HP X LOTR Crossover (Yaoi – M-Rated, MPREG)

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Harry X Aragorn

George X Legolas X Fred

Sirius X Boromir

Severus X Faramir


The Final Battle is over, Voldemort is dead and his Death Eaters defeated. But the guilt from the deaths weigh heavily on Harry's heart.

All he wants is rest, hoping that death will be his answer. Followed by George, they fall through the Veil, hoping for peace in the Afterlife.

But the Valar have other plans for them, bringing them to the Forest of the Lothlórien in Middle-Earth, where Galadriel awaits them.

With the duo reunited with Fred, Sirius and Severus, they are sent along on the Quest of the Ring, and along the way, love blooms in the unlikeliest of hearts.

And so the tale of "The Crossing of Worlds" begins . . .

~*~*~ The Crossing of Worlds – Chapter 1 ~*~*~

Tears fell down his pale face as he looked upon the horror that was laid before him. The deaths that he saw were devastating, tearing at his heart even more. Harry Potter stood in the antechamber of the Great Hall in Hogwarts, looking in the room that held the loved ones of the families who were now celebrating the death of Voldemort, the Death Eaters and the dawning of a new era of peace.

Among the dead were those who had been there to defend not only the students of Hogwarts but him, the 'Saviour' of the Wizarding World.

"Some saviour I am," he whispered sadly, a tear falling down his face.

Harry looked down to see the faces of Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin, Severus Snape and Fred Weasley. They looked to only be sleeping peacefully, like that of an angel but the deathly pallor that was upon their faces spoiled the image.

So much had happened in his eighteen years of life and so much death had occurred because of the prophecy that had befallen him so that he may be the one to kill the Dark Lord.

As the tears continued to fall down his face, the door behind him opened. His reflexes, still honed for war, made him grab his wand and turn around, ready to cast a spell when he saw the sad and pale form of George Weasley.

George jumped at the wand that was suddenly shoved in his face. He gasped, his hand reached up to clutch at his chest.

"For Merlin's sake Harry, are you trying to give me a fucking heart attack? At least make a noise when you move," George cried, his heart racing in his chest.

Harry sighed in relief, before wiping the tears away from his face, "Sorry George, bit of a habit now. Wish it wasn't."

George nodded at the raven-haired boy. He looked over at his dead twin and slowly strode towards Fred and sat by his side, playing with the red hair, brushing it away from his twin's face.

"I'm never going to forget that my twin won't be by my side anymore. I don't even think I want to live on without out him," George whispered.

Harry's emerald eyes widened with shock at the prankster's words. The lively and joyful boy he once knew was now a walking corpse without his twin by his side.

"It's okay George, I know what you mean. We've both lost people we love and those we could have loved," Harry whispered, bringing him into a hug.

They both seemed to cry until no more tears seemed to follow. Looking up, Harry stared into tired sapphire eyes before an idea came to mind.

A way they could end it all with a peaceful death.

Harry grabbed George's hand and dragged him out of the antechamber. Just as the two reached the giant doors to exit the castle, they noticed a young lady with white blonde hair against the doors.

"Luna!" Harry called.

"Harry," Luna said softly, her eyes looking at them knowingly, "I see you have decided to leave us."

Harry looked down guiltily, remembering all those they would be leaving behind.

"Luna, I- " he started.

"No Harry. It's okay. You've already done so much for. Us, and asked for nothing in return. You deserve your peace," Luna stated, lifting his chin up to look him in the eyes.

"I'll miss you," he whispered.

"As we will miss you," Luna said, "We will miss the both of you. But your happiness is not he, the Valar have shown me that."

Harry looked at her strangely before shrugging. It was just Luna being Luna again and he wouldn't have it any other way.

The Great Doors opened to reveal the dawning of a new day as Luna waved goodbye to Harry and George.

"Your mates better take care of you or I will cross the Veil myself and hex them into oblivion," she whispered her oath to the wind as she took in her last glances of the two wizards.

"May Morgana guide you both."

~*~*~*~ The Crossing Of Worlds ~*~*~*~

The duo slowly strode through the dark halls of the cold, haunting 'Ministry of Magic' until they reached the doors to the Department of Mysteries. George was following Harry's lead blindly, knowing that the young raven-haired boy wouldn't lead him astray like they once would have.

Harry pushed open a door to reveal the haunting and looming form of the 'Veil of Death' that lay behind its borders. George gasped at what Harry had planned, yet he couldn't help but nod at the ingenuity behind it.

A peaceful death, no gore and no body to find to lead others towards this spot. Just like Sirius had.

"It's kind of sad that all my life has lead to this moment," Harry whispered, "Knowing that I would willing come and kill myself here, even though my parents and everyone else sacrificed their lives so I could live,"

"This was not the life they wanted for you Harry, you know that. They died hoping you would live to have a normal and happy life," George stated, grabbing Harry's shoulder, "James and Lily have probably been rolling in their graves knowing all this has happened to you."

Harry looked back at him with watery emerald eyes and smiled sadly at him, "Thanks George."

The whispers of the voices in the Veil seemed to call to them, whispering for them to come closer. George turned to look at Harry, sapphire meeting emerald.

"No regrets?" George asked, holding out his hand.

Harry smiled sadly and nodded, taking George's hand in his, preparing to walk together through the Veil, "No regrets."

The two friends walked forwards, the looming silver Veil before them warping softly as they strode through the Veil and darkness fell upon them, leading them to their peace they desired.

~*~*~*~ The Crossing Of Worlds ~*~*~*~

Harry blinked his eyes open to see the sun falling down on him from the amongst the flourishing green treetops. He winced at the brightness that loomed above; he put his hand over his eyes, only to realise he wasn't wearing his glasses.

In shock, he sat up, his eyes searching.

A forest of ever-glowing green surrounded him, but the glade in which he sat was almost like it had been grown for a purpose, as a pedestal of white stone lay amongst the foundations of the glade.

Harry's eyes found the waking form of George beside him, who sat up in an instant to take in his surroundings.

"Harry, where are we? Aren't we dead?" George whispered.

"No you are not dead," an ethereal voice said, echoing through the hidden glade.

Instinct drove Harry to grab his wand, only to find that he no longer possessed it.

A woman of tall stature stood before them in a halo of light. She wore a shimmering white gown, that rivalled the glowing colour of her long hair. The long blonde tresses of hair floated in the air, framing her deep blue eyes that looked down on them knowingly. Her very presence seemed to soothe their weary hearts.

"Greetings Harry, son of James, and to you George, son of Arthur. Welcome to the Kingdom of Lothlórien. I am Galadriel, Guardian of this land," Galadriel greeted.

"Wow!" George whispered, staring widely at Galadriel, a bit of drool escaping his mouth.

Harry groaned before smacking George on the back of the head, "Pervert!"

George rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, "What can I say, I appreciate the finer beauty in life."

A chuckle echoed from behind them.

"Oh dear Brother, how I have missed your humour."

Harry and George stiffened at the familiar voice behind them, they turned around to gasp, tears began to cascade down their faces.

"Is this real?" Harry whispered.

"What does your heart tell you?" Galadriel stated, resting a hand on the young man's shoulder.

Harry leapt up, rushing into the two sets of arms that surrounded as he crashed into their bodies.

"Sirius! Severus!"

Sirius and Severus chuckled at the outburst from Harry, surrounding the young man in their arms, using to calm him down.

"Hush Harry. All is well now, we are together again," Sirius whispered into Harry's ear, petting his hair reassuringly.

Harry just squeezed the two men tighter, not wanting to let them go or out of his sight.

His emerald eyes wandered over to the Twins, only for them to widen in shock and for a blush to rise to his pale face.

George and Fred were locked in a passionate embrace, kissing each other like their life depended on it. Harry could see that George was clinging to his Twin desperately, not seeming to let go of him anytime soon.

A slight cough from behind them bought them all back to reality; they all turned to see Galadriel smiling.

"I see the Valar chose wisely, as always, to bring you all to our World. Your crossing was destined to happen as your soul-mates were born in this world. But for now, we must being to prepare you for the next step in your journeys. Come, we have much to do and little time to truly prepare you for what is to come."