Ocean Dreams

Written by Damia Holderson (a.k.a Dragoness Skye)

Part 3 - Battle cold. Ice Cold. When 2 strong spirits clash.

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"Hey Ash! I see your going to duke it out with Clair?"

Disturbing the tense atmostphe was Brooklyan with her usual bubbly self, rather welcomed by Lance at least, who never quite got used to the way Clair was used to battling, which was : Battle cold. Ice Cold. That was her favourite saying, and she used it every time she battled with him.

Ash, who had heard not one set of footsteps upon the dirt, but two, turned round quickly, his chosen Pokeball in his hand, and saw Misty, before quickly turning around again, facing Clair with a derterminded look on his face.

Now Misty was watching him, he would /have/ to win! Ash gulped, while Pikachu, dizzy from all of his quick twistings, fell from his shoulder and landed bellyfirst on the gravel, moaning, clutching his head.

"Pikachu! Don't get sick on me, buddy!" Ash hissed, picking up his dizzy Pokemon and placing him back on his shoulder, sweatdropping as Pikachu swaggered like a drunk, and fell off again.

This time, hearing snorts of laughter from Clair, Misty, Brooklyan and Lance, (all of whom were sitting side-by-side under the huge tree, watching the battle, besides from Clair of course) he didn't bend down to pick the poor eletric rat up, but merely left him there and threw the Pokeball, crying,

"Go Blastiose!" True to his word, a mightly Blastiose appeared from the Pokeball, the final evoloution that evolved from Squirtle. The Blastiose lumbered up to stand on its two feet, casting its shadow into Clair.

But Clair apparently was ready for anything. With a flick of her wrists, she called out, "Go Dragonair!" and a long, silky Dragonair appeared, its eyes calm and its body poised, underneth Ash's Blastiose, who snorted at how pathetic the dragon seemed, compared to he.

But Ash, reconising the Dragonair to be that one that had beaten him in the League, quickly called out his fear to the turtle, which cocked its water pipes at Dragonair, ready for a Hydro Pump,

"Don't be fooled, this Dragonair is stong! Hydro Pump now!" Ash commanded and the Blastiose aimed and fired!

The attack hit home, straight into Dragonair who was blown backwards by the blast. When the water subsided, the Dragonair was left soaking wet, the hot air quickly evaporating the exess water, the rest left shiny on her skin, as she waited for her order from her misstress.

"Dragonair, get close to the Blastiose! Get on top of it, then ThunderWave it!" Clair called, revealing her stratagy, but Ash, having no time to call out a warning to his Blastiose as Dragonair was quick to weave its way onto Blastiose's back, its long,thin body streached the length of its sholders. Then..


The Dragonair and the Blastiose were lit up by the blast, and the Blastiose fell heavily to the ground, as Dragonair leapt off, letting out its haunting cry, as Lance confirmed the win was to Dragonair, and the battle was now 2 to 3 in favor of Clair.

Clair only smiled faintly at her sucess, seemingly casuall even though so cold, as she recalled her Dragonair and replaced its ball with a new one, which she flicked up and down in the air, waiting for Ash to recall his Pokemon, which he did rather hastily.

He blushed as he heard Misty whisper something to Brooklyan, because he heard her rather loud reply,

"Well, you can't knock him, at least he's trying!"

Ash blinked and threw out his Pokeball, which turned out to be his Fearow. It blinked and streached its wings out, crying and facing Dragonair, who was replaced with a new Pokemon, a Dragonite. This particular Dragonite appeared to be more sturdier-built then most, in accordance to the picture that had just popped up on Ash's Pokedex, and it also seemed smaller, with larger wings.

Smiling coolly, Clair looked up at Ash's Fearow, already in the air, and ordered her Dragonite to gain the same altitude as Fearow.

Ash gulped, knowing that he had to win this battle to stay in the battle, and he was dertiminded to win. Pikachu pikaed from the ground, although it was hard to tell if it was a 'Go-for-it' yell, or just a moan, because the electric mouse was still rolling around on the ground.

"Ok Fearow! Fury Attack!" commanded Ash as Fearow prepared for the attack, before blasting it out at Dragonite, who was hit badley, and it seemed to affect him, as he dropped a few meters before rising again. It seemed that these Pokemon had their own weaknesses, though so well trained by their trainer.

"Ok, a sky battle, eh? Ok, go Dragonite, use Hyper Beam!" coached Clair, her face towards her Pokemon (looking up) and hair sweapt back onto her neck.

Nodding, the Dragonite's inner mouth glowed with a kind of bright white energy ball, which grew as Dragonite released the energy, hitting Fearow in the chest, and winding it. The bird dropped like a stone to the ground.

Ash gasped and ran towards his Pokemon. Touching it lightly on its feathery back, he asked, "Fearow? Are you alright?"

Suprisingly, the bird Pokemon shook itself, and stood up, flexing its wings as it glanced to the sky at Dragonite, something close to hate written on its face. The bird seemed 'fine' though its right wing and leg were damaged, but it flapped back into the air easily enough.

"Ok Dragonite, time for body attacks. HammerThrow!" Clair called up to her Dragonite, who once hearing the command dove down to reach the altitude that Fearow was at, and smashed into him, bringing down the bird headfirst into the ground.

As Fearow tried to struggle upwards from Dragonite, it appeared to be 'frozen' in the sense that it couldn't move, as Clair's Dragonite hit the Pokemon with its tail repeatedly, driving the Fearow's beak futher into the dirt.

"Hey! Thats not fair!" a voice cried from the side. Ash turned and saw Brookylan standing up, with a expression of suprise/alarm on her face as she approched Ash to stand beside him.

"Clair, thats a special attack. You only use it if its a impossible battle to win, not a rookie battle," Brooklyan said, shaking her head in disbelief at her friend, whose smile faded slightly.

"You know about that attack?" she asked, whilst whistling sharply, signalling to her Dragonite to stop thrashing the battered Fearow and to get off and step back, which it obeyed, but rather reluanclently, as if they bloodthirsty creature enjoyed beating up the Pokemon.

"'Course I do. My Vaporeon knows it, remember? You gave the TM to me.. but anyways, I hope you don't mind if I.. step in.." said Brooklyan, and stood up besides a shocked Ash, while she called out, "Go Jynx!"

A hypnotic-looking Pokemon named Jynx appeared and at Brooklyan's request powered up a Ice Punch that threw the Dragonite a hundred or so meters back, it was so forceful.

Another Ice Punch commenced Dragonite's battle : after all Dragons are weak against Ice-types. Lance announced the score. "So, one on one now. Or two on one, if Brooklyan's helping," at that point, Lance stood up, eyebrows raised. "I hope everyone doesn't mind if I join this fight too."

It was more of a statement then a question, and suddenly, Ash's Fearow and Brooke's Jynx were face to face with a huge Gyarados of Lances, while Clair recalled her fainted Dragonite.

Then Clair called out her Dratini, an interesting choice, a Dratini and a Gyrados against a Fearow and a Jynx, both of which were able to easily defeat the Pokemon of the DragonTrainers, for they had the moves and the level to pull it off.

But it seemed that Lance and Clair knew what they were doing. "Go Dratini! Take on that Fearow! Quick Attack!" commanded Clair, and as quick as lightning, her Dratini slipped forward and wrapped itself around Fearow's neck, just as the startled bird took off and retreated to the sky.

Meanwhile, Lance was trying a different tatic. "Gyarados! Body Slam!" The Jynx only had time to gasp as it was taken down by ...LB of Gyarados, and when Gyarados retreated, the Jynx didn't stand. It was defeated.

"To think that the Jynx knocked out a Dragonite, but was too weak to stand a chance against fighting-type attacks.. pathetic.." Lance chuckled to himself, watching a very suprised Brooklyan recall her Pokemon, with a look of immense respect for Lance on her face.

Meanwhile, Clair's poor Dratini was still up in the air, clinging for dear life to the Fearow who was flapping and shaking its long neck in a effort to get the creature off.

"Dratini! ThunderWave!" called Clair, and the frightened Dratini let loose its ThunderWave attack; much more powerful then the last time because it was under such stress, which paralysed the Fearow.

Ash could only look on in horror as his Fearow began to fall towards the ground, gathering speed as it plummented. But another scary thing was, and it showed on Clair's face, that the Dratini had gotten loose from around the Fearow's neck, and was falling just as fast just above the Pokemon.

Dratini was screeching wildly as it hurtled towards the ground. The noise struck fear into the heart of Clair and everyone whom was watching.

Dratini.. Clair thought, narrowing her already narrow eyes, Just this once in front of Lance.. Teleport!

"Ouch!" Clair exclaimed, as she was driven down from the force of the Dratini, which landed safely on her chest and bounced happily onto her stomach, knowing it was safe. But Clair was less comfortable, she was on her ass on the rough gravel and wasn't too pleased.

But she smiled as her Dratini cooed and wrapped itself around her neck, and she stood up and brushed herself down with gloved hands.

"But-but-but.. that Dratini was over there.." Ash pratically yelled, shaking his head from the direction that Dratini had been free-falling and the place where it was now, safe around Clair's throat.

"Well, it seems the Dratini is safe now," Lance concluded, but with a raised eyebrow and a slight shake of the head himself,"..and so is your Fearow,"

Ash relised that his Fearow had been falling towards the ground too, and turned to look at his Pokemon to recall it. But, to Ash's amazement, the bird was sort-of lying on the ground, but didn't have any marks, scrapes or bruises on it. It was as if it had never fallen in the first place.

It chirped happily as Ash recalled it, then turned to stare at Clair, as everyone was now doing, even Misty who had walked over from her spot under the tree to see what all the hulla-ballo was about.

"Thats extremely lucky, Clair," Brooklyan said, with a diginifyed tone of voice,"that Fearow and Dratini were about to be roadkill. I doubt that a Pokemon could stop itself at that height and that speed they were going at,"

"Clair, this is the 2nd time you've done something like this," Lance hissed into her ear, clamping a hand on her shoulder and smiling, talking through his teeth. "All can say, is how you could stop those Pokemon. Was is some kind of enhancer, or what?"

At that reply, Clair smiled smugly, knowing her secret was safe, her Pokemon were safe, her reputation was safe and that was all that really mattered to her right now.

* * *