Title: Somewhere In the Middle

Summary: When an undercover case goes wrong and Callen and Deeks get kidnapped, the team struggles to save them. But, could it be better than they think?

Warnings: Slash, Un-Beta'd

Disclaimer: If I owned it, they probably would've cancelled the show by now for several slashy kisses between Callen and Deeks.

A/N: The title of this story and the chapter titles may or may not have been influenced by some of the song titles on my iPod…

Chapter 1: Wake Up Call

This case was going to be difficult, seeing as it was a special undercover case. No one on the team really even wanted to work this case, but Hetty insisted. They all were uncomfortable with this particular one. Kensi and Deeks work together, Sam and Callen work together. Period. And then Hetty rearranged the team dynamic, for a reason unbeknownst to the team. Sam got put with Kensi on the park staff, while Callen and Deeks were partners. None of them understood why Callen and Sam couldn't work together on this case, but, nonetheless, they obeyed Hetty's orders. I mean, seriously, who would disobey Hetty?

They all covered their areas, looking for anyone or anything suspicious. Kensi was working the rollercoaster, Sam the Ferris wheel, and then Callen and Deeks were undercover as a couple. For everyone except the two men, it was hilarious.

Callen and Deeks were – very very awkwardly – walking hand in hand through the crowd, receiving some hateful glances along the way. Why some idiot decided to kidnap homosexuals at amusement parks no one really understood. But they had to catch him somehow, and this looked to be the only way to do it, so they would have to suck it up and do their jobs.

Whether they liked it or not, Callen and Deeks were stuck invading each other's personal space. More like intruding upon the other's personal space, actually. Always within a close enough proximity to slip a hand into the other's back pocket, but far enough away to, at any given moment, draw their guns that they had tucked away in between their skin and their pants (since a holster would be too obvious).

Callen and Deeks went over to Sam and boarded the Ferris wheel. The two sat down and Sam secured the bar over their waists. They sat there in gleeful silence until they were stopped at the top to get a 'bird's eye view' of the place. From what they saw, no one looked particularly suspicious, or so they thought. Callen began to say something, but stopped once they began moving again. As he watched Deeks look excitedly at the people below, a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. Callen wasn't sure he had ever seen Deeks look so… peaceful. As the two were getting off, Sam silently asked if they had seen anything suspicious. Callen, being Sam's normal partner, understood the look they were being given and shook his head. After around another half hour of walking, the two jetted off to see Kensi.

"No, no, no. I'm not getting on that metal deathtrap!"

Callen looked at Deeks in disbelief.

"You can walk around holding a man's hand with a gun tucked in with your shirt, but you can't get on a simple rollercoaster?"

Deeks glared.

"I'm not getting on that. You can't make me."

"You're right. I can't. Hetty, on the other hand, can. And she will."

Deeks groaned in resignation as Callen dragged him by the wrist onto the ride. Before securing the lap belt, Kensi winked at a nervous Deeks. The sound of the ride starting forced Deeks to accept the fact that he was trapped on the ride until it ended. A few minutes passed and Deeks seemed to be okay, but then they got to a point where they would shoot downward. When Callen noticed Deeks was getting nervous as hell, he wrapped his arms around the other man and offered a friendly smile, which Deeks nervously returned. The rollercoaster shot down the tracks at a speed they were sure could outrun lighting, went through a small tunnel, and then came to a stop where it began. When Kensi was unfastening everyone's lap belts, she noticed a couple had magically vanished. Callen and Deeks.

"Eric, Callen and Deeks disappeared!"


Deeks woke up in a large, rectangular, metal box with Callen lying down next to him. They appeared to be moving and they were surrounded by furniture.

He looked down towards Callen. The man looked just as breathtaking as always when he was asleep. Of course, Deeks would never tell anyone – it's why he flirted with women all the time, especially around Callen. It took some of the pressure off liking the other agent. With Kensi, at least, it wasn't real. He could flirt with her all he wanted because she would never like him too. And even if she did, she wouldn't risk losing her job over it. All in all, it was safe for him to like Callen, because the man would never find out about it. Ever. Not even while they were trapped here… within a foot of each other… while their hands are handcuffed together… with no way of knowing if they're going to die or not. Nope, Callen will never find out.

"Callen, wake up."

"Whaddyoo wan'?"

Callen's words were slurred.

"Callen, do you know where you are?"

"… Mmhmm."

"We're in the back of a moving truck, Callen. Oh, and to make it better – they confiscated our guns. Fun, right?"

Callen shot up at the sarcastic statement. Examining his surroundings, he finally confirmed – they were, in fact, in the back of a moving truck. It was just his luck, getting handcuffed to Deeks. He was too close for comfort. Him and Deeks… together… hands constantly touching… their close proximity. Callen could see this going downhill, and fast, too.

The two men sat so close together that their thighs were touching, although neither man seemed to have and issue with the invasion of their personal space. Of course, each had the other's hand practically in his lap, but it might not be that bad. There are people who would be worse to be handcuffed to. Like Hetty. However, both men, secretly and silently, wished they had the guts to just reach over and kiss the other man.

All things considered, maybe this wouldn't be so bad. Despite being kidnapped, this might just be a miracle in disguise.

Actually, come to think of it…

This was fate.

This terrible situation, this miracle, was brought upon by fate. And both men suddenly liked where this could end up.

After all, they were still undercover, so they had a legitimate reason to be all lovey-dovey.

In the end, this case might not be so bad.

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