Chapter 10: What Our Love Is Made Of

Callen and Deeks happily remained kissing in the rain for minutes before they pulled away. Deeks' hair had been darkened, his jeans were sticking tight to his thighs, and his shirt was clinging to his chest. Callen had been mostly shielded from the rain because he was still standing in his doorway, so he just asked Deeks if he wanted to come in. Deeks, of course, did. Callen went off to get Deeks a towel.

Examining the house, Deeks noticed something rather peculiar. Callen had actually gotten furniture. Not much, really. He had only gotten an air mattress, but it was an improvement. The team didn't expect Callen to get any furniture in there. Ever. Therefore, the air mattress was actually a pleasant surprise.

Callen came back with the towel along with a shirt and some shorts for Deeks to change into, since Callen's jeans would be a bit too short. Deeks shot an appreciative smile and gratefully accepted the items. Callen shooed him off to the bathroom. He would still be there when the blond got out. Deeks changed into Callen's white wife beater and black shorts, practically threw his wet clothes on the floor, and went back to the bedroom where Callen was sitting on the edge of the mattress. Deeks joined him.

The mattress reminded them both of when they were trapped in their steel cage. Nevertheless, they sat and enjoyed the other's presence. The sound of the rain hitting the roof of the house was the only sound that filled the room. Callen and Deeks interlocked their fingers as if by instinct. The two collapsed on the bed together, arms immediately snaking around the other's body. And they laid there in silence as they listened to the rain pour down.

The two woke up the next morning to a very sunny day. It was their day off. Deeks was up and around looking for what he thought of as good food. It seemed the only thing Callen had that he even considered eating was a banana. Why Callen ate a lot of bananas no one really knew. Everyone just kind of assumed it was to help his nerves.

Callen woke up to an empty bed. He was facing where Deeks had fallen asleep, but now there was just a warm spot. You could still tell where Deeks had been, especially considering Callen kept his hand in the middle of the warm area. He had just woken up, and Deeks was gone. Was that a bad sign? And then he heard something. The smallest sound, but it was something. He quietly got up and rounded the corner to the kitchen. Deeks was searching for food. The sight made Callen laugh. Deeks hadn't left, he just got hungry. It was then that Deeks noticed Callen.

"Don't you have any good food?"

Callen simply walked up behind Deeks and put his arms around his boyfriend's waist.

"Nothing that you would classify as good, apparently. But I'll tell you what; we can always go out for breakfast if you'd like."

Although Callen couldn't see it, he knew Deeks' eyes had lit up at that. Deeks always likes food. In fact, Deeks was like a teenage boy when it came to food. He would eat, eat, and then eat some more. … And then he would secretly hope he wouldn't get fat from eating too much. So the two men got dressed and headed out for a day of adventure.

There was a café close enough to Callen's to walk. Well, maybe not technically, but the two men felt like walking anyway. They linked hands as they walked. For now, all of their troubles were gone. The beautiful sun was out, it was relatively nice weather, and the men had each other. What could happen didn't matter – what was happening did. All either man cared about was the other. All either man needed was the other.

It took the two agents almost a full two hours to get where they were going, but it was worth the wait. They had gotten some quality time together and had gotten some good exercise, too. Considering the time, however, Deeks was starving when they got there.

When they walked in Callen only ordered a coffee, he didn't really feel like eating, and Deeks had ordered three pancakes with sausage, eggs, and he also got a coffee. The two didn't talk much while they were eating. They were too busy enjoying the other's company. It was almost like a first date for them. A surprisingly not awkward first date – but a first date nonetheless.

Deeks hand was resting on top of Callen's. Both men could hear the whispers of the people around them. Some seemed to be accepting, others, not so much. In fact, a couple of guys were so against them that they walked past the two agents and practically insulted them to their faces.

"Damn faggots are stinking up the joint…"

The man spoke quietly, yet it was loud enough for Callen and Deeks to hear. Deeks tensed up and Callen noticed the younger man's hand ball into a fist. Callen stared into Deeks' eyes and put his hand over Deeks' balled up one.

"They aren't worth it, Deeks. Calm down."

"Calm down? Those guys are-"

"Not. Worth it."

Deeks didn't listen. He hastily stood up and ran out of the café. Callen dropped their money on the table and chased after him. They caught up to the homophobes from the café and Deeks put his hand on one of the men's shoulder. He turned around. The man's face immediately turned cold.

"What the hell do you want?"

Deeks bit his tongue as he balled his fists once more.

He couldn't do any of the things on his mind.

If he did, Callen would probably be forced to arrest him.

So Deeks did the only thing he had left to do.

He simply smugly pulled Callen closer for a kiss.

The guys left a few seconds later.

Granted, they were disgusted, but they left.

And Callen just smiled into the kiss and pulled his boyfriend in closer.

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