Halloween Party (Part Dos)

After the last few guests showed up, Morgan blasted the music and dimmed the lights even more so than they already were. Songs from every genre filled the rooms, and the super low bass caused the entire house to rock. Strobe lights of all colors were mounted on every wall. Only a small room behind the kitchen escaped the loud music and flashing lights. And it was in this room that Hotch, Haley, and Reid preferred to stay. Reid didn't like the load noise and bright light, and Haley was worried the bass would harm her baby. Hotch wanted to stay with Haley.

I stayed in the middle of the party. A dance floor had formed in the main foyer, and I spent most of the night in the middle of it. I loved to dance. I loved to feel the music running through my veins as I twisted and turned to the beat. Cheers were yelled and whistles sounded, so I figured I was putting on a good show. After a particularly fast song, I faded into the crowd and found Morgan handing out drinks again.

"Damn, Ali, you got moves," he laughed as he handed me an ice cold beer. I chugged half of it before answering, "Dancing's good for your heart." He laughed again.

"Oh hey, are Mihael and the others coming?" he asked me. I started to reply, "No, I forgot to tell them," but then I stopped and instead said, "I forgot to tell them, but they'll figure it out soon." Morgan looked confused, but I didn't elaborate. I couldn't.

I had seen Ryuk flying around when I first got here, but then the music started getting louder and I haven't seen him since. My best guess said he went to get Mello, Matt, and Near. And knowing Mello, he'd want to put on a show so he'd probably bring the guitars and drums he insists on keeping. And sure enough, not long after I started talking to Morgan, my guys showed up in a blaze of glory.

After I had left the stage, most people started filling in the open space and splinting off into smaller groups. But then the music quieted and someone called, "Kaishi!"

Mello had a guitar, Matt had drums, and Near had a keyboard. Matt was smiling and waving me over. Morgan immediately figured out what was happening and pushed me back towards the growing stage. When I got close, Matt pulled me through the crowd. "That's not my name," I hissed at him, but he told me to shush and shoved a microphone in my hands. I glared at all of them, but I walked up to stand beside Mello anyway. I hated putting on a performance like this, but I wasn't going to deny the cheering crowd.

Mello started to play "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down. At least he was started with one of my favorites. Then Near and Matt joined in. Near's keyboard handled the bass. We never did have a bass player, but most of the songs we played didn't have piano and that's the only thing Near can play. So we got him a keyboard that can play any instrument. And it sounds legit.

"I walked around the world to ease my troubled mind," I sang. We played through this song, then Mello started a Breaking Benjamin song. We rolled along through Three Days Grace, Seether, and Nickelback. He even snuck in a little Flyleaf and Paramore.

I have to admit, I was having a lot of fun. I hate being in front of crowds, but I was singing and dancing and loving the feeling of it all. Mello or Near would start the melody, Matt would add to the effect, and I'd roll it all together, just like when we were kids back in the orphanage. Roger used to get so mad, but Watari was always smiling and praising us. And that's really all we wanted.

While we played the crowd, including Ryuk who was clearing visible hovering two feet about the mob, was dancing. I could here so many voices singing along. If I looked hard enough, I could make out Morgan, JJ, and Penelope in the crowd. Reid, Hotch, and Haley were still missing, but I could see Gideon standing near the kitchen door.

We finished off with "Help is on the Way" by Rise Against. "Help is on the way…On the way," I finished. Cheers rang out through the crowd again. I was about to turn and walk back towards JJ and the others, but Mello stopped me.

"Just wait," he said. I knew the look in his eyes far too well. Something was about to explode. Right on queue, firecrackers began to go off in the mob of spectators. The cheers were replaced by screams, then bouts of laughter as the people realized they weren't in danger. I noticed Ryuk begin to circle over everyone, then I saw more firecrackers in his hands. Small burst of multicolored lights appeared above the stage that had been created. The crowd looked up in wonder. The firecrackers mixed with lighting Morgan already had set up and created an almost mystical show. When the last firework died, voices cried out louder than ever before. Everyone was cheering and clapping.

"Mello, that was crazy!" I yelled over the crowd. He was bent over in a fit of laughter. He probably would have fallen on his face, but Matt was holding him up. Matt was laughing almost as hard, though. Even Near was laughing. I started at the boy in shock. He looked at me in confusion, and then I told him, "When did you learn to laugh?" Mello and Matt started laughing even harder now, and both of them fell to the ground.

"Ali! That was completely crazy!" Morgan said as he ran over to me. The biggest, most infectious smile played across his dark face standing out in stark contrast thanks to his pearly white teeth. I smiled back just as happily.

"Don't tell me! I'm just as surprised as you," I chuckled. "They're the crazy ones," I said and pointed over towards Mello and Matt.

"Yeah you're on to talk!" called Mello. "When's the last time we got to do the lights?"

"How about every time I wasn't there," I replied poking my finger in his chest.

"Aww c'mon, Kai. You know shows are never as much fun without your vocals. We barely preformed at all when you weren't there," Matt interjected.

"Why would you tell her that?" Mello snapped angrily. Matt just chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his head.

"Because he, like everyone else, likes me more," I replied with my tongue out. Mello glared furiously causing Matt to rush over and stop him from tackling me. "Get a room," I called to them then turned my attention back to Morgan.

"He looks like he could murder you," the agent commented.

"I'm used to it," I replied. "Oh, they're fighting again!" They boys were tackling back and forth across the dance floor. A number of people gathered to cheer on one or the other. Morgan asked if I should stop them, but I insisted they'd calm down as soon as one landed a good punch. And surprisingly, that one was Matt.

Mello fell hard but was right back on his feet, though he clearly didn't feel like fighting anymore. "Told you so," I said to Morgan. He laughed and asked if I wanted anything to eat. "Yeah, sure," I told him and we headed for a buffet near the kitchen.

The buffet was lined with all sorts of food including burgers, chili, Caesar salad, barbeque, and a gigantic bowl of Halloween candy. When I saw the bowl I immediately pulled out a handful of candy corn. Morgan gave me a look, but since I'm the only one who actually likes candy corn, he didn't object.

He did help himself to some burgers and chili, but I stuck to the salad. "Salad? I figured you'd go straight for the steak," Morgan commented.

I shook my head and told him, "My heart is crazy weak. It sucks, but if I don't watch what I eat my it'll just stop."

"Ouch. That does suck," Morgan replied.

"I miss bacon!" I cried in a voice that sounded like I would burst into tears. Morgan fell into a fit of laughter. Then we were both laughing. When Penelope found us, she immediately took on a face that said she felt left out and jealous.

"What did I miss?" she asked.

"Ali can't have bacon," Morgan replied simply which brought on another round of laughter for all of us. When we calmed down, I finally noticed Reid standing behind Penelope.

"That was really good, Ali. The show, I mean," he said tentatively.

"Yeah, Yeah!" Penelope cheered, "You were great! Why didn't you tell us you could sing like that?"

"You never asked," I replied with a smirk, "And I've been singing and playing music since I was little. Mello, Matt, and Near too. Y'know, it's kinda funny. Roger would always yell at us for making too much noise, but the alternative was running around London, which he'd also yell at us for." I finished with a shot chuckle at the memories.

"You keep calling them by nicknames," Reid started, "I thought, especially Mihael, didn't like those names anymore."

"Old habits die hard. And besides, they still call me Kai. It's only fair that I stick with the names. Wait! You guys have to start with the nicknames again! Think of it as petty payback for making me sing in front of a crowd of strangers." I finished with an evil laugh that over exaggerated the entire situation so much even Reid laughed.

"Haha, okay why not?" Morgan agreed. Both Reid and Penelope agreed as well. It really wasn't a big deal, but I felt glad that I could at least get under Mello's skin.

The rest of the party passed with plenty of music and booze. Slowly people started to filter out and the music died and the alcohol ran out. I stayed as long as Mello and the others did, which was almost the entire night. By the time we got home I was pleasantly drunk and very tired. Thank God for Matt or none of us would gotten home. Mello was completely smashed, a very entertaining sight, and Near simply refused to drive. When I got home Ryuk was waiting. He tried to tell me some joke, but I fell on the couch as soon as I reached it. He probably spent the night trying to wake someone up.

The following morning came far too soon. Ryuk was still going on about his joke, but I didn't care nearly enough to pay attention. Instead I focused on making coffee before I fell back to sleep. I supposed I should have been glad. I was practically immune to hangovers, but Mello sure as hell wasn't.

He stumbled groaning into the kitchen with a bright eyed Matt behind him. "You are about to die," Mello muttered murderously.

"Hey, no murdering around a federal agent," I replied, the sight of Mello's mood putting me in very high spirits.

"Go to hell, Kai," he replied. For the next hour he sprawled on the couch while Matt tried to revive him. After five minutes he gave up and enjoyed half a pot of coffee. Obviously, I drank the other half.

When Near managed to crawl out of bed he just went straight for cereal. We had a box of Lucky Charms which he stole and took back to his room. I had a feeling I wouldn't see him for hours. I almost wanted to tell him not to eat cereal in his room, since I'd have to clean up any mess, but I stopped completely when I noticed the date on the calendar. Today was November 1st.

"Anyone up for a short trip home?" I called. Mello immediately sat up and Near came out of his room.

"Yeah, lets head back," Mello said. Matt stared out the large window wall and stared at the raindrops battering the glass.

"You think it'll rain all week?" he asked solemnly.

"Probably. You might want to check," I told him in the same flat, slightly depressed voice. Today was November 1st. Seven years ago, it had been raining too. "I gotta call my boss," I told the guys. There was a phone in that room, but I decided to use the one in my bedroom simply because I wanted to be alone for a bit.

I called Hotch and told him a wanted to take a few personal days. "Is something wrong?" he asked.

"There's someone I was to visit. Someone I haven't seen in months," I told him. I knew it was vague, but I hoped he'd be able to tell from my tone how much this trip meant to me.

"Alright. I can give you a week."

"Thank you. Thank you so much." I hung up and just sat on my bed for a few minutes. The mattress was built into the wall under a bay window. From where I sat I could see people running through the streets trying desperately to escape the rain. I must have been sitting there for far longer than a few minutes, because before it felt like a second had passed Near entered my room asking if I was alright.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I told him, but I could find the heart to fake a smile. We went back out to the living room and I was that the guys had already packed bags for themselves and me. At first I wondered where they had gotten clothes, considering only Near came in my room, but then I remembered leaving a huge pile in the laundry room. "Alright, let's get going."

It ended up taking until about 8 that night for us to finally catch a plan to London. But when we finally reached the British island, Roger was waiting vigilantly for us. We never called or sent word, but he knew we'd come. I know I left without a word, and I was sure the others had too, but Roger was still standing there in the rain with a car waiting to take us home for the night. An intense feeling of belonging came over me and I nearly started to cry.

That night I found my way back to the room I used to have here in Whammy's House. Two beds sat on either side of a small window directly across from the door. Originally pink walls had come to be covered by posters and scrawls. One wall was dominated by a drawing I'd spent the better part of fifteen years working on. From a distance it looked like someone took hundreds of black-and-white photos and made a collage of them. But when you got closer you'd see that not a single inch of that wall was anything more than a charcoal drawing. Each photo represented all the friends I'd made here and every memorable moment we'd spent. Mello, Matt, and my first concert. The first day Near came to the Orphanage. The day I left to follow L. And the day I came back. Everyone could be found somewhere on this wall.

Then I turned to the other wall. The bed beside it was dusty and appeared to have been in the same messy state for years. The wall was covered in posters for bands, many of which had fallen out of popularity more than a decade ago. I walked over to the bed, and I saw all the scattered knickknacks along the headboard. I was brought suddenly back to the last night anyone had slept in this bed.

I'd been about to fall asleep myself, but something had kept me awake. The closest friend I'd ever known, even closer than L, was late coming to our room. I remember it was until long after midnight that she finally came back. I'd said goodnight, and she did too. And just like every other night, I fell soundly asleep.

Thinking back, I should have known something was wrong. I should have known she wasn't alright. But I was too tired to do anything, or at least, that's what I told myself.

The next morning I was the first to know. Even later that night, long after everyone had been soundly asleep, one girl had remained awake. She went, silently, into a bathroom on the other side of the house and used some old bed sheets to for a makeshift noose. Whammy found her not half an hour later, according to the mortician. "Good night." The words were so simple, so common, but they were the last I'd ever heard After say.

(Author's Note: Oh. My. God. This took me so long to write…Writer's block. I think I had a good idea for the party, but I must have forgotten or something. Instead, I spent the last who knows how many weeks I've been trying to end this freaking thing - And I did! Actually, I do remember planning on starting the next chapter with the trip to London, but oh well ^-^)