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The first thing Jack could comprehend was the sound of clicking heals.

"Sa-al… Sally?" He managed to moan. He gathered his slowly returning strength to open his eyes. The world spun as he tried to focus. He attempted to move but the memory of the rouge pumpkin vines came back to him and he fell limp. "H-help…p-lease." He croaked.

"You managed to hit you're skull pretty hard there." A feminine voice said, but it wasn't Sally. Jacks eyes recovered and he saw the familiar figure of his sister in the shadows. Relief overcame him and a new strength shot threw.

"Jessica, I am so happy to see you. Help me get down." He sighed. He was safe, Jessica would use a spell and free him and together they would return and set the town right again. He turned to a vine holding his arm firm against the stone wall above him.

"Why would I do a damn thing for you pumpkin puss?" Jessica replied. Jack turned back to his little sister.

"What did you say?" Jack asked he was more shocked then angry. Jessica had never said anything like that to him before.

"You heard me, I am not lifting a figure for you." Jessica stepped forward. The light shined on her. The witch hat she wore was green, the brim was dice and two cards stuck out of her hat. A one of hearts, and a king of hearts. Her eye's had a nice green shadow, and her lips were a violent shade of red.

Jacks eyes continued down to her neck, there was a cocker made of strung dice black and purple beads strung down to a spider bead. Jessica's cape was green and sparkling, and the dress she had on was a customized flapper dress that showed some cleavage, her belly and left leg. Jack looked away feeling embarrassed seeing his sister wearing something like this. Jessica Chuckled.

"What's wrong Jack? Don't you like my outfit?" Jessica asked walking closer.

"Actually I don't. Why are you wearing that?" Jack asked a little repulsed.

"Well I wanted to wear something bold when I take the throne." Jessica smirked and sat down on a nearby rock.

"What?" Jack asked then it hit him and he couldn't help but chuckle. "Oh very funny Jessica, you always did go far with your practical jokes. I must say, hexing the pumpkins to kidnap me only to tell me that you are taking my job. This hast to be your best prank yet, I admit it you almost had me. You are the master my sweet little sister." Jack praised.

"Thank you, bone head but I'm afraid this isn't a prank your sweet little sis has pulled on you." Jessica smirked wickedly. "I am being serious. I will be the ruler of this town." Jack froze and stared. This didn't make any sense.

"Jessica, I don't understand… I thought…" He stammered trying to think of a logical reason for this.

"You thought what? I would stay your loyal little bitch forever! That I would sit back and watch you and that ragdoll have children and have them take what's rightfully mine! Did you think that I would just sit idly by while the citizens all basked in your glory, and let them forget about the one who actually worked for the throne?!" Jessica yelled her temper rising.

"Jessica I had… no idea… Where is this all coming from?" Jack asked more confused than ever.

"Oh you were always such an oblivious twit! They always wanted YOU to be the Pumpkin king! They never considered me for it, did they? NO! Unlike you, you brainless twig I had to prove it but they wouldn't hear of it!" Jessica started to pace the floor as she raved.

"You said you were so happy for me when I was crowned… You said…" Jack argued more with himself then with Jessica. He was trying to grasp the reason why. Why?

"That was complete bull shit!" She screamed.

"I never knew…" He said. Jessica suddenly stumbled backwards grasping her head. "Jessica?"

"No don't make me… Get out of me." Jessica moaned as she violently shook her head.

"Jessi?" Jack watched as Jessica struggled.

"SHUT UP!" She screamed Jack watched in horror as Jessica slammed herself into the closest wall she could reach. "I won't let you hurt my brother!"

"Jessica what's wrong?" Jack tried to rush to his sister but the vines held firm. His sister was insane and he needed to get her some help, but what caused this? His sister groaned and fell to the floor.

"Get out of me you damn sack of bug!" She hollered.

"Bag of bugs? OOGIE!" Jack shouted. Jessica froze and slowly looked up her eye where completely black except for the tiny red dots that gleamed in each eye.

"That's right." Both Jessica's and Oogie's voice emerged from the mouth of his sister. Jack mouth dropped. All thought was gone and was repeated by a small head ache. "I must admit I didn't expect your sister to break through so easy."

"Oogie… You basted! What have you done to my sister?" Jack demanded every bone in him was screaming… 'Kill him, kill him now.'

"Isn't obvious Jack? I possessed her and I plan to stay in her quite lovely body for the rest of her life." Oogie said as he ran Jessica's hands down her curved body in a seductive way.

"You sick son of a bitch! Get out of her NOW!" Jack screamed furiously. "I won't have you tainting her!"

"Who say's I haven't already enjoyed her?" Jessica's lips curled in the way Oogie's would have.

"Oh god." Jack chocked. His poor sister.

"Yes Jack, You sister was easy to excite. She became so tight and wet as I made her pleasure herself. Oh she fought against it but deep inside she enjoyed it." She turned to Jack and walked up to him. "I can show you what it was like."

Before Jack could stop it his sister's tongue had been forced inside his mouth. Jack didn't want to but he had no choice but to bash his skull into his sisters. She immediately fell back. She slowly recovered from the blow then…

"Jack… Why are you hurting me?" Jessica's voice whimpered as tears.

"Jessica? I'm sorry… I…" Oogie's voice laughed along with Jessica's. It made Jack sick.

"You are so gullible Jack. It was so amusing to watch you this past year. 'Oh, I can't let him hurt sally. Sally must be safe.' You should have been more concerned about your own sister. She almost told you that I took control of her but luckily I was strong enough to stop her. I could let you know about this so I had to change to myself every so often in order to keep you fooled which wasn't hard to do." Oogie elaborated walking back to the shadows.

"So you plan to kill me and then keep yourself disguised as my own sister, claiming that you tried to save me but couldn't." Jack finished.

"That sums it up. Now I just need to head back with a rib or some odd bone that will convince the town the let this poison do its job." Jessica help up a needle filled with a clear liquid. Jack could only let out a grown as the needle was stabbed and emptied into his system.

"Where did you get all those poisons? No wait, you got them from Doctor Finkelstien didn't you I should have had him executed when I had the chance." Jack growled.

"Oh speaking of the old duck… Say hello." A chair was rolled into the light and the doctor was tied up. His mouth was duck tapped shut. His glasses were askew.

"Doctor Finkelstien!" Jack shouted.

"I had a few of my bugs make a replacement so I could use his lab without suspicions." Jessica ripped of the duct tape and the doctor roared.

"You BITCH! You had better let me go! Before I!" He roared show his mad side.

"Doctor no! She is possessed by Oogie!" Jack shouted. "He had all of us fooled. Why keep him here?"

"Simple answer if the citizens do look and find you dead hear they will blame him and immediately demand justice be done which I will gladly allow. Revenge for my brother. Doll face will second the motion after what 'he' has done to her." Oogie remarked casually.

"What did you do to my girl you mother..!" The doctor was cut short by a swift kick to the gut.

"Watch your mouth! I would love to tell you but I have to inform that Jack has been killed." And with that Oogie disguised as Jessica walked away, about to take over Jack beloved home.