need my assistance to make this play memorable."

After Courtney's audition, she turned out to be better than expected, and the judges seemed to take a wide interest in Sierra's voice for some reason. The auditions for Cinderella were starting to get tougher now, and even though Gwen didn't want to admit it, Heather's audition was surprisingly good. When she was done, she smirked in triumph.

"Thank you, Heather. That was... That was pretty good," Chris admitted.

"At least tell me I did a better job than Leshawna!"

"Just get off the stage!"

"I'll take that as a yes, then."

Gwen wasn't exactly happy when she had to be separated from her boyfriend. She knew he wasn't going to put any effort in his audition, so she was looking forward for a laugh anyway. The first person to audition for the Prince was Harold and Gwen didn't know if her mind was playing tricks on her, but she could've sworn she was seeing Chris and Chef giggling at the nerd.

"Aren't you too geeky to be a prince?" Chris asked.

"He probably comes from the kingdom of books," Chef giggled. "Hehehehe!"

Chris giggled alongside him and Harold tried his best not to lunge at the judges. Blaineley also ignored them and asked Harold to start. But before he could, Harold's bloated stomach started to rumble and the worst thing that could happen, happened. Harold had farted in front of everyone on stage. His cheeks quickly turned pink.

"I think that extra breakfast burrito was a bit too much..."

After Harold's audition, it was Alejandro's turn and he seemed confident. Gwen could hear Geoff grunting and Bridgette quietly looked at the floor. Gwen just glared at the Latino from afar as he was about to do his audition.

"Chris is going to read a line from the Prince's Friend on page two of the script. You need to respond as the Prince," Blaineley bluntly said and avoided eye contact with him. "Okay, go."

Chris cleared his throat and started the auditions. "What are you expecting out of this ball? A wild night of partying?"

"Of course not," Alejandro said as though he was born for this role. "I have a dream like no other. Tonight, I shall meet my future bride and make her a queen."

The three judges clapped. Chris then came to a sudden realisation and stopped. "That was good and all, but you might hypnotise the female audience with your good looks and that's my job! We don't need people drooling everywhere so I might give you a minor role instead."


"Next!" Chris interrupted. "Dunkie McDoodle Pants, it's your turn!"

Duncan quickly grumbled something just before stepping on the stage. He didn't look really bothered with anything right now and Gwen smirked in approval. Chris, also noticed this. He didn't seem to be happy when Duncan started trailing off his lines, obviously not trying his hardest for the role.

"What?" Duncan shrugged. "You told me to audition and I did, so you can't give me a detention slip now."

Chris glared at the punk, which he smiled to. "You know what, I'll get you back for this... Just get off the flipping stage, man! Get. Off. The. Flipping. Stage!"

Duncan smirked in success just before high-fiving DJ who quickly got on the stage to do his audition as well.

"Do you think my Momma will be proud of me as the Prince?" he asked the judges.

Blaineley crossed her arms, clearly unimpressed. "I don't think you're manly enough if you're going to be talking about your mother the whole time."

DJ's lip quivered. "I... I... Momma!"

Noah then approached the stage as DJ ran away. "... Weird." He didn't look bothered as well but Chris tried reading the script to him anyway. Although... things didn't go according to plan because Noah had other concerns he wanted to address.

"What are you expecting out of this ball? A wild night of part—"

"Can we just talk about the Prince for a second? Why is he so stereotypi—"

"Don't cut me off," Chris warned. "Ahem… What are you expecting out of—"

"But why is he so stereotypical? Why can't he just read a book and not find the girl?"

"Because it's the darn script!" Chris answered. "What are you ex—"

"That doesn't make sense. Does he even have a backsto—"

"What are you expec—"

"I mean could this play be any more lame? Just add a talking puppet and you've got Sesame Stree—"

"GET OFF MY STAGE!" Chris boomed. Noah just shrugged and did what he was told. Chris banged the table. "This play is going to be the death of me!"

Chef thought this would be the perfect time to ask a question. "So, how much of a bonus will I get for doing this lame thing?"

"Not now, Chef! I'm having a mid-life crisis and I'm only... uh... twenty seven years old... yeah, that's it..."

Gwen rolled her eyes. There was no way in hell Chris was twenty seven years old. No one else seemed to believe him either.

All Gwen could do right now was anxiously stare at the script for her own audition. She knew what part she needed to say, but now she was feeling queasy due to her stage fright. She didn't want to pull an Eva and ruin her own audition as well. Things were starting to get good and the role of the Stepsister seemed interesting now. Duncan also seemed to notice Gwen's uneasiness and pulled her way from everyone else.

"You okay, Pasty?"

"Yeah... I'm just not good at stages," Gwen shrugged.

Duncan smirked. "Don't worry, you'll do well. And if you don't, then maybe there will be some tree costumes and we can sway together in the background."

"I don't want to be a tree. That's kind of pathetic..."

"It's not pathetic if we'll have fun together. Just be yourself and I'm sure you'll get the part. Good luck," he smirked, quickly kissing her. She smirked once they parted since Duncan now had some of her lipstick on his lips. After wiping it off, she quickly headed on stage.

Chris seemed to calm down from his "mid-life crisis" now that he realised there weren't that many people left to audition. Chef also decided to leave after the Prince auditions ended since he realised that his paycheque wasn't going to expand. Blaineley was clearly tired from almost dying and talking too much today.

"Okay, Gwen, Chris is going to read a line from Cinderella on page four and you need to reply your best as the Stepsister."

Gwen nodded in response. She understood and slowly her fears were going away. She just needed to block everyone out and focus on Chris' voice instead.

"Sisters, may I please borrow some of your fine silk in order to make my dress for the ball?" Chris asked in his best feminine voice.

Gwen pulled the best glare she could muster and pointed at Chris. "In your dreams, peasant! You can go and roll in the mud with the pigs while we impress the Prince with our beautiful faces."

Gwen didn't know how to react when she saw Chris' expression. She was relieved, though, when he suddenly revealed a smile.

"I think this role may be just for you... Tell me, what do you think about the colour pink?"

Gwen paled. "I have to wear pink?-"

"MY TURN!" Izzy's voice boomed from behind the curtain. Gwen looked behind her and was shocked to see Izzy coming out of nowhere and doing a bunch of cartwheels in the process. What surprised her even more is that Chris started clapping, clearly entertained.

However, Izzy's audition didn't go so well since instead of saying her line, she just flipped her eyelids and managed to gross Blaineley out instead. Chris also didn't seem to be too impressed but he clapped once again as Izzy started doing cartwheels down the stage once again. He then turned to Gwen.

"How would you like to be both stepsisters?" He joked. "We can make you twice as pessimistic and ugly for it if you want."

"There's no need to make Gwen ugly since she already looks the part!" Heather laughed. Gwen just stared at the girl and flipped her off, much to Heather's shock.

After being dismissed from the stage, Gwen made her way down and high-fived Bridgette. "Good luck. There are only two auditions left. You can do this if you really want the role."

"Thanks. I kinda hope I get it now," Bridgette smiled.

Gwen made her way over to Duncan once again and sat next to him. After congratulating her, he proceeded to start a thumb war once again, but Gwen stopped him since she wanted to watch Bridgette's audition. She also reminded him of Geoff's hat once again, which he rolled his eyes to.

"Alright," Blaineley said, looking at her watch. "It's ten-thirty and we only have two people auditioning for the last role, which is the Fairy Godmother. This is great!"

Lindsay stepped on stage with a huge smile on her face and waved at everyone. Chris was the only person who waved back and Blaineley just went straight down to business.

"Chris is going to read a line from Cinderella on page seven and you need to respond as the Fairy Godmother."


Chris cleared his throat. "Why do you want to help me so much?… Who are you, if I may ask?"

Lindsay quickly scanned through the script and replied with: "What a marvellous idea! We don't need to be bachelors no more!"

After she completed her audition, everyone just looked at Lindsay in silence but she just smiled.

"Lindsay," Blaineley said. "You didn't say the right line... You're not even reading the right page!"

"Oh. Who's line did I say?..."

"You technically just auditioned for the Prince's Friend," Chris laughed and pointed at her.

"Oh..." Lindsay blushed. "Oops. Can I try again?"

"Nope!" Chris laughed. "Bridgette, you're up! You're the last person so you better have the best audition!... Just kidding, but hurry up so I can have my coffee!"

Gwen could see how nervous Bridgette was so she just hoped that everything would go well for her... But sadly that didn't happen since she didn't even make it to the centre of the stage. The goth cringed as Bridgette fell over her own two feet on the stage.

"Oh, my God, she fell!" Chris laughed, pointing while Bridgette was trying to get up. "Someone grab me a camera and take some photos!"

"J-Just leave her alone!" a familiar voice said as Bridgette ran out of the auditorium.

Gwen turned around to see Geoff standing up and glaring at Chris. The goth couldn't help but smile at his actions since she knew he still cared for Bridgette. Once he noticed that everyone was looking at him, he quickly left the room as well.

"I guess the auditions are finally over..." Blaineley said. "Anyway, since we had the auditions today, you guys can have the rest of the day off. There will be a list on my classroom door tomorrow morning of who got what parts. The people who do get a role will spend the whole day with me rehearsing, and those who don't get a part will hang out with Chris as he teaches you all how to be directors and how to work on a set. That is all and thank you!"

It didn't take long for Gwen and Leshawna to find Bridgette. When they entered their room, they found Bridgette laying on her bed, hiding her head under her pillow. She didn't lift her head to acknowledge that her friends had entered the room, but she spoke anyway:

"I don't want to talk about it."

Gwen frowned. "It's not as bad as you think..."

"Everyone was laughing," Bridgette mumbled. "I don't even want to think of Geoff laughing at me as well..."

"He actually didn't laugh," Leshawna informed the surfer.

Gwen nodded her head. "Yeah, Bridge, he totally stood up for you."

Bridgette slowly lifted her head and revealed a small smile on her face. "... Really?"

"Yep," Leshawna smiled. She then changed the subject. "I wonder what role everyone will get..."

"Well, it's not like I got a role," Bridgette sniffled. "But then again, I doubt Tyler, Harold, or Lindsay got anything as well."

By the mention of Harold, Gwen smirked. "So, Leshawna, if you were Cinderella... Would you pick Harold to be your Prince Charming?"

Bridgette chuckled as Leshawna glared at the goth. "Oh, go kiss your boyfriend some more, you fool!"

After notifying the ghetto girl that she was only joking, Gwen headed over to her bedside table and grabbed her textbook. "Well, we've got a bunch of homework to do for Chris, but I'm kinda interested to see who got what part in the play... I still think it's lame, though," she added.

Leshawna smirked. "Don't you worry, girls. Just you wait till' I get that Cinderella role... And if it's not me then it's probably Courtney."

The next morning, Gwen found herself puffing as she ran alongside Bridgette down the hallway. She never knew Leshawna could run so fast and they tried all they could to catch up to her with no success. Gwen even thought she heard Harold say something like "Shake those mangoes, LeGoddess," as they ran past him. Gwen shook her head as she continued to run. For a geek, he sure was a pervert.

When Gwen and Bridgette finally made it to classroom 49, their faces fell as they saw a large crowd of students hovering over the list. Gwen noticed something was wrong when she saw Leshawna storming away from everyone.

"Le... shawna!" Bridgette huffed. "Which part... did you get?..."

"I didn't even get a main character!" Leshawna raged. "I'm an extra!"

"At least you got a part," Gwen offered.

"I guess... You should be happy, though. Check the list."

Gwen crooked a brow and made her way over to the list. There weren't many people swarming over the door now, so it was easier to get access. Once she saw the list, she remained emotionless.

Cinderella - Heather

Prince Charming - Duncan

Prince's Friend - Alejandro

Grand Duke - Cody

Stepmother/ Lady Tremaine - Eva

Stepsister #1/ Anastasia - Gwen

Stepsister #2/ Drizella - Courtney

Desperate Girl/ Extra #1 - Beth

Luscious Girl/ Extra #2 - Leshawna

Crazy Girl/ Extra #3 - Izzy

Narrator - Sierra

Fairy Godmother - Trent

While she was happy that she got the part she auditioned for, Gwen thought that some of the choices were really odd. She had no idea how Duncan had the Prince role since he didn't even try with his audition. However, she noticed that Courtney was going to be the other stepsister, so she knew they were going to be spending a lot of time together.

Chris' voice could be heard from afar and Gwen turned around to see him dragging Duncan down the hallway. The headmaster was grinning and Duncan was confused.

"Look at the list," Chris smirked. "I have a surprise for you."

"Okay?..." Duncan wondered, looking at the list. Once he realised he was the Prince, he froze.

"I told you I was going to get my revenge. I'm sure you're a good actor anyway."

"Dammit," Duncan muttered, kicking the floor beneath him.

Chris flashed a smile but his attention was soon caught by his walkie talkie. He answered it immediately. "Chef? Yeah?"


"So wait for the order if it's not there yet!"


"I'm paying you to wait for my petrol delivery and you better bring it to me!"


"I don't care if people are throwing lettuce at you. Just do it!"

After hanging up, Chris muttered something about his car under his breath just before entering classroom 48.

Gwen was about to talk to Duncan about her own role in the play, but a sudden aroma filled her nose and she turned around to see Heather, Beth, and Lindsay walking towards the list. The Queen Bee roughly pushed everyone out of the way and smiled in triumph as she noticed she had the main role. She turned around to Leshawna. "I guess you weren't that good after all!"

Leshawna deepened her glare at the Queen Bee as Lindsay and Beth began clapping for her. She turned to Duncan. "Yo, Duncan, you got any more of those fart bombs?"

"Not for you," he grumbled, clearly in a bad mood from Chris' revenge.

Suddenly, the door to classroom 49 opened and Blaineley's petite head popped out.

"Okay, I need those who got a part to come inside so they can collect their scripts. The rest of you can go to Chris and he'll give you some things to do."

Once everyone made their way inside, Blaineley shut the door. As soon as she did so, everyone bar Gwen, Heather, and Izzy began complaining about their roles. Blaineley, however, simply ignored them and began handing out the scripts.

"My secretary finally delivered these to me last night," she said over the people who were still complaining. "You all need to practice your lines and learn them by heart."

It was decided that everyone was going to spend the day in the room while practicing their lines. When Blaineley brought out a large costume box, Trent dug through it and groaned as he pulled out a pink tutu.

"Do I have to wear this?"

"Not now, but on the actual day you do," Blaineley answered.

"Why am I even the Fairy Godmother? I'm not a female."

Too bad Blaineley ignored him.

Duncan angrily scanned through the script and stopped at one particular scene. Gwen noticed that his face was turning green. Blaineley even noticed and asked the delinquent if something was wrong.

"Uh, yeah something is wrong. I have to kiss Heather?!"

"What?!" Heather scoffed. "We're not doing that!"

Blaineley chuckled. "Oh, yes you are. But not now, that's also going to be saved for the big day."

Gwen chuckled and quickly nudged Duncan. "I'll give you a few breath mints on the day."

Duncan paled. "You're actually okay with this?"

"Meh, it's just a play. I'm just bummed we don't have any scenes togethe-"

"I'm gonna make you love me," a low voice interrupted seductively.

Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and turned around to see Eva reading her lines out loud. She looked up and glared at everyone. "What are you looking at?!"

Duncan looked up at the ceiling and chuckled with relief. "I am so glad I don't have to kiss her."

The rest of the school day was spent by the students constantly rehearsing their lines while Blaineley typed away on her laptop (like what the author of this story is doing right now). But currently, Gwen and Duncan decided to stop and sit on the fountain to pass some time which didn't involve reading lines. As Duncan was carving a pair of crossbones next to him, Gwen noticed Chef walking close by. He was carrying a barrel of petrol which was leaking. She continued to watch him as he began muttering something under his breath.

When Duncan finished carving, he turned to Gwen. "This whole play is stupid. I didn't even audition properly."

"On the bright side, at least you get to kiss Heather," Gwen teased.

Duncan smirked. "No need to get jealous. Would you like a kiss?"

"I'll pass for now."

Duncan looked at her weirdly. "You're strange, Pasty."

"And you give people the weirdest nicknames."

Duncan shrugged and continued to carve once again. Gwen continued scanning the area and was surprised to see Courtney coming their way. "Good news, Gwen! I looked over my script before and it looks like all our scenes are together. I definitely want to practice with you."

"Yeah, that sounds like a plan."

Courtney smiled but she glared as her eyes met with Duncan's. "Nice to see you, I guess."

"Thanks. You can go and annoy someone else now."

Gwen could feel a fight was coming along, so she decided to change the subject. "So, how's Scott?"

Before Courtney could answer, Duncan beat her to it. "Who the hell is Scott?"

"My boyfriend," The CIT smiled.

"I don't know any Scotts in this school. He's either imaginary or some farm boy."

Gwen quickly looked at Courtney who looked like her eye was going to pop. Duncan even noticed this and leaned away from her some more.

"How come you noticed but I didn't?!" she raged.

"Notice what?" A cheerful voice came from behind. Courtney jolted up in fright and turned around to find Sierra with a big grin on her face.

"Don't scare me like that! Also, I need to talk to you... As the narrator, you are supposed to talk clearly so I can know when to do certain things."

"Of course!" Sierra beamed. "I'm going to do that with Cody now, actually."

Gwen looked down and noticed that Sierra was holding her script as well as an iced cupcake. There was a lit candle on top.

"Is it someone's birthday?" Gwen asked.

"Hm?" Sierra looked down and noticed what Gwen was talking about. "Oh! You mean this? I got this from the cafeteria. I'm giving this to Cody to congratulate him for getting the role of the Grand Duke. He's going to look so handsome in his costume!"

"Very," Courtney deadpanned.

"I'm glad you agree! He loves cupcakes so I'm hoping he won't run away from me this time."

"I'm actually glad you have your script with you," Courtney noted. "Hand it over to me and I'll highlight the parts we need to rehearse together."

Carrying the script and cupcake in the same hand wasn't Sierra's smartest decision since as she tried to pass it over to Courtney, the script caught on fire by the candle.

"It looks like I'll be needing a new script from Blaineley," Sierra frowned as the fire continued to spread.

Duncan rolled his eyes. "Just drop the script on the ground and step on it to stop the flames."

Gwen looked at the ground as Duncan said that and she saw the petrol which had leaked from Chef's oil barrel earlier. Her eyes opened in shock.

"Sierra, don't drop the—"


It had already been too late. The flames extended as soon as they came in contact with the petrol and the fountain everyone had gathered around was no more. The base of the fountain exploded and everyone had been knocked far away at this point.

Coughing in pain, Gwen slowly lifted her head and her vision was slightly blurry. She noticed that the fountain was now blown into chunks all over the courtyard, and now there was a huge hole in the ground spraying water everywhere. She felt lucky enough that the flames were slowly dissolving due to the water sprinkling everywhere.

The next thing she saw was Blaineley rushing through a crowd of students. All the goth could do was groan in pain. Her head didn't feel right and she touched the right side of her temple to feel a lump forming.

"Someone call 911!" Blaineley ordered, running past Gwen. The goth slowly turned around and her eyes widened to find Sierra who seemed to be unconscious. She seriously hoped that the obsessed teen wasn't dead.

Some coughing sounds could be heard and Gwen finally noticed Duncan and Courtney who were laying right behind her. They seemed to be fine apart from a few scratches. Gwen was about to ask if they could help her stand up, but her head throbbed in pain. She looked down to see a pair of red heels. The goth slowly looked up to see an extremely cross Blaineley.

"I have a good feeling that you three caused this incident! You're all coming with me to Chris' office to discuss your future at this school."

Gwen groaned to herself. Her head continued to pound, she was sure she looked like a mess, and she almost had no idea what just happened. And on top of that, she was now being suspected for doing something she had no part of.

When the ambulance eventually came and took Sierra away, Gwen just hoped that she was still alive. And as she soon followed Blaineley down the courtyard, she also hoped that there would be a miracle for Duncan, Courtney, and herself to get out of this mess.

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