The Fall of Cobalt

The fall (literally) of Kurt Hendricks a.k.a. Cobalt, the primary antagonist of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Which I saw today. In the eyes of Hendricks himself, I hope you enjoy.

I won't let that man ruin everything I worked so hard for.

I knew that it was top agent Ethan Hunt. He has been on my track for a while, but I was always one step ahead of him. I won't let him stop my mission. Nobody would stop me now.

I wanted to bring peace to this world. And only strong people could bring eternal peace, weak people where just a thorn in their sight. As long as they existed, we could never evolve. Then there would never be peace. It was very simple, the weak had to die, for the strong to survive.

Surrounded by cars, and with the briefcase in my hand I ran from platform to platform to prevent Hunt from getting it. I won't let a disavowed agent ruin my hard work. Not on my life.

Soon we where in a brutal fight. Punches, kicks, I gave it all to him. Kind of funny, two man fighting over a simple briefcase.

I didn't need to kill him. I only needed to make sure the missile would hit America. Then they will see it as an act of vengeance by the Russians, for destroying the Kremlin. And everything will then go all by itself.

Both of us fell on a platform with was now brining a car higher. I slammed the briefcase into his face, and he kicked my leg. I fell down, the briefcase landing in front of me.

I saw Hunt climbing over the car, trying to get the device. Quickly I kicked the device underneath the car. I smiled.

I got up and saw he turned around, going behind the back of the car to get the briefcase. I looked and saw it. And I saw that he saw it to, he extended his hand to it.

He touched it, and tried to turn it around.

But I grabbed it firmly and directly took it from under the car. I walked to the edge of the platform and stood still. I turned around.

He stood there, before me and said "I will have that briefcase."

No, he won't. I smiled and turned around. With extended hands, and the briefcase in one of them. I stepped off the platform in free fall. As I fell down from the platform in my hand, I knew I would succeed. This could be my end. But it would be worth it.

In seconds I hit the hard pavement below. And the briefcase flew out of my hand and landed a few meters away of me.

I was in much pain, but that would soon be over. I would die knowing my plan had succeeded. The world will finally be in peace, and my name Kurt Hendricks, would be written in history. I the man who made the world a better place.

But only seconds later a car came down from above and crashed into the pavement and Hunt crawled out of it, and to the device. He opened the briefcase and pushed the button saying "Mission Accomplished" but it didn't work.

I could barely keep my eyes open. But I knew it wouldn't work, Wistrom had made sure that it wouldn't be disabled. The launch would continue.

And I saw Hunt pushing the button more and more. I didn't have enough strength to get up and would die, that was for sure. But in the end I would win. I knew it for sure.

But then…

He yelled one final time "Mission Accomplished" and pushed the button. I head a faint sound, and I knew what it meant. The missile had stopped.

I closed my eyes in defeat. I had lost.

So that was it kind of. I really respect the way Nyqvist portrayed Hendricks, truly great acting work. And Hendricks was a really cool character. One of my favorite villains so far. Sorry for those who are saddened by the death of this character. But greetings to all fans of him.

This was Lord Shockwave, have a good night.