Chapter 1 Torture, torment and pain.

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The night was chilly upon the well rested Halloween Town. On the snow covered spiral hill, below the star light sky, laid two figures, one a tall thin Skeleton with a bat bow tie, the other a red headed rag doll. They were kissing under mistletoe the skeleton held above them.

"Oh Jack I'm so Happy."

"I'm glad Sally. I love you so much. I don't want to leave."

"Jack, Even I know I must return to the Doctor."

Sally really didn't want to return to go back to the doctor. He was usually aggressive, but she knew that she had to return. This night was too good to last.

"I have to go now Jack."

Jack wanted Sally to stay. She always had to leave like this for the past year. He snatched her hand.

"Please don't go."

"I'm sorry Jack."

"Will I see you tomorrow?"

It was too much for Sally. She ran off in tears. She knew the Doctor will lock her up again. She was there. She entered the tower. It only took three steps for the all too familiar feel of the cold rubber gloves to tightly snatch Sally's wrist.

"And where have you been?"

The cold scratchy voice was more menacing then ever.

"Doctor Finklestine! You scared me."

"Answer my question! Where were you?"

"I've been with jack on spiral hill."

"What were you doing with him!"

"I did nothing."

With out warning, Doctor Finklestine slapped salt across the face. She fell to the floor tears falling from her face.

"Don't lie to me wretched girl!"

He stared to shake her fiercely.

"You did something with him! Now what was it?"

"Okay we kissed! Please stop!"

Doctor Finklestine pushed Sally roughly into the wall.

"I hoped you enjoyed it, because you are never going to see that oblivious twit again!"

"He's not an oblivious twit, and he love's me more than you ever did! Albert Alfred Finklestine!"

Before Sally realized what she said the Doctor had pulled her close and slammed her into the floor rapidity hitting her.

"Don't you dare talk that way to me! You may have kissed him, but know this! I made you! I own you! ... Maybe you need a little lesson."

"No. Please."

Sally's POV (Point of view)

He started pulling me by my hair. I tried to fight him but he only pulled harder. He managed to drag me to the room he always locked me in. He pushed me in and I lost my balance. I crashed into the table. My sewing machine fell on my already hurt leg. I screamed in pain, and wile I was crying trying to crawl away, the doctor put heavy chains on me, containing me to the wall. I wished for Jack to come, but I knew he wouldn't. The doctor hit my back with something metal.

"If I ever catch you out of this house again, you'll be sorry! And don't you dare think about sending a rescue note to Jack! He won't come! You're only a toy to him!"

"That's not true! He love's me!"

Regular POV

Sally lost it. She wasn't going to have him talk against Jack.

"If he loves you where is he now? Huh?"

He slapped her again, leaving her with a black eye.

"See you in the morning. I have a lot of work to do on you."

At that, he rolled out, leaving sally alone, hurt, and confused in the dark, with tears rolling down her face. She didn't know what he meant by 'work', but she knew it wasn't going to be fun. She looked out her window at Jacks house. She cried harder. Jack was expecting to see her to marrow. What was He going to do when she didn't show? Would he come and save her, or would he forget her? All this made her cry even harder. Her stomach tightened and her head ached, but she soon fell asleep.

Jack had finally returned home. He was confused by the events that took place tonight. Sally ran away in tears. He thought she would leave him smiling. Jack resided to his bed, trying to think. He took one last glance out the window, and soon fell asleep.

He sat in the pumpkin patch. The pumpkin blossoms smelled so sweet in the spring air. Jacks arms stretched above and under his skull. A chilling scream broke the silence. The once glorious pumpkin patch became dark and grey, the flowers wilted, and the wind picked up.

"Jack! Help me!"


Sally's voice echoed through out the pumpkin patch. The sweetness that was once filled with a shy tone now filled with a horror struck shriek that terrified Jack beyond belief.

"Jack! Save me! Please!"

Jack franticly looked around but couldn't see her any where.

"Sally where are you? Ahh! Let go of me!"

A vine had snagged on to Jack waist pulling him to the ground.

"Jack Please! Help me! Save me! Please!"

Sally's cries for help became louder and more terrified. If she was screaming out of terror, she was screaming bloody murder now.


Jack couldn't speak because a vine had just snatched Jacks throat.

"HELP! Help me Jack! No! Please! Jaaaack!"

More vines shot out and restrained Jack. He was now unable to move. A menacing chuckle echoed all around the pumpkin patch.


Sally screams suddenly stopped.


A familiar chilling chuckle breaks the tormenting silence.

"Well, well, well. What have we here?"

A tall black silhouette looms over Jack, and he knew it all too well.


"Nice observation bone boy."

"What have you done to my Sally!"

"You should be more worried about what I'm going to do to you, Pumpkin puss."

As Oogie said this he pulled out a bloody dagger with a tiny piece of sally's threads.


"Say good bye to your life Jack."

Just at that moment the dagger struck, but Jack never felt it. He had awoken, covered in sweat. His Heart was pounding painfully in his rib cage. His breathing was heavier and uneven.

"Relax Jack. It was only a dream."

Jack let out a long sigh. Closed his eye's and fell back to sleep.

Mean wile Sally's mind was far from easy. She was also having a nightmare, but this was a nightmare that would scare someone for life. She lay chained to the operating table she was made on. A maniacal laughter torments her. On the other side of room in clear view, another operating table chained another victim. A tall thin skeleton lay weakly, groaning in pain, and to add to the horrific sight. Spider green plasma like liquid was slowly leaking out of various parts of his body.

"Jack. Please don't die."

A shadow emerges from the hall light. A wrinkled man in a weal chair rolled into the room. Doctor Finklestine was behind this malevolent deed.

"See what you've done Sally. See all the trouble you caused. This man is suffering because of your actions. Have you no shame?"

His twisted smile gave Sally's stomach such a lurch it made her grown in pain.

"Jack Please. I love you."

"Haven't you cased me enough pain?"


It wasn't Jack. The doctor was sinisterly mocking him. This made sally sick. How dare he mock him? How dare he do this sinful act? Where did he get the gal to harm his own creation, who he should of treated like a daughter? Sally kept begging for Jack to speak to her.

"I don't think he wants to talk with you my dear. You gave him so much pain and misery. I'm actually not surprised."

Sally screamed in pain. The doctor had just dug his fingers into her arms. He slowly started to claw down her arms making her bleed.

"Please stop! Stop It!"

"Hurts doesn't it?"


"He won't help dear, because he knows you deserve this pain."

"No I don't! Leave my Jack alone!"

"You're right."

The doctor smiled viciously. He was sick in the head.

"You deserve a more agenizing approach."

"No. Please!"

Sally had just noticed the wires hooked on her, that's not all. They were also hooked up to Jack. This couldn't happen.

"No! Please!"

Doctor Finklestine just pulled the lever to activate the machine.


"Sally! You wretched girl! Get up!"

Sally had finally awakened, the doctor had awakened her, but Sally didn't like the look he had on. She had wakened from a nightmare and woke up in hell. She was not looking forward to the rest of her days. The ones she hoped to spend with Jack. Oh Jack, he was expecting to see her today.

"You woke me up with you're fake screaming! Get Up!"

"I can't you broke my leg!"

"I Said GET UP!"


He had whipped her with an unfamiliar bull whip.

"I'll whip you again if you don't get moving! Now GET UP! I'm taking you to my new invention 'the fun room'!"

Sally let out a faint whimper. The way He said 'fun room' told Sally it wasn't going to be fun.

Just down the street Jack was fixing his batty bow tie.

"Ow! Quit biting."

The tie had just nipped his boney finger. He wasn't paying much attention today. His mind was still on the events of last night. The tears of Sally, the ragdoll he loved, then the dream. He let out a depressed sigh, and walked out into the streets to find the mayor. He took a look up at the doctors lab.

"I don't now why, but something tells me I should go up there and…"

"Jack! You're here. Great, we must discuss next Halloweens decorations."

"Mayor, what can you tell me about woman?"

The Mayor's head suddenly snapped around 180 degrees. This did not surprise Jack. The mayor had two faces. One face was cheerful and smiling which he used when thing were going to his liking. The other was pale and frowning, which he was using at the moment.

"Jack? What makes you ask such a question?"

"Well you see… Sally and I… She left in tears, and I don't know why."

The Mayor snapped back. His pumpkin king had a love interest.

"Oh. Sorry my boy, but I can't help you there."

"Oh… Mayor, can you go talk to Sally for me. I would my self but…"

"Don't worry Jack. I'll talk to Sally. You don't have to worry."

"Thanks Mayor. Now I must be off to the pumpkin patch. So many screams to make so little time."

Jack turned on his heal and strolled off to the pumpkin patch. Just as Jack was out of sight a bark alerts the mayor.

"Zero! Jack just left boy."

The ghost dog circled the mayor barking franticly.

"What is it boy?"

Zero flew right in the direction of the doctor's lab.

"Oh alright, I'll fallow, but I got to go see sally. Who ever she is?"

The mayor fallowed Jack's flying ghost dog. He led him to the front door but didn't stop. He went right through the door. The mayor would have normally knocked before entering but something was not right.

"Zero what is so important?"

Zero floated to a new door in the old house. He pointed at the door as the mayor peeked in side. A mixture of cries, screams, and horrid laughter came from inside the room. The scene was bad if not possible worse. A ragdoll was chained, to a board of some kind, and various wires were hooked to her.

"Please Stop. Please! I won't run off again! I promise! Just Please Stop!"

She let out another scream of pain. It fallowed by sobs. Normally the mayor would enjoy screams but this scream was not to be enjoyed. Who could be doing this to a poor soul?

"Stop your crocodile tears Sally! I know you're not truly sorry!"

"Oh Jack please! Where ever you are! Help m..!"

A loud smack broke her scream. The mayor gasped at this. This was the woman Jack wanted him to speak to. She was being tortured. He had to inform Jack of this.

"I must get Jack."

He had turn to leave when. CRASH! The mayor had tripped on one of Finklestine's inventions.

"Who's there!"

The mayor got up quickly and ran for it! He wasn't going to stop until he reached Jack, who at the moment was enjoying himself.

The pumpkin patch was always a favorite place for Jack. Behemoth always gave Jack the first pumpkin pie made from his pumpkins. Pumpkin pie was Jacks favorite desert. He wanted to see the new carving patterns.

"Splendid! Absolutely Marvelous! Nothing like a traditional Jack-o-lantern carving pattern, to make good ole Jack O-lantern Skellington the Pumpkin king, cackle with pride."

Jack let out a chilling cackle that made Behemoth and the three mister Hydes shiver.

"Why Jack. I haven't seen you this happy for this long before. Having a good day my friend? "

"It just fill's my heart to see all my friends working all so hard for next Halloween."


The Mayor finally made it. His face was on its upset side again.

"Mayor, what dose my Sally say? Is she asking for me? Tell me!"

"Jack! I fallowed Zero up to the house of Doctor Finklestine, and in a unfamiliar room I saw a ragdoll by the name of Sally!"

"That's her tell me her…"

"Jack She's screaming in pain!"


"I saw her being tortured."

"Someone is hurting my precious Sally? Who would dare!"

Jack started to storm over to the gate.

"Jack! Wait! I think I was seen!"

"I will not let my sally suffer! I'm going to save her!"

Jack rushed out of the pumpkin patch, hoping he was not too late. At the lab Sally's will to live was quickly fading.

"You contacted someone didn't you!"

"No. I didn't. Please."

"If you didn't send for help, what was the mayor doing here!"

"I don't know please!"

"I don't believe you."

The screams of Sally filled the house. Doctor Finklestine had flipped Sally on her front, and pressed hot metal in her back.

"Who did you contact!"

"No one!"

"Liar! Lies over Lies! Lie, Lie, Lie!"

He broke a glass over her back with every 'Lie!' he screamed. She cried out bloody murder. Jack just entered the house, but he didn't make a sound. He heard Sally sobbing.

"Stop! Please don't."

"Tell me who you contacted! If it was Ja… It's Jack I know it!"

Jack peeked in side and saw the doctor pressing hot metals in Sally's back, along to that sharp glass stuck in Sally's upper and lower back. Some stitching was loose on her legs and arms. He couldn't take it.

"Doctor Finklestine!"

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