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Chapter 2: Lean on Me

The two men sat on the bed in the back of the truck, still invading the other's personal space. Their captors had yet to stop driving, and they had begun driving in circles. Why, you ask? Who knows? It could've been for the fun of it. It could've been because they were trying to evade the authorities. All the two NCIS agents knew was that they were still handcuffed to each other. The boys were just lucky they hadn't been killed on the spot.

Deeks had bed hair. He had fallen asleep next to Callen, but then again that was really his only option. They had been in the back of the truck overnight and Deeks had gotten tired. And to make it better, they couldn't even tell what time it was.

Deeks watched his partner jolt awake at the truck's abrupt stop. The two heard footsteps, a noise neither could identify, and finally they saw a bright light. The men who had kidnapped them chucked a bag of fast food at them and then relocked the door and left without saying a word.

Deeks practically jumped across the steel cage to the food, dragging along a surprised Callen. They shared a burger and a small container of fries, and then they stashed what was left for later.

Callen examined the door. He stared long and hard at the thing. It was as if he was trying to melt the door with his eyes. Deeks stared at him, curious what the older man was thinking. Without warning, Callen stood up and kicked the door. He glared at the door and kicked it harder. And again. There was a dent in the door the size of Callen's foot. His shoe print would be forever imprinted on the door, but somehow he had a feeling he would have to kick a hell of a lot harder to get through to the other side. Simply for good measure, Callen kicked again and they could hear the snickering of the kidnappers from the other side of the steel door.

"Well don't pulverize the thing. What'd it ever do to you?"

Callen glared at him. He needed to express himself, and it was a good target. End of story.

Callen lost the ability to keep the glare plastered onto his face. I mean, it's Deeks. The man he loves. He can't turn it off, and he can't stay mad at the man. It's physically impossible. Just like it's physically impossible for Deeks to be mad at Callen. The two have their fair share of fights, sure, but do they really mean anything by it? No, they don't. They care too deeply for each other for that, even if they both refuse to admit it. Neither had even confided in their partner about their feelings. Each man kept it to himself and to himself only.

"It's the principle of the matter, Deeks… Besides, I needed something to kick and I didn't think that you'd appreciate me using your head."

Deeks raised his hands in defense, to which Callen just smirked. He could scare the blond so easy when he felt the need. It always made him feel bad, though. Like, really bad. In fact, he hated scaring Deeks off. In his defense, however, it was just his way of distancing himself. Distance between them was important, too, because without it Callen – or Deeks, for that matter – might accidentally share their feelings.

The two snapped out of their thoughts when the heard their captors, quite audibly, play with the two agents' guns. The two became frightened and ran to the middle of their cage. They resumed their positions on the floor and stared at the handcuffs that linked them together. This was a problem that wouldn't just disappear. Their entire predicament, for that matter, wouldn't just get up and walk away. The two would have to talk to each other sometime or else they risked going insane. Talking was what both men were worried most about, surprisingly. Because talking meant conversing, and conversing meant feelings, and feelings meant slip-ups. And god forbid that happen. So the two decided to keep quiet unless they had to talk.

Out of the corner of his eye Deeks saw something shiny. Small, but shiny. So small, in fact, that it might fit into a lock.

"Hey, Callen. Give me that would you?"

Callen nodded and gave it to him. Deeks then proceeded to mess with the lock on the handcuffs. He was gonna get out of the damn things somehow. Really, though, they were killing his wrists. Callen took the small object from Deeks' hand and fiddled with the lock himself. After a few minutes of toying with the thing they finally worked their way out of the metal restraints.

"Ha ha! Callen you're freakin' amazing!"

Callen smirked at the remark. He knows he's amazing, but hearing it from the blond made him feel better. The only downside – now he has a reason not to be so close to the other man. He could walk around now, though. And Deeks seemed happy to get the restraints of his bruised wrist, so that was a plus too. You know, at least until Callen noticed the multicolored bruises left behind from the overly tight handcuffs. They looked painful. Deeks had been more badly bruised than Callen, and it made him feel a little bad. Callen couldn't keep quiet any longer when he noticed Deeks rubbing at his wrist.

"You alright?"

The less he says, the greater the chances of Callen not making a complete fool of himself.

"Yeah. It just hurts a bit. I'll be fine, thanks."

Deeks smiled at Callen, which only made his heart melt more. Once upon a time, Callen had sworn to himself that he wouldn't fall for another agent – and he was failing right now. He really didn't know what happened. One day Deeks was a good friend, funny and charming, and the next day he was Callen's crush. Ever since that day, Callen has hoped and prayed that it didn't turn out to be something. Obviously, he failed at that, too.

Deeks stood up at the worst time, because as soon as he had, the truck resumed moving. He stumbled towards the back of their confines. He gently placed himself back on the edge of the bed, which they were damn lucky to have, by the way, and let his head fall into his hands. Callen hated seeing him like that. It darn near killed the man every time Deeks was in a bad mood. He waltzed over to Deeks, sat next to him and placed a hand on Deeks' back. Deeks rested his head on Callen's shoulder, silently feeling like they might never make it out alive.

A lone tear made its way down Marty's cheek and onto Callen's shirt. It tore the man up.

No matter what happened, Callen decided, in that moment, that he was gonna protect Deeks.

He'd risk his life for Deeks if he had to.

And then it hit him.

He loved the man so much he'd die for him.

He really would die for Deeks.

Because he loves him.

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