Here's the epilogue! The song you should be listening to for this chapter is "Fantasy" by Appleton. ;) Thanks to PeggsterLover for helping me with ideas and pushing me with progress! Please enjoy this last little bit and... Imagine what you will ;D

Two months later…

Venice, Italy; a place of romance and fine arts. And the current residence area for one Johann Braun, arms dealer and suspected murderer of several US federal agents. The team, undercover as a group of dates on a couples' retreat, has been tasked with pursuing him and taking him down; dead or alive.

Easier said than done. Three days into the mission and Johann was being a recluse. He hadn't let anyone in his house, left once, or even opened a window. Ethan was getting frustrated just watching this man sit around his home and do pretty much nothing all day. Why did he and Jane take the night shift again? Oh right, Jane's idea.

"Remind me again," He sighed, turning away from the monitor to his "date," "Why we took the night time look out again?"

"Because the rest of the team doesn't need you breathing down their necks while they're relaxing." Jane retorted with a smirk. "Especially not your sister."

Somehow Ethan was now happy that he was on stakeout rather than back at the hotel.


At the same time, Benji and Brandt were sitting at the bar, downing shots and laughing between themselves. Life was pretty damn good for them. On a couples' retreat (undercover) with their girlfriends was not gonna get much better than this.

Well, not yet.

A smooth R&B beat filled the room from the speakers and Addie, dressed in a striking red halter dress that only fell down to her knees or so, strode out onto the small performer's stage with a microphone. She sang with a low, sensual voice with a glint in her eye communicating some secret message to Benji. He blushed brightly, but was inwardly liking what she was trying to tell him.

Sheri came out next, donning a deep purple sleeveless dress with a black sash around the waist. She locked eyes with Brandt and sung after her friend, giving him a flirtatious wink. His hands twitched a bit at the thought of what she was implying, though he was pretty sure she was just helping Addie with her message.

By the end of the song, Benji had an arm wrapped low around Adelaide's waist and was venturing up to their room together. Sheri placed her microphone on the bar table with a victorious grin. Mission over.

Brandt wrapped two arms around her waist from behind and rested his head in the crook of her neck, whispering some rather… erotic things in her ear. She bit her lip with a sinful smile gracing her lips.

Correction; Mission Accomplished.

So cheesy. But I couldn't resist. XD The End~!