Two weeks have past since the party. Spain asked Romano a few times what he did with the outfit after he got home. Each time he did, he recived a scathing glare, and was forced to drop the subject. Evenutally he had to give up on asking.

One day, while Spain was babbling about random things that Romano wasn't quite listening to, he said something that finally caught his attention.

"I decided not to have a big party on my birthday this year."

Romano stiffened. He knew his birthday was coming up, but he didn't realize how soon it was until now.

"That's... Tomorrow isn't it?" He glanced at Spain.

"Si, it is." Spain smiled briefly before continuing to speak. Romano had stopped listening by then. He didn't notice the date creep up so fast. He hadn't even gotten him anything yet. Not that he needed to, but Spain always got him something for his birthday, so he was just returning the favor really. But he's been so busy with work lately, he had kept putting off getting him something.

And now he had no idea what to get him.

He cursed himself mentaly. He should have noticed the date! How could he have spaced it? He went home that night trying to think of something to get Spain at the last minute. He couldn't think of anything good enough for him on such a short notice. Maybe he'd think of something for him in the morning...

He went to bed feeling frusterated, planning on thinking something up tomorrow.

The next day, Romano got up with only one thing on his mind.

Today was Spain's birthday.

And he still didn't have an idea for a birthday gift.

He needed do something for him. Not that he cared! Or liked him!

"..." He glared at the phone, wondering whether to call him. What would he do when he got here anyway? An idea occured to him. He would like that. A lot too.

He grabbed the phone.


"Hola! Quien es?"

Romano jumped and almost slammed the reciver down. He couldn't do this!

"Hey basterd! Get your ass over here, pronto!" He hung up, not waiting for an answer. Oh mio Dio, what did he just do? Call him back and tell him never mind! He started to pace.

"No, it's too late for that. The tomato bastard is probably already on his way over right now..." When he got here, he should send him home. That's what he should do. There was no way he could go through with this! He sat down to wait for the Spainard. He would send him home. He sat down on the couch to wait for him.


Knock knock

"Romano! I'm here!"

Romano jumped and fell off the couch.

"Damnit!" He got up and rushed to the door, throwing it open.

'Go home bastard! I changed my mind!'

"Get inside already jackass." No! That's not what he supposed to say! He opened the door wider for Spain and let him in, his face heating up quickly.

"Gracias Romano, but what is it that you need?" He strolled inside and looked at Romano, almost looking serious.

"Sit your ass down and wait a minute!" He turned and ran upstairs, not waiting to see what Spain did. He ran to his room and slammed the door shut. He was really going to do this...?

He walked to his closet, threw open the doors, and headed straight for the back. He didn't know what possessed him to keep it... Certainly not Spain's interest of course!

Romano pulled the outfit to the front and stared at it. He should have burned it. He really should have. But then again...

Maybe it was good that he didn't?

He scowled. He couldn't believe he was doing this! He should just forget about it! Tell Spain to go home and then throw this thing in the trash.

He started changing.

Spain sat on the living room couch. What was taking Romano so long? What was he doing anyway? He had called up, sounding frusterated, and demanded that the nation had to come to his house, right this second. So of course Spain had listened and came. But when he got here, Romano told him to sit down and ran upstairs. It was all very confusing and he didn't get what was going on, but he did know one thing; the Italian was as red as a tomato.

He chuckled and put his feet on the coffee table. Romano was so cute when he blushed. His tomate poco. How could he resist anything Romano asked of him when blushing like that? He heard footsteps at the top of the stairs and got up to go look.


"Close your eyes basterd!" Romano's voice came down from the top of the stairs. Spain shrugged and put his hands over his eyes.

"Okay Lovi, they're closed!"

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that!" Footsteps desended the stairs slowly, almost hesitintly, then came to a stop in front of Spain.

"... You can open them now." Spain smiled and removed his hands from his eyes.

And promptly dropped his jaw.

Standing in front of him, looking bright red and flustered, was Romano wearing the Sailor Moon outfit from before. He was nervously pawing at the end of the skirt, and not looking at Spain at all.


"Happy birthday Spain..." He blushed some more, his face bright red. Spain beamed and drew his arms around Romano in a tight hug.

"Aw! Gracias Romano!"

Romano stiffened and squirmed.

"L-let go of me jackass!" But Spain laughed and continued to hug him.

"I thought you had gotten rid of this outfit Lovi~" He grinned at the flustered nation in his arms.

"I-I was planning on it, but I never got around to it!" That wasn't true and he knew it. He kept it because Spain liked it. He felt so embarrassed.

"Well, I'm glad you didn't. It looks good on you." He touched his forehead to Romano's and smiled in a way that would make anyone's heart melt. Romano was not an exception.

"Y-you really think so bastard?"

"Of course I do!" Spain's reply was instant, and without hesitation. Romano ducked his head down in an attempt to hide how red his face was. But Spain took his chin in his hand and brought it up to look at him.

"I really mean it Romano." And then he kissed him.

It wasn't much, just a simple brush of the lips. The hands on Spain's chest that had been previously trying to push him away now fisted his shirt as Romano gave a small gasp of surprise. Spain was blushing slightly now too, as he pulled away and let go of his face.

"Ah, lo siento Lovi. I-" Spain was cut off as Romano leaned forward and kissed him back. Spain's eyes widened, surprised, but he quickly returned the kiss, this time much more passionitely. Their lips meshed together and Spain's tongue flicked out against the other's lips. Romano gasped, and he took adavantage of this opperutnity and slid his tongue inside and rubbed it against the other's, earning a soft moan from the Italian nation.

Encourged, Spain continued his actions, as well as letting his hands wander Romano's body. Romano shuddered at the feel of his hands, and as Spain's tongue rolled inside his mouth, just like when he rolled his 'r's.

And then promptly yelped as he felt a pair of hands ghost across his rear and give a squeeze. Antonio chuckled breathlessly as he pulled away from the kiss- much to the Italian's disappointment- and then placed a small kiss on his lips.

And then the corner of his mouth. And then his cheek. And down to his jawline, and all the way up his jawline. To right below his earlobe and down his neck...

Romano sighed out a long moan, because damnitfeltgood, and his hands somehow found their way to the Spainard's curly hair and clutched at the soft curls like a lifeline as the kisses trailed down and acrossed his collarbone and back up to his neck, once hand coming back up to undo the small necklace and letting it fall to the floor and he kissed the spot that it once occupied. His breath hitched as Spain nipped his neck softly, and then let his tongue glide over that spot right after.

Suddenly the ground disappeared from underneath him and he yelped and latched onto Spain and he was lifted up and carried.

"W-what are you doing tomato bastard?" He demanded as Spain started up the stairs.

"Taking you to your room Lovi~" He replied.

"What for?" He asked, unnessiarily, pretty sure he knew why. And he face flushed a bright red once more. Spain just chuckled and brought him into his bedroom, laying the Italian down in his bed.

Romano blushed again and wrapped his arms around Spain as he climbed on top of him, resuming kissing him, sliding his tongue in almost immediately. Romano responded by suckling on the smooth organ, making the other man moan this time instead of the other way around.

While their mouths were busy, Spain's hands kept moving, stripping Romano of his gloves, and then his boots and tights. Romano shuddered against him, and gripped at the other's shirt, tugging on it. Spain took the hint and pulled away long enough to shed his shirt and throw it somewhere on the ground.

Romano had seen Spain without his shirt before; damn bastard was always stripping it off and then forgetting where he put it. But with the circumstances the way they were, he coudln't help but blush, nor could he resist running his hands across his chest and abs. Spain gave Romano another quick and passionite kiss before peeling off his shirt as well and throwing it somewhere to join the other. Then he resumed kissing Romano's body, trailing down his neck and across his shoulder, then moving down across his chest.

Romano's breath hitched as he continued to get attention from Spain's mouth as he trailed kisses all over his torso, moving down to the hem of his skirt and back up again. It was driving him insane! He huffed and squirmed underneath him, feeling the growing need for more attention than he was receiving.

"Spain..." he groaned softly and raked his nails down his back. Spain groaned softly and responded by biting just above Romano's collarbone. Romano yelped and moaned as Spain began to give him a hicky where he bit, locking his lips around the flesh under his teeth and sucking. One of his hands found its way to Romano's skirt and began to tug it down off of his hips, the artcle of clothing thrown to the side once removed.

Romano gave a heady moan and arched up against the Spanish nation, trying to focus long enough to fumble with the man's pants. He managed to unbutton them and slide down his thighs before a hand slipped down the front of his briefs and made all focus shatter with a loud moan as the hand gripped his hardening length. Spain rubbed his member, leaving another hickey on Romano's neck at the same time.

The Italain moaned and rocked his hips forward, panting softly. Spain claimed his lips again, his tongue doing magnificent things inside his mouth, causing him to shudder and moan. His mouth left the other's again and trailed down kisses straight to his briefs, which he then pulled off as well, leaving the Italain naked on the bed.

His hand left the hard member only to be replaced by the Spanard's mouth, wrapping his lips around the length.

"A-ah!" Romano bucked his hips, but Spain caught him with his hands and pressed them back into the mattress. Romano groaned loudly as his length was engulfed and ohmygodthattongue moved and rolled and did amazing things while Romano writhed underneath the strong hands pinning him to the bed as he mewled and moaned.

"A-ah... hah..." His hands found their way to that mop of brown hair again and couldn't help but pull somewhat as he was pleasured. And when Spain pulled away and looked back up to Romano, he was met with a rather vicous and nearly pained look. He could helpt but chuckle.

"You're so lindo Lovi~" He crawled back up to give him another kiss, interupting whatever Romano was about to say or cuss. He then stripped himself of his pants and boxers, revealing himself and showing how aroused he was. Romano's face flamed scarlett once more. But he wrapped his arms around Spain's neck and yanked him down for another firy kiss, keeping them liplocked until they had to pull away for lack of air.

"Lovino~" Spain purred and nuzzled Romano's neck. "Are you sure about this? We don't have to..."

"If I didn't want this I would have said so by now bastard." He growled and nipped at Spain's shoulder. He kissed his neck in responce.

"I'm just making sure~" He reached up to push Romano's hair out of his face.

And brushed his hand against his curl.

Romano let out a low moan, his eyelids fluttering. Spain was always trying to tug on his curl, but Romano had never told him what it did, and hid his reaction somehow- usually by yelling at him. But now, with him being naked and aroused, it was obvious what it was for. Spain smirked and gave the curl an experamently tug, earning a loud moan from Lovino as he gripped at the other's back.

"So that's what this does..." he teased softly and wrapped his finger around the curl and pulled slowly. Romano moaned and squirmed underneath him.

"A-ah... B-bastard... Stop that..." He raked his nailed down his back, causing the man to shudder.

"Pero you like it~" He gave it another tug and smiled as Romano moaned once more. "If only I knew about this sooner~" Spain smiled and kissed Romano again, nipping at his lip as the other moaned and arched against him. He let go of the curl and pulled away, putting three fingers up to the Italian's lips. He got the hint and took them in his mouth, sucking on them and twirling his tongue around each one, trying to show off and arouse Antonio further. He made a small sound of pleasure as he was the younger man coat his fingers, pulling them away when he felt they were covered enough. He put one finger at Romano's entance.

"Are you ready?"

"Just put it in already bastard."

Spain chuckled and pushed his finger inside of him, causing him to gasp. It wasn't quiet painful, but it was a bit uncofortable. He felt the finger move around for a moment before it was joined by another. He winced and they stayed still for a moment to wait for him to ajust, moving again when he relaxed. They swirled around inside him, moving up and down and sissoring until Romano was squirming again. Then he put in the third finger.

Romano yelped soft at the feeling, but moaned when they started moving. Spain reached a little farther and brushed against the bundle of nerves inside him. Romano responded immeditally, arching his back and calling out.

Feeling he was ready, he pulled his fingers out and postioned himself right outside of Romano's entance. He leaned over and pressed his lips to Romano's as he rolled his hips forward, sheathing himself inside of him.

Romano gasped and cried out, gripping at Spain with a shudder.

"Lo siento..." Spain kissed up and down the nation's neck until he felt him relax, trying not to move to early and hurt him, no matter how much he wanted to move.

"Y-you can move now..." he said with a small squirm. Spain pecked his lips again in reply before moving his hips again, pushing himself all the way inside. Romano groaned and tensed up again, but didn't seem to be in much pain. In fact, he bucked onto Spain's member, trying to get him to move some more. Spain moaned and pulled back, only to thrust forward again, causing Romano to yell. His fingers clawed at Spains back again as he repeated himself, thrusting forward as Romano bucked.

"Ah! F-faster!" Romano shuddered and arched, pressing his body against Spain. He complied, rocking his hips forward again with a quicker pace. Their pants and moans increased in volume as their thrusts increased in speed until Spain was slamming into him, causing Romano to scream as he found that bundle of nerves again.

"I-I'm close...!" He bucked and moaned and panted, clinging to Spain's body. Spain moaned in responce, nipping Romano's neck again.

"Then come for me..." He panted and thrusted again and again without rhythm. Romano arched against him and cried out his name as he came, his essence spilled out and coated their stomachs. Spain called out as the constriction on his member sent him over the edge, filling Romano with his seed, riding out their orgasm until they collasped onto the bed.

Spain pulled out and they lay there together, panting. Romano rolled onto his side and stared at Spain.

"Cazzo, why haven't we done that sooner?"

Spain chuckled, a goofy grin on his face. He leaned in and gave his lover a sweet kiss.

"Te amo Lovi~"

"Ti amo bastard."