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The Legend of the Knight Princess

Chapter 1: The King of Knights

The moon looked down on a recovering village in the wake of a terrible attack. This village is called, Konoha and the demon that attacked it, Kyuubi no Yoko. Just three days ago, the village's fourth leader, the Yondaime Hokage sacrificed himself to seal the demon inside his own daughter. He wished for his daughter to be seen as a hero and his predecessor, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage was more than willing to see it done.

However, despite the announcement of the girl being the village hero for holding the demon at bay, the village believed her to be the demon and even her own mother turned against her, taking her sister and leaving the village in a rage.

Now we find this now abandoned baby, a small girl only three days old sprawled on the floor of the orphanage, a chunin stood over the baby enjoying seeing the baby wale in pain and terror as the chunin drew a kunai to deal the final blow, yet unknown to them both, an unknown energy ignited inside the baby and out of pure instinct and fear the baby called out for help. A plea that would cross worlds, time and dimensions.

Golden Plains of Avalon

A couple sat under a tree enjoying each others company, both talking happily to each other.

The woman had blond hair tied into a bun and had green eyes and wore a blue dress.

The man with her had snow white hair and brown eyes, he wore a black suit over his torso and had black jeans with a red cape coming from his waist line as well as red sleeves.

Suddenly, the woman frowned as she looked down.

"Arturia? What is it? What's wrong?" The man asked worriedly.

"Shirou, I'm being summoned." Arturia said sadly.

"But how is that possible, We ended the holy grail wars once and for all." Shirou replied worriedly.

"I know, I don't know how the summoning is possible but it's happening." Arturia replied looking down.

"Then I'll wait for you to return, we both know that if either one of us was summoned, we couldn't refuse someone asking for help. We'd never forgive ourselves." Shirou replied reassuringly.

Arturia smiled and nodded before she began to glow and then vanished from Avalon.


"Now you die. Demon!" The chunin yelled maniacally as he swung his kunai down on the crying baby's head.

Then his hand and kunai went flying across the room as his eyes widened, sensing a presence beside him.

"Killing a baby, and from the looks of her, torturing her. You die here." A melodious voice said as she impaled her sword into the chunin's chest before slamming him into the floor, to silence him. The commotion having woken up the children.

Arturia then picked up the crying baby as the matrons burst into the room.

"The demon brat has woken the children hasn't he? I knew he was trouble." One matron said coldly.

Arturia glared at them before assessing the baby's injuries. She held back a snarl as she saw the severity of the baby's condition and immediately brought out her scabbard, Avalon.

"Who are you? And who is that man on the floor?" A matron snarled at Arturia.

The King of Knights just ignored them as the Avalon reshaped it's self into a glowing ball of light in Arturia's hand.

Arturia then placed the Avalon inside the baby before looking at the matrons.

"I am her protector, call fourth your village leader, Or face my blade." Arturia threatened, causing the matrons to pale before running out.

Arturia then looked down at the baby to get a closer look.

The baby had sun kissed blond hair and whisker marks on her cheeks. Slowly the child opened her eyes, revealing deep blue eyes eyes as she stared up at Arturia in wonder.

Arturia smiled sweetly at the child.

"So, you're my master. To think a baby summoned me. Unbelievable and yet thank goodness. Not to worry little master, I'll take care of you." Arturia whispered to the baby as she smiled innocently.

Soon after an old man came in, escorted by the matrons and a masked person in white leather armour and a sword on his mask. He also had gravity defying silver hair.

"There she is, the demon summoned a monster to serve it." The matron accused.

"Matrons, begone." The old man said calmly.

The matrons nodded and fled the room.

"Who are you?" The old man asked.

"I am the Saber Class Servant, summoned to my master in her time of need." Arturia said calmly.

"Who is your master?" The old man asked.

"I'm holding her in my arms. By the way, you wouldn't happen to know her name would you?" Arturia replied.

"Hikari, Uzumaki, that is her name. And what do you mean Hikari summoned you? She is only three days old." The old man countered.

"I do not know. A baby shouldn't be able to summon a servant and yet, given the corpse on the floor here, It's a good thing I was summoned, I arrived just in time to save her." Arturia answered.

The old man looked nearby and sure enough, there was a dead chunin on the floor.

The old man sighed. The child's mother's friend was demanding to be given the child to raise and he was about to do so when this came up.

"What is your name?" The old man asked.

"I cannot say. If people know my identify then they will find my weaknesses, if that happens then it will be easier for them to harm or even kill my master." Arturia replied.

"I see. You know I can't trust you with her." The old man said.

"I can't trust you either, your soldier tried to kill my master." Arturia countered.

"Hm, Touche." The old man said.

"So... There is a... former friend of her mother's that wanted to take her in, but since you're so keen to raise the child perhaps, I can convince them to take you both in." The old man said.

Arturia nodded. "I can accept that. Though I may require this friend's help in a few things." Arturia said.

"Oh, and those would be?" The old man asked.

"Servants are ancient heroes summoned from the hall of heroes and other afterlife realms. In life, I was a Knight, a type of honourable, heavily armoured warrior and also a King. I never raised a family in life and I don't know how to raise a child." Arturia said honestly.

"This friend will be more than willing help you." The old man smiled.

"Wait... You believe me?" Arturia asked shocked.

"I have seen stranger than this. And I had to test you. It's not common knowledge but there is a prophecy in these lands that seven chosen children will each summon a hero or anti-hero to which they will defend this world in it's time of need." the old man said.

"You knew what I was all along." Arturia confirmed.

"Best keep this to our selves. Right Kakashi?" The old man asked.

"Yes Hokage-Sama, and Saber's presence will keep Hikari safe, adding on the threat of her mother as well." Kakashi, the silver haired soldier said.

"What was that?" Saber growled.

"Kushina's former friend, Mikoto will fill you in when she arrives. Kakashi, would you mind going to get Mikoto from my office, tell her of this development. She won't be adopting Hikari but she'll be needed in educating someone on how to raise the child." The Sandaime Hokage said.

Kakashi then nodded and shushined out.

Arturia nodded and then looked down at Hikari, seeing her yawn.

Arturia then sat down on a nearby rocking chair and gently rock back in forth as Hikari fell asleep.

"If I didn't know better, I'd swear you're her biological mother, the two of you look very much alike." The Sandaime said smiling.

Arturia just smiled at that. "Mother huh. Hikari Pendragon Emiya does have a nice ring to it." Arturia thought as she held the child lovingly.

Soon after Mikoto and her husband Fugaku walked into the room with Kakashi.

"This is her?" Mikoto asked quietly.

"It is." The Sandaime replied.

Arturia looked up at them.

Both Fugaku and Mikoto had black hair and black eyes, both of them showed concern for Hikari's safety.

"We have plenty of spare rooms at our estate, we would gladly take them both in. Beside, I think Hikari needs this more than anything and she needs a mother. Something that this Saber has given her." Mikoto said smiling while Fugaku nodded sternly.

"Then it's settled." The Sandaime said calmly.

Without warning, Hikari's eyes flashed open, glowing bright gold.

"Hikari?" Mikoto asked.

"So there was a demon sealed inside her, that explains allot, though my scabbard's purifying energies have purged it." Arturia said calmly.

"Scabbard?" The Sandaime asked shocked.

"My scabbard, a noble phantasm named, Avalon is one of two legendary weapons I carried on my person, seeing Hikari so grievously wounded by the chunin, I placed the Avalon inside Hikari so that it's healing powers would save her, but it's holy energies have also killed the demon sealed inside her." Arturia explained.

Everyone's jaws hit the floor.

"The Kyuubi no Yoko is dead? Lord Hokage, the village must know of this, this Saber has slain the Kyuubi and exorcised it's taint from Hikari, she's free from it's burden." Kakashi stammered.

"One thing at a time. For now, we move these two to the Uchiha Estate." The Sandaime replied.

"Right and then tomorrow, Parental Ed. Starts." Mikoto said smiling sweetly.

Well here is my newest Fate Stay Naruto story. I wanted to have one where Naruto summoned a servant instead of being her.

Hikari is fem Naruto and is physically modelled after Erza Scarlet's image from Fairy Tail but with blond hair and blue eyes like Naruko from the Naruto series. I chose Erza because she looks like a knight. Pairing is being decided. Hikari will eventually wield one of the swords of Fate Stay Night.

These are the choices.

Reforged Caliburn- In Nami no Kuni, Hikari meets Kami who collected the broken remains of Caliburn and reforged it to be wielded by Arturia's foreseen daughter.

Material Excalibur- In Nami no Kuni, Hikari meets the lady in the lake who gives Hikari Excalibur as the daughter of Arturia.

Truthfully I like the idea of using Caliburn more than Excalibur.