Chapter 6

"I think he can face a trial."said doctor Flanagan

"If your sure then I'll set the court date" Vargas said.

Time skip (trial day) three weeks later

It had been three weeks since the murder and the assault that the voice committed. Ty was sitting in the court room on area where the friends and family usual sit during trials. Deuces entire family from his father and uncle side were on the prosecutor side. That Side of deuces family despised him for what he had done. They thought there was no excuse for what he had done. They wanted the death penalty.
While all deuces friends were one his side. They knew it wasn't his fault. Ty knew deuce need his help for this. So he told his parent everything. I mean everything. At first they were shock. Not about the whole gay thing. They already new. Ty wasn't very stealthy about it. They Were shocked about what had happened. Ty's father knew that this disorder was real and deuce did not deserve to go to jail because of it. So he hired Larry Diller. The best lawyer in the city. He never loses a case. So Ty was felling pretty confident.

"ok all rise for The honorable judge lizmare" the bailiff announced.

"all maybe seated" judge lizmare said

(skip to the end of trial)

Larry Diller just finished his closing statement. Larry had done all he possibly could to prove deuce wasn't really responsible. The faces of deuces relatives had a hard "we hope you fry"look on there faces. Ty looked like he was going to throw up. He new there was a pretty good chance that he would never see deuce Ever again. And that frighten him. He could never forgive himself. After all he felt like all of this was his fault. He even contemplated that if deuce went to jail he would get him self locked up two so he could protect deuce in jail. Deuce on the other hand hoped he did go to jail. He new there was a monster in him and the only way he couldn't hurt anyone else was to be in a place were the monster couldnt escape. But of course he wouldn't tell Ty that. For his sake any way. Deuce sat next to Larry with a blank expression on his face. He was waiting for the jury to delebarate. And soon enough they were done.

"crap the jury's back so soon. That's never good." Larry said

Deuce bit his lip prepared to here the verdict.

"ok has the jury reached a decision?" the judge asked

"yes we have you honor" the woman juror said

"ok then in the case of Carlos Martinez Death what is your Verdict?" the judge asked

"not guilty" she simply said

Ty laid out a sigh of relief . Deuces relatives one the other hand were out raged. The entire court room started talking.

"order order!" the judged said while banging his gavel.

The court room returned to silence

"and in the case of frank Martinez assault?" the judge asked

"guilty" the juror said

Ty had a shocked look on his face. Deuce was bitting his lip so hard he made it bleed. Everyone of deuces relatives were ecstatic at the news.

"all right. stand for sentencing"

Deuce stood up and was ready to here his punishment

"deuce Martinez. Taking into count your age and condition and the circumstance. I sentence you to three months of house arrest and one year of mandatory psychiatric therapy." the judge concluded

"MAN THATS BULL SHIT! THE KIDS A FUCKING MURDER!" said one of deuces relatives

"bailiff remove that man!" the judge demanded

The bailiff removed the deuces cousin and let the judge finish sentencing.

"dr curtis blue has volunteered to have custody of you. You should be very grateful. "

People started to leave. The bailiff took deuce to get his ankle bracelet. Ty requested if he could go with deuce to keep him company. The bailiff didn't have a problem with it and said fine.

(In a private room in the court house)

Deuce was siting in a chair, his right leg lifted up by another chair and one his jean leg rolled up to his knee. He and Ty were waiting for the bailiff to return with his ankle bracelet. Ty was siting next to deuce. Ty was trying to think of a way to brighten up the mood. They were just siting in dead silence. So he said the first thing that came to his mind.

"you have great legs" Ty Said realizing what he just sAid.

"huh?" deuce said confused.

"I- um- well I'm n-not entirely sure how to deal with these kind situations." Ty said stuttering

Deuce just looked at him and tried to smile.

"deuce what's wrong you should be happy. I mean granted your under house arrest but a least your not going to jail." Ty said

"y-ya but I feel...I feel like I should go to jail." deuce said quietly

"what! Why?"

"because Ty! I murdered my father. Assaulted my uncle. And worst of all. I almost hurt you Ty! I just feel like if I were in jail...then I wouldn't hurt anyone else."

"deuce stop it!" Ty raised his voice a little.

Deuce just looked at him

"deuce I already told you this. I'm not letting you go threw this alone. I'll be right by your side ready to catch you if you fall. I know I've said this before but I'll say it as many time as I need to to make you believe you belong here. Deuce...I love you."

Deuce smiled widely for the first time in a long time. Deuce bit his lip a little and went for it. He sat up a little and pressed his lips up against Ty's. Ty happily kissed deuce back and soon the were in one long sweet kiss. If its wasn't for the need for air they would have stayed like that for eternity.

"I love you to Ty" deuce said smiling.

Soon the bailiff came back in and strapped the ankle bracelet on deuces ankle. The bailiff gave deuce the basic rules. No drinking, no smoking. And no leavening the house except on Saturday between 11:00 to 2:00 for his therapy sessions. If he violated the rules he would be sent straight to jail. After deuce and Ty were escorted to car. On the way home deuce drifted to sleep on Ty's shoulder. Ty wasn't suprised after the day he's had.

"sleep tight my little deucey woosy" Ty said with a smile.

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