Ocean Dreams

Written by Damia Holderson

Part 2- Chasing the dream..

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"Hmm.. it seems as though Clair goes on to win Gold for Blackthorn City.." Ash muttered halfheartedly, flicking off the T.V he was watching.
He had his head resting on his elbows on his bed, and with the click of a remote, the screen went blank, and Pikachu jumped up onto him, springing lightly onto his shoulder and chirping in his ear.

"I know, I did my best, but.. even though I would've liked to win Gold, I know I wouldn't of. And maybe, I can see Clair after the League is over, and congradulate her.. after all, she is the League champion!" Ash said, rolling off the bed and straightning up, reaching for his hat and placing it on his head with a florish.

"Ok.. Clair, here I come.. I might even see Misty if I'm lucky.. I heard she was training today with Brooklyan, and Brooklyan's Clair's friend, isn't she? Gym Leader of Cobalt City, the new countries leader.." Ash decided, opening the door and walking out of the cabin, his ears already full of the noises of various Pokemon battling, and in his brain, the image of Misty gushing over him..

* * *
"Go Golduck! Finish her off with a Ice Beam!" commanded the blonde-haired girl to her Pokemon, a scraweny looking creature that was known as a Golduck. It appeared to breifly nod, before charging up a attack in between its hands, and fired it off at the Goldeen, flapping uselessly on the dirt about a far ways away from it.

The attack that Golduck launched hit home. The Goldeen flopped over, fainted, and Misty, a red-head with a temper, recalled her, though on her face was the expression of one who was happy, not angry or defeated.

The blonde-haired trainer, named Brooklyan, recalled her winning Golduck, and turned to Misty with a warm smile, shaking strands of her hair out of her face as she did so,

"Well, Misty. You're definatly improving, even though you should let that Goldeen evolve, it'll be much more powerful as a Seaking.. other then that, you're doing great!" she said, with her head cocked slightly to the left as she praised her opponant.

"Gee, thanks Brooke. I think I'm improving too. Even Psyduck seems smarter," Misty said, before noticing the dumb duck had let itself out of its Pokeball and tripped over its feet, coughing up water all over Brooklyan's sneakers. ".. or not.." Misty sweatdropped, seemingly keeping her calm, before exploding, as the duck tried to get up, but rolled over onto its butt and helf its head, moaning.

"YOU DUMB DUCK! Don't come out of your Pokeball unless I command you to!" Misty recalled her Psyduck angrily, whilst Brooke laughed, seemingly not to care about her dripping socks and sneakers.

"Misty, Misty.. you've got to control your temper.. you do know that I evolved my Golduck from a Psyduck as dumb as yours, you know.." Brooklyan laughed at Misty's anger.

"Not QUITE as dumb, though," Misty said bitterly, attaching the Psyducks ball to her belt in a flurish, as though detirminded to change the subject off of her deranged Pokemon.

"I guess you have a point there," Brooke laughed, putting her hands behind her head as Misty fell over, face-first into the asphelt.

"Well, If it ain't 'lil Ash!" Brooklayn turned her attention away from Misty, who quickly got up at the name 'Ash', to a figure coming towards them at a relatively slow pace, his figure haunched and his eletric rodant sitting on his shoulder. "How are you?"

Ash, who now was near the two girls, sweatdropped and glared at Brooklyan as Pikachu chirped his warning. "I wish you'd stop calling me that.." Ash growled, meaning Brooklyan's referance to him as 'lil Ash and sometimes "Ash-y-poo", "And I'm fine thanks.. I was wondering if you knew where Clair was..?"

Misty, who had turned red inside at Ash's presence, noticed the way he asked where the GymLeader was, as if he had something to discuss with her.. her thoughts were confirmed as he said in a undertone, "I'd like to talk to her about something.."

"You moron! Lousy good-for-nothing trainer!" Misty spat, getting the wrong impression that Ash might like Clair because he was talking in that tone, even though she knew Clair was a bit old for him. Pikachu chirped in suprise at her reaction, and ran up to sit on Ash's head. She angered futher as Ash turned to her, creastfallen,

"What did I ever do to you, Misty?"

Misty, swelling with fury like a bullfrog, grew redder as she stuttered over her words, before Brooklyan jutted in, her cheeriness overwhelming the tense situation, as well as Pikachu's soothing cooes, strangly he was reminisent of a songbird, the way he was cooing. But the sound cooled the situation down.

"Clair? Winner of the Gold medal for Blackthorn City.. agian?" Brooke smirked. She just had to rub it in, for Clair's sake. As Ash lowered his head, and Pikachu glared up at Brookylan before chirping sharply and angrily, as though scolding the older trainer, she felt sorry for him. Poor kid, he just wants to see the champion, she thought, and lifted his chin up.

"Hey, she's at the PokeCenter, getting her Pokemon healed. Don't take offence, OK?" Brooke winked as Ash nodded and treked off to the Pokecenter, his pace quickening noticably. They could hear Pikachu chirping in the distance as Ash opened the PokeCenter door and walked inside.

Turning her gace leftwards, towards Misty, who now, also noticing Ash's change of speed, was glowing red, Brooklyan turned back to her friend, and hissed in her ear.

"Don't worry about him. Clair's with Lance, or so I hear.. you'll snag him soon enough.." with a wink at Misty's shocked reaction, one of disbelief but one also of relief, Brooklyan drew another Pokeball from her belt, saying, "So, another battle?"

* * *
"Thanks Nurse Joy for that. Dratini wasn't feeling very well, she still isn't.. she seems brighter though now, what was wrong with her?"

"Ah, your Dratini has no problems, Dragonmaster, unless you count the signs of motherhood a problem.."

"You mean Dratini's going to be a mother?!"

"She is pregnat with 6 kits. Should be born in 6 months time."

These voices were what Ash heard as he walked into the Pokecenter. A gush of cool air swept his hat off his head, which Pikachu managed to leap back and catch just in time, placing it back onto his head as he approached the counter.

"Thanks Nurse Joy. I should've known.. after all, I do know my Pokemon.. ah.. who do we have here?"

Clair, who had turned round to face in Ash's direction, spotted him with a bemused smile on her face, probely from the fact that she had just been told her Dratini was having babies. That bemused smile turned to a quizzacal press of her lips as she studied him with her head tilted to one side, head to toe, seeming not to reconise him.

Actually, the only one who DID seem to reconise Ash was Nurse Joy, and she said with a warm smile, "Ah, Ash, hello once again. Do your Pokemon need a check-up?"

"Yes thankyou, Nurse Joy.." Ash responded, placing his 5 Pokeballs and his Pikachu on the counter. The smiling woman picked them up and carried them into the healing room.

During that time, Clair had seemed to reconise who he was, a greeted this knowledge with a smile/smirk. "Ash Ketchem from Pallet Town, correct?"

Seeing Ash nod, Clair seemed to understand what he wanted. "Have you come here to battle me again, trainer from the town of Pallet?"

"Yes, as soon as my Pokemon are healed.. I would like to see how you battle again.." Ash was cut off by a deeper voice, strangly familar, from someone that had just entered the room.

"See how the Dragonmistress battles, eh? That's a treat to behold.." The familar voice sounded from the man who walked up to Clair, and gave her a bearhug from behind her, looping his arms around her neck and shoulders and kissing her cheek gentley as he looked up to see Ash standing there, looking shocked to say at the least.

"Ash Ketchem?" The man asked, then, it occured to Ash who the man was.


"The very one and same," Lance said, smiling as he swayed gently from side to side, cuddling against Clair, who smiled, cooed like Pikachu or something similar (Ash noticed that alot of people were making Pokemon noises and wondered why. Prehaps it made you closer to the Pokemon if you could speak its language?) and close her eyes.

"Well, then, a battle you say you want? A battle you will get!" Clair, snapping her eyes open at the rememberance of Ash's challenge, said, unlatching Lance from her torso, although she still grasped his hand in hers.

"Ash, your Pokemon have been healed and are here," a call from the front desk came, and there Pikachu, munching on a juicy-looking red apple, and the 5 other Pokeballs sat, waiting for Ash to collect.

"Thanks Nurse Joy.." Ash thanked the Nurse, before turning towards Clair and Lance again.

"OK, I'm ready, Gym Leader," Ash said, squaring his shoulders and adjust his hat, as Pikachu decided to jump on it and attack his hand with his paws. "Hey, stop that.."

Clair chuckled and nodded breifly, accepting his challange, and turned to the Nurse, saying,

"Keep my Dratini there. She can't afford to lose her kits, expessially those sired by the great DragonMaster's Dragonair!" At this, Clair turned round to Lance, and stroked his cheek as if saying something in 'code', for Lance noded understandingly.

Ash noted that after Clair had retracted her hand, it seemed to .. glow slightly..? Must be a trick of the light.. summerised Ash, shaking his head and blinking.

Then, she let go off Lance and headed for the door, alothough Lance followed her like a lost puppy dog, though he, as tall as he was, towered a far ways above Clair as he went outside with her.

Ash folllowed, but as he was leaving, heard Nurse Joy cluck disapprovingly under her breathe.

"Those two.. can't contoll their hormones.." before he went totally out, and the heat of the day struck him once more, and he wasn't focoused on anything but the battle that was going to take place.

There waiting for him was Clair, and Lance lying down on the grass under a shady tree, a tree which gave shade even in this kind of weather. He lent back on his arms, so that he could prop himself up, but still have a full veiw of the battle.

"Hey guys, even though I'm not a Gymleader, I'll do the judging OK?" Lance called out, the thought suddenly striking him, and was answered with a stiff nod from both trainers, both fully contrated on the battle.

Ah, seems like this will prove to be a interesting battle.. it seems as though Ash has taken some notice to Clair and has copied the cold way she battles.. though Lance, then smiled to himself at the thought of some sweet memeroy that he had just remembered, his mind being brounght back as Clair spoke.

"Well? Trainer from Pallet, are we going to do battle?" demanded Clair, already reaching for her Pokeball at Ash's nod, and she felt with all her power in her girft to sense others aura's, that this trainer wasn't going to lose easily.

* * *
"Hey, there's Ash!" Misty turned her attention away from the battle which had just commenced (Her losing, but she wasn't paying attention to that) and peered past Brooklyan to see Ash's back and his sexy (to her anyways) backside, and in her mind, purred at the sight.

"Trust you to notice.." Brooklyan said with a smirk, turning to see the 3 trainers herself. "Hmm.. it looks like Ash and Clair are going to battle.. Ash'll have a hard time.. lets go have a look, eh?"

With that, the two trainers walked over to the place where Ash and Clair were to battle, seeing Lance watching from the tree intently, focousing his gaze or on person more so, Misty thinking in her mind as she approached with Brookylan,

Ash can do it. I know it. Even though Clair is a great trainer, he can beat her! I know it!

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