NCIS – Fan Fiction (2)

A/N Okay – my first completely original story so any feedback would be very greatly appreciated! Just a short taster chapter, do you think it's worth continuing? Reviews are incredible as always!

It was Christmas Eve and Team Gibbs sat at their desks finishing reports and chatting good-naturedly about their plans for the holidays.

'My brothers are all coming down with their families and we're gonna have a big do at my parent's place.' said Kate, smiling at the thought.

'Same here, I'm picking up my sister and we're going to drive down to my parents house overnight – should be a laugh, give us time to catch up' replied McGee thoughtfully.

'Sounds great McGee! Hey, what about you Tony – got a hot date or are you staying with family?' questioned Kate, looking over to the unusually quiet SFA.

'Yeah,' said McGee, rounding on Tony, 'would have thought you'd be bragging about how many presents your rich Daddy's gonna get you, or how your Mommy's gonna spoil you with seconds of Christmas dinner!'

Tony remained quiet and Gibbs looked up to inspect the reactions of his usually chatty SFA. From what Gibbs knew about Tony's past, he'd had a rocky childhood and his relationship with his parents wasn't the best so he was interested to see what Tony's answer would be.

'I have work to finish.' muttered DiNozzo.

'Aw come on Tony, don't spoil the fun! What's wrong, Mommy on a diet? No Christmas pudding for Tony! Mind you – it wouldn't hurt to shed a bit...' Kate smirked and McGee laughed smugly.

'Don't think Mommy's gonna be too pleased – you are getting a little...'

'My Mother is dead!' yelled Tony, 'So would you just stop!' he finished, standing and kicking the table hard before turning on his heels and heading for the elevator.

Kate and Tim exchanged shocked and guilty looks and made to get up and follow him.

'Nice one, real smooth way to end for Christmas' Gibbs growled, 'You two stay right here and I'll go talk to him.' And with that Gibbs spun around and stormed towards the elevator, mimicking Tony's movements.

The doors opened and just as he stepped inside, Gibbs looked over his shoulder at the shell-shocked agents and shouted 'And you better have those reports on my desk by the time I return!'


Tim raised his eyebrows slightly at the sound of the usually goody-two-shoes Catholic girl swearing but his mouth was still forming a comical 'O' shape.

'I had no idea...' she carried on.

'Why did we have to go and dig him again and again...' whispered McGee, mostly to himself'

'I had no idea...' Kate repeated, 'I – he never told me! I never...'

'Okay! I get it, he never mentioned it! I still feel awful!' McGee half-snapped.

'Where do you suppose he went? We should really go and apologise...' Kate said, thinking aloud.

Tim looked down, his eyes boring holes through the table. He was still the newbie and he had enjoyed the little pokes at Tony, he would never have usually dared if Kate hadn't led the way. Getting his head round the shock of this revelation, he felt disgusted with himself. Yeah, Tony had pranked with him and occasionally made a joke or two at his expense but generally he had been a great co-worker. Looking back he realised just how many times he'd taken the heat from Gibbs for McGee's mistakes, or somehow distracted the boss while McGee finished the last few sentences of his report.

What a way to say 'Thanks' he thought to himself.

Over with Kate, similar thoughts are crashing round her head.

She thought of all the times Tony had subtly saved her ass from Gibbs, muttering a tip or whispering the answer. Taking the blame for something that was totally Kate's fault to prevent her being sacked back when she was a probie.

What a way to say 'Thanks' she thought to herself.