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Shunsui was walking back from the captain's meeting, Soutaichou had informed that the area of the kido explosion was inhospitable for at least another 100 years. He has also announced that Nanao Ise was to be relieved from her duties for another month, on approval of her Taichou of course. Shunsui had readily agreed, understanding the importance of Soutaichou's decision.

"Shunsui!" Juushiro's voice sounded from behind him.

Shunsui turned to look at his white haired friend.

"I wanted to walk with you, I assume you are meeting with Nanao?" Juushiro panted as he caught up with Shunsui.

"I am," His casual voice happy. "I would like it if you accompany me, we haven't talked in a long while..." He grinned, placing his left arm over his friend's shoulder.

"That we haven't," His voice contented.

They walked towards the 4th division, joking and laughing for the first time in months.

Nanao sat upright, her shinigami uniform lay at the foot of her bed. She walked into the bathroom that was joined to her room. She shrugged off the robe she was given to rest in and turned the shower on full. The hot water cascaded down her body, filling her with a stinging sensation where her exposed skin was sore and burnt. These pains subsided after a few minutes. She slowly turned off the shower and patted herself dry with a soft towel, taking care to not scrape her patched up skin. When Nanao had finished she dried her hair with a kido spell and pulled her shoulder length hair up into her usual clip. Nanao needed to be out of the 4th division, fast. She loved the pristine walls and spotless floors but the sterile smell that came with it unnerved her.

Go somewhere nice, find a book and relax! Her inner 'Shunsui' voice drawled.

You don't deserve that! Go back to barracks and catch up on the paperwork you have missed! Her chiding conscience was quiet. Nanao chose to ignore this and picked up the second book Juushiro had dropped off that morning after the captain's meeting.

Nanao roamed casually through Seireitei, greeting people as she went, assuring them that she was well now. Nanao found herself feeling severely low, thoughts crept into her head that disturbed her.

You almost killed him, how can you say that you love him?

Nanao shook her head and kept walking, trying to ignore her conscience. She found herself quite by accident at a familiar series of archways. Nanao paused, wondering if she would be allowed to spend some time there.

Go for it... Her inner 'Shunsui' drawled.

Nanao couldn't even hear her conscience now, she took and deep breath and strolled through the archway.

Nanao slowly made her way around the Koi pond, the fish swimming lazily as ever. She walked through the archway to Shunsui's garden tentatively, unsure if she should be there.

"Welcome, Nanao-chan..." A hauntingly familiar voice called from a low bow of the large sakura tree. "Did you miss me?" Adolpho Arroyo's burnt face formed a gruesome smile.

"No..." Nanao managed to mutter before he was upon her.

"Nanao-chan!" Shunsui's singsong voice called as he turned into her room, his tight with satisfaction. "Guess wha-" Shunsui had opened his eyes, and realised that his Nanao-chan wasn't in her bed.

"God damn you woman!" Shunsui smiled, "Always with the hard to get." He shook his head.

"Kyoraku-Taichou!" Kotetsu Isane cried, rushing into the small room, her grey braid swinging furiously. "Nanao-sama is being attacked in the south-eastern quarter of Seireitei, the opponent is unknown but in her current-" Kotetsu stopped, Shunsui's reiatsu had flared, causing Kotetsu's breathing to become difficult.

Shunsui shunpo'd out of the room, taking great strides through Seireitei.

I should've known he was still alive... Shunsui chided himself mentally, he should've made sure.

Shunsui leapt from rooftop to rooftop, gaining speed, he could feel that bastard Arroyo's reiatsu being thrown around recklessly.

Shunsui arrived on the wall that encompassed his garden. He saw Nanao lying on the floor. Motionless. Adolpho stood above her, in his Resurrección form, his blades held against her neck. He pulled back his blades, preparing to strike.

"If you want a fight, fight me." Adolpho snapped his head up, his deformed mouth forming a kind of snarl, the bottom half of his mask had been ripped off. Shunsui's usual drawl was quiet, "I would rather not fight you but you have hurt someone precious to me...twice." Shunsui tipped his hat upwards, revealing cold grey eyes, "I will not show any mercy." Shunsui shunpo'd swinging his katana in an arc, attempting to slice the arrancar's arms clean off. Shunsui's katana sliced through the air as he landed.

"Tch." Adolpho Sonído'd behind Shunsui, lashing out with his blades. Shunsui whirled around, blocking the blades.

"Too slow." His voice calm, almost comical. He twisted his tachi and lunged for the arrancar's abdomen. Adolpho Sonído'd out of the way, putting around twenty feet between them. He gathered his blades point to point, a ball of red cero began to form.

"Hana kaze midarete, kashin naki, tenpū midarete, tenma warau!" Shunsui muttered, crossing his swords. He uttered the final command and pulled backwards, causing a blinding light to engulf him.

The light cleared as the cero was fired, Shunsui sliced the cero in half, sending it ploughing into the walls of the garden. "Yare, yare, now I'm going to have to get my garden walls repaired." Shunsui called casually. He launched himself at the arrancar, his giant scimitars whistling through the air.

Blood spurted across the ground and a resounding thud echoed through the garden as Adolpho's torso was separated from the lower half of his body.

"Hah, think that'll kill m-" Was all he was able to utter before Shunsui stabbed his tachi between the arrancar's eye.

"Don't come back, or I will get serious next time." Shunsui's voice was cold, emotionless.

"Taichou..." Nanao's voice was frail.

"My Nanao-chan..." Shunsui shunpo'd to her, he picked her up and cradled her like a baby, "Why must you be so independent?" He shook his head solemnly before shunpo-ing back to the 4th division.

Adolpho's body decayed further into sand, blowing away into the wind.

Nanao awoke, her whole body screaming in pain. She flung her eyes open to see her Taichou, her Shunsui, sat next to her bed.

"Shun-" She began to cough and gasp violently, blood projecting out of her mouth.

"Nanao-chan..." Shunsui stroked her face soothingly, wiping away the blood, "Don't speak, stay where you are, I'm not going to leave, not again." His voice serious.

Nanao simply nodded. Lying on her back, enduring the waves of pain that racked her slender frame.

"You scared me again, my Nanao-chan needs to rest fully this time..." Shunsui whispered, his voice solemn. "I almost lost you twice, twice." He ended softly.

"Gomenasai..." Nanao breathed, tears welling within her amethyst eyes.

"I forgive you, Nanao-chan." He murmured into her forehead as he kissed it softly, his stubble prickling her skin.

"Sleep tight, Nanao-chan..." Shunsui smiled sadly down at her as she faded into unconsciousness, a small smile spreading across her face.

Six weeks later:

"Nanao-chan!" Shunsui crooned, puckering his lips towards hers.

Nanao whipped up her hand and smacked him with her book, sending him crashing to the floor.

"We're in the office, Kyoraku-Taichou." Nanao's voice harsh.

"But Nanao-chan!" Shunsui protested, rubbing his now scarlet cheek.

"No buts, paperwork!" She pointed with her free hand as she completed her last piece of paperwork.

"Nanao-chan is mean!" Shunsui whined childishly.

Nanao shook her head and let herself smile. She got up and sat on the sofa, picking up her book.

"Hah! Nanao-chan thinks I'm funny!" Shunsui smirked triumphantly.

Nanao threw a screwed up ball of paper at him, quickly hiding her head behind the book.

"Oh no you didn't!" Shunsui growled.

"Oh crap!" Nanao half laughed, half sighed.

Shunsui jumped on her, tickling her feverishly, Nanao squealed with laughter. The book falling to the floor with a soft thud.

"Is my Nanao-chan sorry?" He leered, squeezing her sides gently.

"Never!" Nanao managed to cry in between giggles, he had landed so her arms were trapped to her sides rendering her helpless.

"You shouldn't have said that!" Shunsui kissed her once on the lips. A new experience for the both of them.

"T-Taichou?" Nanao stuttered, her eyes were pools of confusion.

"Yes?" His casual voice harmonic in her ear.

"What are we doing?" Her voice was fragile.

"I don't know." He admitted in a cool tone, not moving his lips from her ear.

"Ack!" Nanao erupted into a series of agonized coughing fits, blood flecking onto Shunsui's kimono.

Shunsui immediately slid off of her, assuming a position in which he held a handkerchief in front of her mouth, preventing the blood to splatter everywhere.

Minutes passed before her fit ended, leaving her as pale as Juushiro.

"Gomenasai, Kyoraku-Taichou, I should've been more careful." She admitted sheepishly.

"It is my fault, I should have controlled myself." He sighed, "You will get better, I promise." His voice sincere and smooth.

"I hope so..." Nanao's eyes were downcast, she hated being like this. Her kido ability was severely diminished, she couldn't hold her own in a fight with katana nor could she fend off her emotional moments with her Taichou. She was a mess.

"I know that look Nanao-chan." Shunsui whispered in her ear, "Don't make me do something you'll regret." He joked, blowing in her ear.

"Kya! Don't do that!" Nanao-chan blushed.

"Do what?" He blew in her ear again, harder this time.

"Nyan!" She squealed, "That tickles!" She laughed.

"I know!" Shunsui teased. He went to blow in her ear again but she turned her head, letting her lips meet his. Shunsui froze, stunned.

"Knew that'd spook you." She winked, walking over to his desk, "I better get started on your paperwork." She chimed.

Shunsui smiled, following her with is eyes as she crossed the room.

You're a damned fool Kyoraku, but she's worth it. Shunsui pulled his hat over his head and drifted off into the first peaceful nap in months.

Nanao smiled as she heard her Taichou snore.

He's good for you, he's made you feel better hasn't he? Her conscience asked her.

Nanao smile brightened as she forged his signature, he had.

The End?

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