Love is a Fickle Thing

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"To Sesshoumaru humans are no better than insects" (Inuyasha, episode 81)

The first time she came to me and offered the water I mistook her for a foe trying to get the best of me in my wounded condition. Once I realized it was only a measly human girl, I brushed her off as an annoyance.

When she came again the next day, I told her that her generosity was being wasted as I did not have any need for the food or water that she brought me. Despite my effort she still came forward with the gathered and cooked food and left it on a large leaf next to the container of water she had left the previous day.

The third day she came covered in bruises. Much to my surprise I asked her who had done the deed to her. I felt anger towards the culprit over the fact that she had been injured.

...But why? Why was I angry? Why did I feel anger because of what happened to a human child? Humans are worthless and weak. Petty annoyances in the lives of Demons. Nothing more than mere insects. I shouldn't be feeling this way about a human child.

My annoyance was slowly changing into...something...

What was this feeling?

The fourth day I was fully recovered and my loyal follower Jaken had found me, as well as the smell of...blood...

The distinct smell of the girl who had attempted to aid me despite the fact that I hadn't required it. I headed in the direction of the source of the smell and came upon her scratched, bruised, and bloody body lying in the dirt.

I felt the anger again at whoever had done this. Yet the stink of wolves was all over.

At my side, Tenseiga pulsed with energy urging me to use its power to revive the girl.

I drew Tenseiga from its sheath and gazed curiously at the sword.


For Jaken's benefit mainly I stated, "I believe I will test the Tenseiga's power again."

I didn't want Jaken getting any ideas over the real reason I was choosing to use the abilities of Tenseiga to revive this human child. I myself wasn't entirely sure why I was performing this act or why Tenseiga was compelling me to do so as well.

The sword revealed the messengers of death crawling over the body.

I swiped Tenseiga through them. Destroying the imps and reviving the the girl.

Sheathing the sword I knelt down beside her and gathered her up into the crook of my arm with her head leaning against my body as I waited for her to rise to consciousness.

A few seconds later her eyes fluttered open and looked up into my face in wonder. Her face lit up wit happiness with seeing me.

I helped her stand up, then released her onto her own feet. I stood as well. Without a word I turned and walked away satisfied.

I was almost glad in those few moments that Jaken was too busy complaining to notice the slightest hesitation in my step when I heard the almost completely silent patting of her footsteps following behind me.

That was when I realized what had happened.

Those times of annoyance and anger had all been sparked by an entirely new feeling. One that I had never felt in its purest form and scoffed at others for having.

The feeling...of love...

I looked up through the trees to the sky.

Father...It seems we have more in common than I ever thought.

The corners of my mouth twitched up slightly in a small smile.

Maybe this feeling for the girl would pass, but in that blissful moment. I hoped it never would. For this girl, this mortal human child, had plucked at my heart and stolen it without a single word spoken and nothing more than the kindness and generosity of her heart.