Chapter One

The brunette's head as shot up as she heard her named being called, but immediately recoiled and rubbed her forehead as it came in contact with another.

"Jesus Sarah", the other girl said as she rubbing.

"Zel, what are you doing?" Sarah said looking at her best friend.

Hazel was one of those people who looked like they didn't have a care in the world mixed with a punk-rock mixed with modern reinsurance. Her changing eyes made it seem as though they where crystals being hit by light. Long jet black hair reached her ankles, and was colored by wine red, sapphire blue, white, and maroon streaks raced though her hair. Electric blue and ice blue bangs covered her right eye and a moonstone piercing was placed though her left eyebrow. Besides her looks the other reason people stayed away from her was how she dress. A shirt that looked like the top of old fashion dress that was either blue, red, black, or purple, with trumpet sleeves, a pair or black skinny or regular jeans and a par of converse or black boots. It was also one of the reasons Sarah liked her. She once she had meet Hazel along, with Rikki, Emma, Cleo, and Bella they had an instant connection. She had also clicked with Lewis, Cleo's boyfriend, Zane, Rikki's boyfriend, Ash, Emma's boyfriend, Will, Bella's boyfriend, and Mat, Hazel's brother.

It was really amazing that they where all friends because their different personalities. Emma is the reasonable and rational one of them. Long dirty blond hair fell over her shoulders in straight waves. Deep blue eyes the sat on her face always held comfort and compassion. Organized, up-tight and responsible are some of the words that you can use to describe Emma. She is the most empathetic out of all of is the most insecure and shy out of all of them. She is also the most girly out of all of them. Wavy brown hair stops mid-back and hazel-green eyes always show and Hazel are the two people in the group that are the same. They are the most rebellious, independent, carefree, and sarcastic people in the group. They are both very hot tempered, and can not hold their tongues. Rikki has long wavy hair the goes past her shoulders and big sky blue but not least Bella, Bella is the most bubbly out of the whole group. Short wavy hair falls over her shoulder and frames beautiful green-blue eyes. She had meet them all when she went away to college in Australia.

That's right, Sarah was now a twenty-nine year women old in college. It had been fourteen years since Sarah had to get her brother, Toby, back form the Goblin King, Jareth.

"Mat sent me to look for you", Hazel said.

Sarah had picked up her bag and started to run towards her university's cafeteria. Rushing into the cafeteria she caught sight of a brown hair, blue eyed man looking around for someone.

"Mat!" Sarah yelled walking over him.

"Hay Sar", he said leaning down to kiss her forehead when she got over to him. "How was class?" She asked as they sat down.

"Good", he said.

~~~~~Back at Sarah and Hazel's dorm~~~~~~

"Hay Sarah", Zel said, as she caught up to her friend.

"Hay Zel", Sarah said, slowing down to walk with her friend.

"How was the rest of your day", Zel asked as they got to her dorm.

"Good…", Sarah trailed off as she saw a familiar tuff of blond hair.

"What", Sarah said, as Zel lightly hit her.

"What are you looking at" Zel asked.

Looking back she didn't see anything and said "nothing."