Alrighty! New story here that that PeggsterLover and I came up with as an idea when PM'ing! We thought the idea was kinda cute and I decided that I'd bite the bullet and start writing! MI4 in a band. BOOM. I totally just surprised you there didn't I? Below is a basic description of my character and PeggsterLover's for the story as well as positions in the band.

Simon-Drums/back up vocals

Jeremy-Lead male singer

Addie-Piano/Back up vocals

Sheri-Guitar/back up vocals


Long brown hair, color changing eyes, full for Adelaide, brown in the middle around the pupil, then green with a blue outline-but the colors don't merge together, they're sort of 3 distinct colors, glasses, bubbly, bit of a nerd, tries to always make people laugh, friendly


Long red-brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, short for Sheridan, contacts, witty, snarky, friendly and always there, listener, bit of a nerd as well

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"I'm sorry, you want us to WHAT?" Sheri gave her brother the look of utmost disdain at his statement.

"You, Addie, Benji, and Brandt need to go undercover to as a band… To watch over Senator McCallister's daughter in HER band while they go through this contest." Ethan repeated for her. "Since the senator's gotten threats ever since his involvement with the new weapons system in DC."

"I got that, Ethan. You're letting him pull in a favor since you're in on this new system, too. I was referring to the fact of 'why the hell does it have to be us that does it?'" She gestured to herself and the other three standing by her.

Ethan sighed at his sister's (unfortunately) stubborn nature. "Look, the four of you are the only ones out of the six of us that have the ability to play music. Jane and I never had any experience with that in the past so you guys were the clear choice to be the band."

"And we know you guys are good. Remember the Christmas party?" Jane made a point of mentioning, growing an amused smile at the memory.

Sheri twitched slightly in remembrance. "Yes. And I swore I'd never do it again because I don't recall EVERYTHING that happened with that little gig."

"I do. Do you want me to tell you?" Addie grinned teasingly.

"HELL to the no."

"Jane is going to be undercover as your guys' agent and I'll be your manager so if you guys need any back up, we're right there." Ethan added, hoping to convince Sheri a little better.

"Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it." Addie began chanting, poking her best friend in the arm with a Cheshire cat smile on her face. Brandt began to start chanting under his breath, smiling at the young woman and then saying right it in her ear. Benji snickering about it right behind her wasn't helping either.

With a stiff sigh, the Hunt sister reached out and pinched both of Addie and Brandt's pressure points swiftly, getting the pair to back down and go to their knees cringing.

"Fine. I'll do it." She replied plainly, a deadpan expression on face as if she were a teenager again.

"Goddamn it Sheri!" Adelaide glared daggers. "I HATE it when you do that."

"And I hate it when I'm pressured into something I don't want to do. What's your point?"


Addie fidgeted nervously in the new clothes she was currently donning. A sequined teal tank top clung to her torso with a black leather jacket over it, black skinny jeans stuck to her legs like a leech, an opulently flashy silver chain necklace with a diamond the size of her eye rested on her chest, and it seemed like gallons of make up was caked onto her face. At least she was able to convince the others to let her wear her bright teal Converse sneakers with it all.

Still, she felt rather uncomfortable wearing her showy new wardrobe.

"Oh relax! You look fine, Addie!" Sheri waved a hand at the other girl. "You're overreacting."

"Easy for you to say. You're used to changing outfits and being someone different on a whim!" She harrumphed and blinked several times, still trying to get used to the contacts Sheri had practically stuck into her eyes.

"That's only because I grew up with Ethan shoving his ideals down my throat once he joined the IMF." Sheri retorted with a snort, looking through the racks of clothes that the agency had provided them with for their mission.


"Sorry, just ignore me and my cynical tendencies." She waved a hand, not facing Addie at all.

"Hey." Addie put a hand on Sheri's shoulder, making her turn and look her in the eye. "You're far from a cynic. And frankly, you're not as much like your brother like you think! You're so much cooler. But shhh! Don't tell him that!" She winked.

This made Sheri laugh and look at Addie with an intensely warm smile. After the whole mission in Dubai, the two of them had become extremely close. Especially after Addie basically saved her ass when Moreau had attacked her and Benji.

Which reminded her…

"YOU may not like your new look… But I'm sure Benji might have a thing or two to say about it." Sheri gave Addie a teasing look.

Addie grew flustered and the blush on her cheeks became amplified within seconds. "H-Hush, Benji won't even care."

"Uh-huh, uh-huh, sure." She chuckled quietly and went back to sifting through the racks.

Not even an hour later, the two of them walked out from changing to where the others were waiting. Ethan and Jane were dressed professionally and given supplies worthy of a band manager and agent (maybe even better than that) and Benji and Brandt had since then dressed more like band men with their graphic tee's and jeans.

"I would've been just fine wearing my usual shirts, Brandt." Benji looked as if he were a little five-year-old boy denied his favorite snack, crossing his arms.

"The checkered shirts weren't going to work out Benji, and you know it." Brandt rolled his eyes a bit, amused. Then their two female band members joined them. He nudged Benji in the side with his elbow.

"Ow! What the hell—"

"Besides, ditching the shirts means you have a better chance of impressing her." The former intelligence analyst gestured to Addie.

Benji followed his line of sight and gawked at her huge shift in appearance. The techie rarely ever saw her without her glasses on and the attire was definitely the opposite of the stuff she usually wore. And the make up. My goodness, the make up just made her glow.

He got to his feet and approached Addie, barely noticing Sheri side-step with a mischievous glint sparkling in her eye. "Addie. Y-You look brilliant." He managed to stammer the sentence out while mentally hating himself for sounding like a little schoolboy with a crush on a high schooler.

Addie chuckled a bit and he thought he was just going to melt on the spot. Why did she have to be so bubbly? He felt as if this rookie agent was masquerading as the sun, not a band member. So bright!

"Thanks Benji. I think you look really great too! Though I do miss the checkered shirts."

"Well, at least someone does." Benji shot back a childish glare to Brandt, who just stuck out his tongue at him briefly as he spoke with Sheri, who rolled her eyes at the two of them.

Just what were those two talking about?


"Those two are so infatuated with each other that it isn't funny." Sheri told Brandt as they watched Benji and Addie talk.

"Benji doesn't have the guts to just ask her out on a date. He's not used to actually being interested in a girl. Much less a girl being interested in him." Brandt pointed out, watching Benji turn to him and give a glare about his shirts, to which he just stuck his tongue out.

Sheri rolled her eyes at them but grinned nonetheless. She had never felt so at home with these people all her life. It was… certainly a very different feeling when her brother had become so detached from her later in life. And she preferred to keep it that way.

"Well then I guess we'll just have to give them the confidence to… communicate to each other, hm?" She stretched her arms to the ceiling with an alluring smirk.

"That an invitation for me?" Brandt smiled at her charmingly. Was that a skip in her pulse that she felt?

"No, I was telling my brother to. You know, the one who happens to be absolutely spectacular when it comes to romance? Yes I was talking about you."

"Sarcastic. Ouch." He jokingly put a hand to his heart with a grin that expressed his enjoyment in their playful banter. Though her insult towards her brother didn't go unnoticed by him.

"Are you in or what you goof?"

"Sounds good to me."

Ethan watched the two carefully from afar, feeling something boil in the pit of his stomach.

"Ethan? Everything okay?" Jane asked, wondering what suddenly got him so surly.

"Yeah. Fine."

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