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Shunsui's breakdown of heart.

Shunsui sat, sipping his midday cup of Sake, waiting for his Nanao-chan to arrive, to berate him no less. Shunsui's dreams had lately been plagued by haunting apparitions of Lisa, her hollow mask covering her face.

Shunsui shivered and downed the last of the Sake, Shunsui had met with her after the battle, his memory had served him well, she had only changed slightly but his affections had long since been forgotten, pushed aside, not to be remembered.

"My Nanao-chan hiding in that bush will not cover your reiatsu, come out already…" His speech was slightly slurred, he had drank over four bottles in the past hour.

"Hai, my apologies Taichou, I was merely gathering my thoughts." She answered curtly, slight venom edged her voice, "Also, I am not your anything, Taichou."

"Nanao-chan please, why must you be so formal?" His casual tone sobering up slightly.

Her sigh was purposefully audible, "Sir, I respect you as my Taichou, please, we have a formal affair to attend." She adjusted her glasses, pushing them further up, to the bridge of her nose.

Shunsui observed every movement carefully, the way her arms were hugged tightly across her chest as if she were cold, though it was a mild day, she was avoiding eye contact and she was anxious.

"My Nanao-chan what's bothering you, before you answer, I want the truth."

"Taichou, Sir, there is nothing wrong, at all. I promise." Her smile was false, obviously so but Shunsui decided against pushing her.

"Fine, Fukutaichou, I shall see you later, meet me at the barracks, eight o'clock sharp, got it?" Shunsui's mood had turned sour, he needed to blow off some steam.

"Sir!" Nanao called after him.

"I want to be alone Nanao, do as you wish until this evening, dress as you wish." His tone was sharp and authoritative but trailed off into his usual affectionate casual tone.

"Hai." She disappeared in a burst of Shunpo.

"Nanao…" Shunsui whispered into the air, closing his eyes he walked back to his quarters, heavy of heart.

19:58 That evening:

"Long time no see, Kyoraku-chan." Ukitake's calm voice drifted from the shadows.

Shunsui was leant against the outer walls of the barracks, awaiting his Fukutaichou, He was wearing his usual ensemble. His pink, floral kimono over his Taichou Haori with his straw hat covering the majority of his unshaven face, even though this meeting was more of a party, a release from the fatigues of war, he still had not recovered from his foul mood.

"Konbawa, Ukitake." His voice was flat, emotionless.

"Oh, now what's upset you this time Kyoraku-chan?" Ukitake was also dressed in his usual Taichou attire. His white hair lifted softly behind him in the cool evening breeze.

"Nothing, I'm just accepting reality," He lifted his head, revealing pain-stricken eyes and a forced smile.

"Kyoraku…" Ukitake had seen this before, when Lisa became a vaizard, his heartbreak caused many a drunken night, crying to Ukitake, though it was never spoken about.

"She won't have me Ukitake, I don't want anyone else, I love her but she just refuses to see it…" His grey eyes filled with tears and his voice broke, he fell slient, collecting himself.

"I'm sorry, it's just it's like before, with…her…" Shunsui, realising his outburst was improper for that of a captain, gained his composure.

"I know, bear through tonight and you can come back to mine, we can talk then," Ukitake's eyes were kind and sympathetic.

Shunsui nodded and smiled back, genuinely this time.

Snap, the sound of dry twigs being stepped on.

"Nanao, come out here…" Shunsui's voice was amused but slightly irritated.

"Sir, I only just arrived, I hope I haven't intruded." Her voice was calm and unreadable, she was wearing her Fukutaichou outfit, remaining formal as ever.

"Nanao-chan, when will you ever let your hair down?" Shunsui smiled at the unintentional word play.

"When I die." Her face was set in a grim line but her eyes shone slightly for no more than a second.

Shunsui nodded, registering her change in behaviour. "Let us go in." Shunsui chuckled, his mood lifted by her mere presence. Little did he know, Nanao had heard every word, her heart was warmed and racing for an unknown reason, she didn't wish to engage in a relationship with her Taichou other than a professional one, why did whatshe hear affect her so? Why?