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The Legend of the Knight Princess

Chapter 5: Chunin Exams, The First Trial

Arturia and Shirou couldn't be prouder. Their daughter had just been approved for the chunin exams or in Hikari's case, the knight trials.


"Hey let me go!" Konohamaru yelled as he was held up off the ground by a boy in all black with purple face paint while a girl with a huge fan and spiked pig tails stood nearby.

"You little piece of shit, you should watch where you're going!" The boy yelled at him when a scabbard smashed into his wrist, making him dropped Konohamaru.

Konohamaru then jumped up and ran behind Hikari who was now glaring at the painted boy.

"Mistreating the Hokage's grandson and assaulting one of our citizens. I suggest you stand down and explain your actions to me, that is unless you prefer to speak with our ANBU torture and interrogation experts." Hikari growled at them while drawing the Caliburn.

"You wanna go you witch!" The boy snarled only for him to be bashed over the head by his partner's fan.

"Sorry, he's an idiot." The girl said.

Hikari didn't say anything before she brought our her Shadow Slayer and threw the massive sword spinning at a tree, cutting it down before the blade returned to Hikari's magical pocket.

Then in front of her, a red haired boy with dark rings around his teal eyes and a tattoo of the kanji for love with a huge gourd on his back appeared in a swirl of sand.

"How did you know I was there?" The boy asked monotonously.

"You reek of blood and death, monster. Let me make this clear, this village is under the protection of the Knight Princess, any who seek to harm my home will face my blades." Hikari growled at him.

"You are interesting, mother is silent in your presence, she fears you, I look forward to fighting you in the exams." The boy said calmly before he left along with the girl whom was carrying the painted boy.

"You're safe now Konohamaru." Hikari said calmly.

"Thank you, Hikari." Konohamaru said shaking a bit when Hikari looked down at him.

"Now then, what caused that incident?" Hikari asked.

"Um, I might have kinda commented on a pink haired girl's forehead and when I ran after she got angry, I accidentally ran into the boy with the face paint." Konohamaru said nervously.

"When the exams are over, you will be apologizing to Sakura, her forehead is a touchy subject with her." Hikari said leaving.

"Hey Hikari, are you entering the exams?" Konohamaru asked.

"Sort of, for me, it's the Knight Trials. I don't know the full extent, but Haku and her caster are here as well. From what I heard, my mother is in charge of the first part of my trails. After that, I will go with the ninjas for the second part of the trials." Hikari said calmly.

"I see, well I know you'll do great. I heard from my grandpa that you're already on the path to becoming a great knight." Konohamaru said smiling.

"That and a few other things." Hikari said smiling. "See you later Konohamaru." Hikari bid him farewell and left the area for the academy.


Sarutobi was currently glaring at the woman in front of him.

"Hitomi, what is your opinion?" Sarutobi asked a red haired blue eyed girl.

"I want to at least know my sister, I read my father's notes, I don't know how my mother thought Hikari was the Kyuubi at all. But Hikari was raised by someone else." Hitomi said honestly while a red haired scantily dressed woman stood behind her.

"It doesn't matter. She's my daughter, she belongs with me." Kushina said coldly.

"No, She belongs with her mother and father, Saber and Archer." Sarutobi countered.

"That harlot stole my daughter, her and that bastard of her's." Kushina snarled.

"Do not disrespect the Hikari's real mother, you may have brought her into this world Kushina, but you also threw her to the wolves, literally, you left Hikari to die. Saber raised her entirely. Saber was there when Hikari took her first steps, said her first word. Saber was there when Hikari was yelling that she'd be a knight just like her mother. Where were you? Oh that's right, you were trying to brainwash your daughter to kill Hikari and "save" her soul." Sarutobi growled.

"I'll admit, until I read the notes 2 years ago, I agreed with Mom, wholeheartedly, that's how I summoned lancer. She mirrors how I once was." Hitomi said while looking at the woman behind her.

"This isn't over, Hokage." Kushina growled.

"It is if you want Hitomi and Hikari to have any relationship together." Sarutobi said as Kushina, Hitomi and lancer left the office.

"Hitomi, it may be troubling if Hikari's saber recognizes me, I can sense my double's magic in the area. It's safe to assume that Hikari summoned Erza Scarlet, the Titania, Queen of the fairies." Lancer said calmly.

"It should be interesting during the exams." Hitomi said calmly.

"But there is one thing that doesn't add up, Erza had many weapons, I remember none that could kill a demon like the Kyuubi. That is something that is slightly off." Lancer explained.

"Well I think I see her saber now." Hitomi said calmly.

Lancer looked and saw Hikari speaking with Shirou and and Arturia in front of the academy.

"The blond haired woman has magic in her, she may be the saber, my double's magic is coming from the blond haired girl, she's also wearing Erza's armour." Lancer said calmly.

Kushina, Hitomi and Lancer walked up.

Hikari turned to them. "Kushina."

Kushina looked at her and smiled before glaring the Arturia who glared back.

Shirou grunted while he swore he saw sparks shooting between Kushina and Arturia.

"Well, I can see this is going well. Unlike my mother, I know she blew her chance big sister, I am wondering what your opinions of me are however." Hitomi said frowning.

"That depends, what am I to you?" Hikari said calmly.

"I'd say my sister, but we don't share the same name and considering what my mother did, I read my father's notes 2 years ago, I know you're not the Kyuubi. I know you never were." Hitomi said nervously.

"Ask her about before the two years, her servant is Erza Knightwalker, she's known for being psychotic and sadistic, she revels in the suffering of others and enjoys torturing her victims." Erza S. said to Hikari.

"What about before 2 years ago, since I know who you summoned, the servant matches the magus." Hikari said cautiously.

"I'll admit, I bought into my mother's crap, what daughter doesn't believe their mom, after all, mother's always right." Hitomi answered guiltily.

"I'll give you a chance. One chance." Hikari said calmly crossing her arms.

Hitomi smiled at that.

"So, how do you know who I am?" Lancer asked smiling.

"Hitomi and I are descended from Erza Scarlet on Kushina's side of the family. Erza is communing with me as her successor." Hikari said smiling.

"You know who I am, do I get to know your mother?" Erza K. Asked?

"Arturia Pendragon. King of Knights, once was the ruler of Camelot." Arturia answered.

"Shirou Emiya, Unlimited Blademaster." Shirou answered.

"I was under the impression that only 1 servant could be summoned by a magus." Erza K. Said confused.

"I was summoned by Yugito Nii, Archer class." Shirou answered.

"I see. Kushina stop glaring at Saber, you'll ruin your daughter's chance to know her sister." Erza K. grunted at Kushina.

Kushina looked away from Arturia who lead Hikari into the academy.

"That went better than expecting, I expected the two of you to start fighting in the streets." Shirou said surprised.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they do." Erza K. said with a smirk before Kushina stomped off.

Hitomi just sighed. "This is going to be harder than I thought. I really hope Mom doesn't do anything." Hitomi whined.

"Inside with you Hitomi, your cousins, Tayuya and Karin are waiting for you." Erza K. Said calmly.

"I know. See yeah Lancer and Archer." Hitomi said glumly and went inside.

"So who's her instructor?" Shirou asked.

"I don't trust Kushina not to try and corrupt her against her sister again, So I train her. Her weapon of choice is the spear called Virtuous Agony." Erza K. answered.

"Fair enough." Shirou said calmly.

"She anything like Erza?" Erza K. asked.

"Yeah, she likes the Heaven's Wheel Armour." Shirou replied.

"Hm, Just like her... 50 bucks says Kushina picks a fight with Saber before the first exam is over." Erza K. Said smirking.

"That's a sucker's bet." Shirou countered to which Erza K. just shrugged.

"By the way, your history says you're a psychopath, but..." Shirou said.

"I'm choosing to behave for my magus' sake. That... and she used a command seal to keep me in line. I guess she was worried I'd start killing people in the streets." Erza K. admitted.

Inside the academy

Hikari entered a room lined with samurai in full armour and a fighting mat in the middle followed by Arturia.

"Mother?" Hikari asked as she looked around, seeing several samurai from the Land of Iron.

"This is your first trial, Hikari. The trial of valour. You must overcome a more experienced opponent. My self." Arturia said drawing the Excalibur while Hikari drew the Caliburn.

"If that is my trial. But why you mother?" Hikari asked.

"Hikari, there are those in the world whom would use me against you. More than ever with the Henge." Arturia said as she charged at Hikari slashed at her only for Hikari to parry.

Hikari spun around and slash at Arturia who blocked and the pair jumped away from each other.

Hikari and Arturia clashed again in a deadlock, both struggling to gain the upper hand until Hikari stepped back.

Arturia swung again and again with Hikari dodged and leaned back to dodge another swing before Arturia roundhouse kicked Hikari sending her flying.

Hikari slid along the floor on her knee before getting up to evade Arturia as she jumped up and tried to bring her sword down on Hikari.

Hikari flipped over and behind Arturia and ran at Arturia slashed at Arturia from the top.

Arturia blocked and Hikari slashed from below but was parried again.

Arturia spun and slashed at Hikari only for her to block the blade behind her back.

Hikari swung at Arturia only for her to block again, then spun and slashed with Caliburn with both hands, slamming the Excalibur with such force that it knocked Arturia off balance.

Arturia spun and jumped up and kicked at Hikari's head only for her to duck and grabbed Arturia's ankle before slamming her to the floor and levelled the Caliburn at her neck.

"Yield." Hikari said tiredly while the surrounding Samurai looked at her impressed.

"I yield, Knight Princess and scion of Titania." Arturia said smiling as she set the Excalibur on the floor while Hikari helped her up.

Picking up the Excalibur, Arturia looked at Hikari proudly.

"You have passed this trial. The next one however will not be so easy." Arturia said smiling.

Hikari just gave her a "WTF" look.

"Easy, you were holding back while I was going all out without using any of my armour or other weapons. Easy isn't the word that comes to mind." Hikari said catching her breath.

"I never said you couldn't use your other armour suits or weapons." Arturia said smirking while Hikari face faulted.

Okay this chapter is LONG overdue. I wanted to make the fight longer but lacked a true idea on how Hikari and Arturia would appear fighting while yes, Arturia was holding back and Hikari has depended on her suits and special weapons ALLOT. This fight was sort of meant to show this fact.

I will be looking over the episodes of Naruto and the manga along with various sword fights for inspiration and ideas on how certain weapons are used, Partly because 1) I don't know how all of Erza's suits and weapons are suppose to work or look when used yet. 2) Erza K. I unfortunately don't know enough about her so I'll be looking into the episodes and manga chapters concerning her, no she won't be all good-two-shoes because her master says so. She will be civil outside a fight, but I want her accurate in a fight.

I know this isn't exactly much of a chapter, the chunin exam areas are hard as hell to write no matter what story it is.