What if Flash really had flat lined? Let's see what happens. Bats/Flash

Batman kept typing away until he heard beeping. Glancing in the other direction he saw the Justice League Flash struggle as his heart rate speed until it flat lined with him becoming still. He ran and jumped down the stairs in desperation.

The Justice Lord called his name and received no reply. He typed in the code and unlocked him. The Flash's body fell to the ground. Batman checked his pulse, nothing. He quickly began C.P.R.

"Come on Flash."

He pressed his finger to the unconscious hero's cardioid artery and still felt nothing.

"All those mindless women, all those years of holding back a smile or a laugh at your jokes, I would change everything if it meant I could have you back."

The Justice Lord's words were heard by the Justice League Batman as he continued trying to save Flash.

'Is it possible? Could I? I will. I will not make his mistake."

After checking his pulse again the third time, the Justice Lord began letting out sobs.

"Wally, please. I love you, don't leave me again." The dark lord blew air into the speedster's lungs and laid his head against his chest. His eyes opened and widen in shock. He ripped of his cowl to free his ears. He pressed his ears against the lightning bolt symbol, to make sure his ears weren't deceiving him before.

Tears leaked from his eyes as he heard Flash's heart begin its usual fast pace.

He didn't have to wait long until the fleet footed hero opened his eyes.

"What happened? Bruce Wayne?"

"Wally." That was all he could say before he crashed his lips against the other man.

Flash couldn't believe that Batman was kissing him. Granted it wasn't his Batman but still. It's missing something, he couldn't help think. But what was it?

When they broke apart, Wally couldn't help but look in Bruce's eyes. They were haunted; they were empty of the life Wally always saw in pictures of Bruce and in his Batman.

"You died. I lost the one person that knew me better than I knew myself." That explained the haunted look. He stood up and took Bruce with him. He kept kissing him and then used his speed to lock him in the holding he was just in.

"You'll appreciate this someday." He quoted before going to his Batman.

*Episode* When the Justice League Batman walked out of his cell, he felt himself being pressed against a wall.

"What are you-" Flash silenced him with his own lips. Putting as much passion he had into the kiss, he finally broke away panting.

"That was in case we didn't live through this." Batman nodded, and pulled him back in. They shared a kiss that melted every bit of the two hero's worries.

"What was that for?" The speed wonder asked.

Batman smiled and replied with Bruce Wayne's voice.

"A dinner invitation when we get out of this."

Wally felt a grin spread across his face.

"I accept, will you be picking me up in the Batmobile or a limo?"

Bruce let out a small chuckle. "It's a surprise."

*Time Skip*

As promised, the two heroes were sharing a candle lit dinner. Not as Batman and the Flash, but as Bruce and Wallace; as two men in love.

AN I'm a huge Flash fan but an even bigger Bat/Flash fan :D