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~*~*~ The Crossing of Worlds Chapter 7 ~*~*~

Night had fallen in the Elven city. Soft melodies floated on the air to be carried along the cool wind. The forest seemed to be at peace during the dark times that had been brought upon by the war.


Or so it had seemed.

Sirius yelped as he fell gracelessly in his face on the wooden landing outside of the infirmary. Galadriel stood in the doorway with her arms crossed and tension clear on her glowing face.

"Ouch," Sirius muttered softly as he got back onto his feet, rubbing his red face.

Galadriel sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose.

"Three days - for three whole days you have been in my infirmary and under foot while I watch over your godson's health. You are not helping me or Harry by doing so."

Sirius looked down at the scolding. Sometimes Galadriel truly reminding the ex-convict of Professor McGonagall - both could make him feel like a young child again.

The forlorn expression on the Man's face calmed the tension on her face. She stepped forward and placed a finger under his chin, lifting his head to look him in the eyes.

"I understand you plight young one. He is the only reminder you have left of your old family and the friends who have already passed into Valar," Galadriel stated.

Tears started to condense in his eyes before he could prevent it. Galadriel raised his head with a finger under his chin, making him look into her eyes. Caring and understanding were expressed by the soulful sapphire eyes.

"Do not worry so hard or you will end up going grey again, young one. Let me watch over your godson in peace and I will tell you myself when Harry has awoken," Galadriel said softly.

Sirius stepped back, wiping his eyes before standing strong once again and nodding at the Elven royal.

"Good, now be off with you. It is almost time for the 'Celebration of the Valar'. Go join the others and escort them to the festivities. We may need all the prayer and song we can offer to the Valar in this time of need."

Sirius chuckled darkly, "Don't we just."

Sirius turned away, starting to head down the wooden stairs.

"I'll throw an offering into the pyre for you and Harry!"

Galadriel chuckled at the shout. The man was always good for a laugh.

~*~*~ The Crossing of Worlds ~*~*~

Steel-grey eyes gazed out into the dark forest as he sat silently against a large tree root.

Aragorn sat with his back to the rest of the Fellowship, smoking his pipe as he listening to Legolas telling them the stories of Old.

Aragorn did not turn to see who approached him, the loud footsteps of the person alerting him to the presence of one of their group.

The tall figure of Boromir sat down beside him silently, his form tense and nervous. The aura that Boromir exuded troubled Aragorn greatly.

"You should rest Boromir. These borders are well protected, we are safe here."

Boromir scoffed, "I have not found much rest here in three days. Not since I heard her voice in my head."

"She spoke of my father and the fall of Gondor. Yet, she said to me, even now there is hope left," Boromir spoke wistfully, "But I cannot see it, it has been a long time since we had any hope."

Aragorn looked at the man inquisitively; this belief would explain many things about his fellow Man.

"Time changes people when no hope is present. You cannot help what happens when fear corrupts. Do not place that responsibility on your shoulders, Boromir, as it will only weigh you down. Perhaps the Valar will send us a beacon of hope and light yet," Aragorn said, clapping the man's shoulder.

"Maybe they already have,"

Aragorn looked at the man inquisitively to see Boromir's eyes fall upon Sirius who descended the wooden stairs. The three other Hybrids rushed to greet the Air Wielder.

Boromir's words rang in his ears.

Maybe the Valar had already blessed them. They had be given more power than they could ever imagine. Five stars already lead their way in the darkness.

Sirius listened to the others rushed words, their worry for Harry great. He shook his head to their answers.

Aragorn could only guess that there was no change with Harry.

"Come, let's see what news your beloved brings," Aragorn stated, grasping the man's shoulder tighter.

Boromir sputtered, his face turning red with embarrassment. He was unaware that Aragorn knew of his feelings for the Air Wielder.

He smirked, turning towards Aragorn, "Yes, perhaps he has news of your beloved."

Boromir laughed at the other man as Aragorn choked, his own face turning red as well.

The two Men rushed up to the group to hear about any change.

"Anything?" Aragorn asked.

"No. I got kicked out by Galadriel as soon as I got in the door," Sirius said, rubbing his head, "Literally."

Fred laughed, "What do you expect? Galadriel is as bad as Madam Pomfrey was - the only time you were in her infirmary was if you were sick, injured or on your deathbed. Otherwise, stay away from the Dragon's Lair."

George, Severus and Sirius all winced at their own memories of the Healing Patron. None were very pretty!

Shaking his head, Sirius looked to the group, "Anyway, she also told me that we are just in time for the Festival of Valar and that we should join in with the celebration."

"Is this really that important at the moment?" Legolas asked, looking up towards the infirmary.

The Twins, sensing the Elf's thoughts, placed a hand on both his arms, "Harry would have wanted us to."

Gandalf smiled, nodding at the Twins, "Then we shall."

~*~*~ The Crossing of Worlds ~*~*~

Laughter and voices carried around the pyres of fire scattered about the clearing. Crowds of Elves stood in the clearing, throwing offerings into the fire for the Valar.

The Elves did not take much notice to the arrival of the Fellowship, feeling very at peace for the first time in a long time.

The Hobbits watched in awe at the surrounding Elves who were merrily celebrating in their large groups.

Gandalf coughed, catching the Hobbits attention.

"Do not wander too far."

The message was for each Halfling but his knowing eyes lingered on Merry and Pippin. The two Hobbits smiled mischievously at the istari.

Celeborn stood on a platform on the edge of the group before clapping his hands to gain the attention of all those present in the clearing.

"Welcome my friends, companions, brethren. Another year has passed since we last met. Let us join together in prayer, song and dance to the Valar so that they may find it in their hearts to send us hope, light and strength in this time of darkness," Celeborn announced.

Cheers rang from the crowd.

Galadriel glided gracefully to her mate's side to watch the procession of Elves.

Aragorn's eyes widened at the figure who walked up beside the two Elven Royals.

Harry's presence turned the air warm, a pleasant warmth that filled his very heart. The young Hybrid just seemed to glow with life and happiness that resonated into Aragorn's very being.

Harry bowed low to the two Elves, his emerald eyes glowing with spark of mischief. Galadriel nodded at him and watched as the Fire Wielder strode to the center of the platform.

Some of the surrounding Elves left their groups and took up their instruments. As the Elves strode to the edge of the platform and began to play a soft haunting melody.

Harry's soft voice echoed with the melody as he began his tribute to the Valar.

"Many nights we've prayed

with no proof anyone could hear

In our hearts a hopeful song

We barely understood

Now we are not afraid

Although we know there's much to fear

We were moving mountains

Long before we ever knew we could"

The circles of Elves began to dance to the melodious song. The hope that seemed to blossom from the song was affecting all those present.

"There can be miracles

When you believe

Though hope is frail

It's hard to kill

Who knows what miracles

You can achieve

When you believe

Somehow you will

You will when you believe"

Fred came up beside Harry, smiling softly at his younger brother before grabbing his hand. Fred's voice began to echo alongside Harry's.

"In this time of fear

When prayer so often proved in vain

Hope seemed like the summer birds

Too swiftly flown away"

George's voice flowed alongside the two already singing, grabbing Harry's other hand.

"Yet now I'm standing here

With heart so full I can't explain

Seeking faith and speaking words

I never thought I'd say"

Harry sang strong and proud with Fred and George singing in time with his voice. Their words echoing strong.

"There can be miracles when you believe

Though hope is frail

It's hard to kill

Who knows what miracles

You can achieve

When you believe

Somehow you will

You will when you believe..."

The three Hybrids stepped down from the stage and walked into the crowd. The Twins strode towards Legolas, both grabbing the Elf's hands and dragging him to dance with them amongst the crowds. Sirius was already dancing in the arms of Boromir, both content in each other's presence.

Aragorn's eyes laid only on Harry's approaching figure.

An Elven woman began to sing again.

"A-shi-ra la-do-nai ki ga-oh ga-ah

(I will sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously)

A-shi-ra la-do-nai ki ga-oh ga-ah

(I will sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously)

Mi-cha-mo-cha ba-elim adonai

(Who is like You, oh Lord, among the celestial)

Mi-ka-mo-cha ne-dar- ba-ko-desh

(Who is like You, majestic in holiness)"

Harry bowed to Aragorn, raising his hand up. Aragorn smiled at the youngest Hybrid, placing his own hand against the smaller hand. The two began to dance in circles around each other.

"Na-chi-tah v'-chas-d'-cha am zu ga-al-ta

(In Your love, You lead the people You redeemed)

Na-chi-tah v'-chas-d'-cha am zu ga-al-ta

(In Your love, You lead the people You redeemed)

A-shi-ra, a-shi-ra, a-shi-ra...

(I will sing, I will sing, I will sing)"

Harry began to sing once again, only to have the rest of the Elves sing along with him. The others of the Fellowship began to sing along as well. Aragorn added his own strong voice to the fray.

"There can be miracles

When you believe

Though hope is frail

It's hard to kill

Who knows what miracles

You can achieve

When you believe

Somehow you will

Now you will

You will when you believe"

The other voices softly fell away from the song, until Harry was the last voice to echo softly in the clearing. His emerald eyes held in the gaze of Aragorn's steel-blue eyes.

"You will when you believe"

As the song came to a close, the instruments slowly fade to silence. The crowd then erupted in cheers and applause for the song. Harry blushed, ducking his head against Aragorn's chest in an attempt to hide his face from the others.

Whistles broke out from Fred and George at his blush.

Aragorn chuckled as another song began to echo through the clearing. Harry's head lay against his chest, listening to the strong heartbeat within. The two seemed to be in their own little world as they stayed in their embrace.

Harry brought his head off Aragorn's chest. He grabbed the older man's hand and began to drag him into the forest, well outside the edge of the clearing.

Harry stopped in a bank of trees that let the moon's light fall onto the ground, lighting up the darkness.

The two turned to each other, their eyes holding each other's gaze. Neither spoke as they basked in each other's presence, finally alone with each other.

The light of the moon made emerald eyes glow softly, making the younger man even more beautiful in Aragorn's eyes.

He could not resist temptation as he leant down till his lips were only inches from Harry's own lips.

Harry's emerald eyes darkened to almost onyx-black with lust and desire flashing through the Hybrid's eyes, just before Harry closed the distance between their lips.

Soft lips pressed against dry ones, caressing each other slowly, the touches barely there like a butterfly's touch. Soft ones gave into the more dominant, moaning softly.

Their bodies were brought together with Harry's hands clutching at the long strands of Aragorn's hair. Aragorn grabbed Harry around the waist, crushing the younger man's body into his. Both moaned as their bodies rubbed against each other. They fit together like the piece's of a puzzle.

A tongue swiped across Harry's lips, demanding entrance into the soft, warm cavern. Harry gasped, allowing Aragorn's tongue to ravish his mouth.

The kiss grew hot and heated as their tongues fought once again for dominance.

Aragorn moved his hands from Harry's waist to grasp at the luscious rump of his beloved, squeezing both muscles.

At Harry's gasp and moan, Aragorn once again gained dominance of the kiss.

The two broke apart, panting for air. Their blood burned with desire and lust for the other. They could not look away from the other, so surprised at the rush that had come from their kiss.

"I've never felt this way with anyone else," Aragorn stated, after his breath returned.

Harry smiled brightly at his beloved, the feelings obviously mutual. He returned his head to the man's chest, listening to the comforting heartbeat within.

"Harry?" Aragorn whispered.

"Hmm?" Harry grunted, looking up at Aragorn.

"I know that the middle of the war and our quest isn't the best time to ask this, but - would- would you do me the honour of allowing me to formally court you," Aragorn asked, almost stuttering in his uncertainty.

Harry eye's widened and he gasped in shock. He couldn't believe what he had just heard.

He looked up into hopeful steel-blue eyes. He could see hope, passion and something close to love in Aragorn's eyes. Aragorn was placing all his hope into the answer he was hoping to receive.

Harry smiled at the man, tears of happiness blooming in emerald eyes.


Aragorn wrapped his arms around Harry, lifting the young Hybrid up into the air and spinning them both in a circle. Their laughter filled the clearing as they expressed their joy and happiness in the presence of the other.

As he set Harry back on his feet, the two smiled brightly at each other. They only hoped that their happiness would last.

A bright began to glow on the ground beside them before fading to a soft glow in the form of two beautifully forged silver rings. The twisting silver glow bright in the moonlight.

The Valar were smiling upon their union.

With a twist of his finger, Harry summoned the two rings to him. They hovered over his open hand, glowing even brighter in their presence.

The two rings lowered to Harry's hand.

The silent question in Harry's eyes was answered by Aragorn as he grasped on ring in his right hand and softly grabbed Harry's left. He slowly slide the ring onto Harry's ring finger, kissing the hand where the ring lay.

Harry returned the favour, loving the way the silver stood out on Aragorn's war worn hands.

Peace reigned through the clearing as the two lay on the soft moss basking in the warmth that radiated from the other in their loving embrace.

~*~*~ The Crossing Of Worlds ~*~*~

Severus grunted in annoyance as he watched the sappy and romantic display from the other Hybrids.

He knew Harry had already disappeared with Aragorn into the forest and he was very glad to not know what the two were doing. It was scarring enough as it is to see the others going at it, thank you very much!

Sirius sat on Boromir's lap, both very happily kissing each other softly. The whole thing was disgustingly romantic.

Fred and George on the other hand.

"Ugh!" Severus groaned, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

He had seen Fred and George rubbing off against a very embarrassed and submissive Legolas. From what he had seen, George was the dominant one of the trio. But then again, he would rather not think any further on the matter.

"Horn bags," Severus cursed.

Severus turned his onyx gaze to the stars, softly cursing his life as he was the only one to not have found his mate yet, while the others had known theirs for months. Was he that screwed over that he did not even have a mate?

Severus gasped as he vision flashed with light.

A rugged man sat in a cave nearby a small fire. His eyes were closed but Severus could see the dark bags under the man's eyes. His shoulder length dark hair was knotted and dank and his body was lean but muscular. The man had obviously fallen upon hard times.

Severus' heart pounded with warmth and his body seemed thrum in time with the earth.

"Captain Faramir?" a voice echoed in the cave.

Dark blue eyes revealed themselves as the man, Faramir, opened his eyes.

Severus gasped as his vision turned golden around the edges, Mine. My mate.

Severus groaned as he returned back to the present. His vision forever imprinted in his memories.

He opened his eyes and returned them to the looming full moon.

A small smile played across his face.

Maybe the Valar were on his side after all. Only time would tell when he would see his mate.

He had waited for forty years, he could wait a little longer.