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Grim Tales Of Mandy Reaver

Chapter 00: Precious Memories

[Megaville City, 20 Years Ago]

18 Year Old Jack Reaver Is Driving His Motercycle Through The City...Which Mandy Sitting Behind Him.

"Where Are We Going, Jack! Asked Mandy

"Just Wait...It's a Surprise.

They Drove Towards a Large Hilltop...
Jack Parked The Bike And Took Mandy's Hand.

"Come Here, There's Something I Want to Show You.

Mandy followed Him.
Jack Brought Her Over The Hill...Where The View Of The Entire Cityscape Was Seen.

Mandy Marveled At the Sight.

"Oh, Jack...It's Wonderful.
The City Always Is So Beautiful At Night.

Mandy Watched At Thousands Of Lights Flickered In The Distance.

"This Is Amazing, Jack...

Jack Smiled At His Girlfriend As She Stared Into The Vast Cityscape.
While She Was Distracted, Jack Reached Into His Pocket And Took Out a Small Box.


Mandy Looked At Jack.


"We've Been Together For a Long Time, Haven't We?

Mandy Nodded.

"Yes...Ten Years I Think.

"And Our Relationship's Been Quite a Ride, hasn't It?

Mandy Sighed.

"Yeah, I Guess So.
There Were Times Where Things Were a Bit Scary...
But, Then I Remember You Were Always There For Me, So I Was Less Afraid.


"And, I Wouldn't Trade Any Of It...Not Even The World.

"Is That So?

Mandy Nodded.

"Jack, Before I Met You...I Was a Troubled Person.
I Hated The World And Mankind In General...And I Didn't Know Why.

Mandy Sighed As She Thought Back.

"I guess...I Was Scared.
I Thought The Only Way to Survive Was To Be Stronger...
But, You taught Me So Much These Past Years...That Strength Isn't Always Important.

Mandy Then Shivered.

"And When I Discovered That "Future"...Where We never Met.
Where I Became Completly Evil And Ruled a Destroyed World...It Terrified Me.
I Finally Realised How Much You Meant To Me...You Saved Mw From Myself, And For That I Am Grateful.

Jack Smiled.

"So...You've Never Regreted Having Me In Your Life.
Even though I'm...Cursed.

Mandy Looked At Jack And Smiled.

"Jack, I Don't Care That Your The Ghost Rider...If Anything, It's Your Best Quality.
You Actually Make Me Feel Safer...Knowing You'll Always Be They're To Protect Me.

"Good...because I Need To Ask You Something.


"Close Your Eyes First.

Mandy Looked At Her Boyfriend.


Mandy Closed Her Eyes.
After a Few Minutes, Jack Spoke Again.

"Okay...Open Them.

Mandy opened Her Eyes...And Nearly Lost Her Breath At What She Saw.

Jack Was Standing On One Knee, Holding An Open Box Containing a Diamond Ring.

"oh my...jack. Stuttered Mandy With Tears In Her Eyes.

"Mandy...Will You Marry Me?

Mandy Was Speechless.

"Jack, I-

"Mandy, Over The Years You've Made Me Very Happy.
Since The Day I Lost My Sister, I Didn't Think My Pain Would Ever Go Away...But, You Made It Go Away.
It's Like Your My Angel...Who Saved Me From The Inner Demons That Have Tormented Me.
I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With You, Mandy...That Is...If You'll Have Me.

Tears Welled Up In Her Eyes.

"Jack...You Do Realise Things Will be Different.
If We Do This, Our Family Won't Be Normal...

"I Don't Expect Us To be Normal...Just Unique.

Mandy Sighed.

"Well...What Else Can I Say?

Mandy Took the Ring And Kissed Jack.

"yes...Yes, I Will Marry You, Jack Reaver.

Mandy Put The Ring On her Finger And Kissed Him Again.

[Several Months Later]

Several People Have Gather At The Megaville Church...
Jack Reaver Is In a Black Tux And Is Quite Nervous.

Soon, The Music Plays And Mandy Walks Down The Asle...
She Is Dressed In a Pearl WHite Dress, WIth a Vail Over Her Face.

She Faces Jack, WHo Is Still Nervious.

Mandy Smiles.

"calm down...everything will be fine.

"i sure hope so...

The Priest Soon Spoke.

"Dearly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here Today, In The Sight Of God, To Bring These Two Together In Holy Matromony.
If Anyone Feels Thise Coupe SHould Not Be Wed, Let Them Speak Now...Or Forever Hold They're Peace.

As If On Cue, a Motercycle Crashes Into The Church.
It Is Tony Kaliber...AKA Vengeance, The EVil Ghost Rider And Enemy Of Jack Reaver.

"Yeah, I have Something To Say... Said The Demonic Biker

"I Say, Jackie Can't Marry Her...Cause You can't Marry a DEAD PERSON!

Jack Growled At Tony.


"you WILL Be...

Jack Turned Into The ghost Rider.

"This is MY WEDDING...Get Out.

"Make Me...

Jack Is About To Attack, But Mandy Stops Him.

"this is MY WEDDING DAY!
And, Your Ruining It!

"Oooh, ANd What Are You Going To Do About It!

Mandy Takes Out a Magic Scythe.


She Blasts Vengeance's Bike With a Mystic Charge, Destroying It.
The Explosion Knocks Vengeance Into a Wall And Forces Him back Into human form.

The Police Soon Arrest Him.

Mandy Huffs As Jack returns To normal.
They face The Priest, Who Is Stunned.


"Uhhhh...Which Part Was I At?

"The Part About "Forever Holding Peace"...

"Oh, Yes...Of Course.

the Priest Reads.

"...If Anyone Fee-

"We've Been through That Part, Could You Skip Ahead?

"Oh, Right...

The Priest Clears Is Throat.

"Jack Reaver...Do You Take Mandy To be Your Lawfully Wedded Wife?
To have Her As Long As You Both Shall Live, For Richer or Poorer, In Sickness or In Health...
Forsaking All Others, Until Death Do You Part?

Jack Smiles.

"I Swear I Will...

"And Do You, Mandy...Take Jack reaver to be Your Husband?

"Forever And Ever...

"Now, The Rings...

Jack And Mandy Take Out Gold Rings.
They Place Them On Each Other's Fingers.

"With This Ring...I Swear I Will Always Protect You. Said Jack

"And With This ring, I Swear I Shall Always Stand By Your Side...No Matter What.

The Priest Spoke Again.

"With The Power Vested In Me...I Now Pronounce You: HUSBAND And WIFE.

The Priest Looked To jack.

"You May Now Kiss The Bride.

Jack And Mandy Lean Forward And Passionetly Kiss Each Other.
The Crowd Cheered, For Jack Reaver And Mandy (Now Mandy Reaver) Were AT Last Married.

Some Time Later, The Happy Couple Ran Out The Church And Jack Picked Up Mandy And Carried Her To his Bike.
Mandy Threw Her Flowers, Which Gaz Caught...Followed By a Smile.

Jack Revved Up His Bike And Drove Off.

[a few Months Later]

a Young Adult Jack Walked Into His House, Where Mandy Was Waiting For Him...Sitting On a chair.

"Hey, Mandy...

Mandy Smiled.

There's Something I Need to talk To You About.

Jack Eyed Her.

"What Is It?

"You...Remember How I've Been Sick Lately?

"Yeah...What About It?

Mandy Sighed Sharply.

"Well, I've Been To See The Doctor...And...


Mandy Had Tears In Her Eyes.
But, Not Tears Of Sadness...Tears Of Joy.

"Jack...Honey...I'm Pregnant.

Jack Was Stunned.

"Y-Your WHAT?

"I'm Going To Have a Baby...

Jack Recovered From His Shock And Hugged His Wife.

"Mandy...This Is Wonderful!

"Yes...It Is.

Jack Laid His Hand On Mandy's Waist...Which he Already felt Was Expanded a Little.

"this is wonderful...

[a few Months Later]

Mandy Walked Into the Kitchen And Swung Open The Frige Door.
Her Waist Was The Size Of a Softball And Was VERY CLOSE To Her Due Date...

For Now, Mandy Only Wanted Food...She Didn't Care What Kind.

Mandy Started Making a Sandwich With Every Known Topping...
The Main Ingredients Were Pickles, Mayo, Catsup And Anything Else She Could Find.

As She Ate Her "Sandwich"...She Suddenly Felt a Sharp Pain Rush Through Her Body.
After a few Minutes, It Happened Again...She Imeedietly Clutched Her Stomach In Pain.

"oh no...

More Pain Surged Through Her Body.


Jack Rushed In To See Mandy On the Floor.

Mandy, What's Wrong!

"It's, It's the Baby...i think it's coming.


"it's time,'s time.

Jack Immedietly Ran To The Nearest Phone And Dialed for The Hospital.

[Later, At Megaville Medical]

Jack Was Pacing Around In the Waiting Room...He Was Plenty Nervous.
The Sounds Of His Wife's Wailings Didn't Help Him, Either.

Just Then, a Doctor Came Out.

"You Jack Reaver?


"You need To Come In...Mrs. Reaver Is Asking For You.

Jack Followed The Doctor.
He Saw Mandy In a Hospital Gown, Laying On a Table WIth Doctors Surrounding Her.

"Mandy...Are You Alright?



Mandy Gritted Her teeth In Pain.
Jack Walked Over To her Side And Took her Hand.

Mandy Looked At Jack, Who Looked At her With Soft Eyes.

"It'll Be Alright, Mandy...I'm here.

Mandy Started To relax.
She Then Started Yelling Out In Pain.

After Several Long Hours...a Cries Of An Infant Was Heard.

"It's a Boy... Said a Doctor.

Mandy (Her Hair a Sweaty Mess) Struggled To Sit Up.

"a...a boy?
I...I Have a Son...

The Doctor Handed Mandy The Child.
The Baby Boy Had Hair Like Jack's, Only It Was Blonde.

Mandy Instantly fell In Love The Infant.
After So Many Years Of Living In Fear Of Her Evil Self: Mistress Amanda And The Dark Future That She Created That Haunted Mandy's Every Waking Nightmares...

This Little Child, This Tiny Infant Boy...Made All Those Fears Disappear.
Like Everything She Had Strived To Achieve Was All Contained Within This Child.

Truely, Mandy Had Conquered Her Inner Darkness And Greatest fears...With The Birth Of this Little Baby Boy.

"ohhh...he's...he's perfect.

"What Do You Want To Name Him?

Mandy Thought Hard.

"jack...I'll Call Him Jack, Jack Junior.

Jack Smiled At His Wife And His Newborn Son.
He Kissed her On The Head And Hugged Her.

About a Year Later, Mandy Gave Birth To Another Child.
This One Was a Girl With Ginger Red Hair Like Mandy...She Was Named Malina.

Author Note: This is a "Retrospect" at mandy's future IF she were to be married to Jack Reaver/Ghost Rider
instead of Grim (as depicted in Bleedman's "Grim Tales Comic)

please note, that I will purposly have events mimic Bleedman's comic
to prove a theory behind Alternate Timelines and whatnot (this is NOT a ripoff)

do enjoy this "Elseworlds/What If..." story.