In all the years that I have lived through.

This one was the one that change me the most.

He crash onto my homeland.

Came from world I never heard of.

Spoke words that never could be said.

But I know he was like me.

A child that I took in long ago warms up to him.

For that, I let him live. For now.

With limit words to share.

The island is just as quiet as before.

Yet, with one more mouth to feed.

He is strange. He won't eat meat.

Only fruit.

Makes it easy.

The hunts become harder with winter nearing fast and fast.

With his help, we might have a better chance at living through this winter.

My child is taking more of liking to him.

He knows I'm not happy about it.

He keeps his distance not to anger me.

I am grateful for that.

A tribe that I trade with every fall, wonders who this green thing is.

I don't answer.

He's just wasteful of words if we spoke of him.

Winter comes and is not gentle.

Food was running low and fast.

I go to fine more.

I end up hurt and lost.

The green thing finds me.

I gave him a new look of life.

He's different from the others.

Why was I cold to him?

Lost trust.

On lost love.

Winter is over and spring has return.

The game is back and larger then before.

My child has a full belly once more.

The green thing is now a friend not a foe.

Not sure when he'll ever leave, we keep him as part of this small clan.

I take notice of the sadness leaking from his eyes.

He wants to go home.

And I don't want him to.

My child, I wish you didn't get close to him.

I'll just be broken heart again.

This one who is like me.

I want him gone, but also to stay.

To leave and let my heart still be intact.

To stay and be something more to this clan.

To me. But I can't, I must let him go.

I'm not sure when I will have to.

But I'll be ready, even if my heart is not.

I cruse you green thing, that goes by the name of Beast Boy.