Chapter 3

Sam contemplated on texting Quinn to call it off, the idea of him going on a date, to a strange wedding with a girl he met only once didn't appeal to him but there was one side of him willing to take a shot. He wore a simple red dress shirt, black slacks and shoes, he had two ties in his hand, one black and one white but he decided to go loose and not wear one at all and once he combed his hair, he just waited for the text Quinn promised to send him.

Beep, beep.

Sam knew that was his queue to leave.


Sam went to the address Quinn had sent him via text message, standing at the front door of the large, three story house which the wedding was held. Many people entered the house, all dressed up, coming back from the ceremony, and then Sam was greeted by a small brunette and a older but blonde version of her.

"Sam, hi." Quinn smiled politely and gracefully hugged him, kissing him on the cheek. As she pulled back, she looped her arm through her mothers.

"Mom, this is Sam Evans, my date and saviour for this occasion." Judy Fabray took his hand and smiled at the boy, Sam nodded his head at the older woman. Judy then met with fellow guests and walked away to leave the two alone.

"Wow, you did your hair. You suit brown hair, really." Sam complimented. Quinn looked rather uncomfortable, not ready.

"Uh, thanks." Quinn smiled.

"N-not like you didn't suit blonde hair, you look great either way." Sam alleged. Quinn nodded, standing against the wall outside the house, smiling at people who acknowledged her presence.

" come with me." Quinn grabbed Sams arm, linking it with her own, pulling him to the backyard porch, sitting down on an oak swinging chair. They weren't alone but everyone was chatting amongst themselves, champagne in hand.

"I've been to this house once before. I remember this was the only place I really liked. I remember when I fell over right over there; my Uncle David picked me up and placed me on this chair because my knee was grazed..." Quinn started to recall memories. "Sorry, I don't mean to bore you." Quinn looked down. That was one aspect about Quinn Fabray, she was paranoid about what people thought of her.

"Quinn, relax. I'm a psychiatrist, your life stories are like...ear candy for me. Do you know how many times a day I listen to peoples boring stories about their lives?" He let out a small chuckle, relieving Quinn.

"Oh...I forgot about that." Quinn smiled a little.

"So, tell me about yourself. Wow that sounded so professional of me, I hate sounding like self" Sam laughed.

"Alright, I'm 25 years old, I grew up in Virginia. My mom lives in Columbus but is staying with me for a few weeks. She owns the house I live in so, It's like living at home. I went to an all girls school, I am unemployed but I get support I are hard to find." Quinn smiled.

"Hey, well if you need a job a position at my practice just opened up. It's only a 3 month job because my secretary is currently on maternity leave but it will be good until you find one." Sam smiled at her.

"Oh...well I'll think about it." The only reason she couldn't get a job was because she spent more time at the hospital than anywhere else.

"Well, I'll stop searching until you get the go. You'll be great at it, you're friendly, sweet and quite the people person." Quinn was about to speak until a elderly couple, both dressed for the appropriate wedding occasion confronted the pair.

"Quinn, dear how lovely to see you. I saw your mother inside and I was curious to see if her darling daughter was here too. How are you? How's the diagnosis going?" The sweet older woman said, smiling down at Quinn.

"Hello Aunt Betty, Uncle Harry. I'm great, um I'm fine." Quinn tried to trail the couple off so they didn't slip the fact about her sickness before she told Sam.

"That's great. Oh I hear my favourite song, we better go dance Harry before this wedding ends. Good to see you dear." The elderly couple walked off slowly and headed back into the doors where everyone was dancing, socialising.

"Diagnosis? Wow, what have you been diagnosed with?" Sam asked, looking slightly worried with slight curiosity in his eyes.

"I-I had depression, not anymore but I'm fine now." Quinn lied. A part of her was kicking her, she wanted to tell Sam the truth but she liked him and was too afraid of rejection.

"That's wonderful, depression can be difficult to handle. If you need to talk to anyone, I am here. I mean, psychiatrist Sam or just regular Sam, I'm pretty good to talk to." Sam smiled.

"I barely know you."

"Yet you ask me out on a date to your families wedding, I say there is some trust in you." He smirked.

"Alright, wise guy. Can you dance?" Quinn turned her head to the side, directing her question at the man.

"Not really, I'm not a stable dancer...why is that?" Sam looked worried on what her intentions were.

"Because I would love it, if you asked a lady to dance." Quinn smiled softly, causing Sam to raise his eyebrow and smile.


After a long night of dancing, laughing, trying to avoid conversation with elderly relatives and people mistaking Sam and Quinn as a couple, Quinn had the best night she has had since high school. For a girl with cancer, she isn't living life. Other patients she associates with do extreme things like sky diving, getting their parents names tattooed on their butt cheek, riding a camel, travelling to places but for Quinn, she didn't really care. Her mother, doctors, nurses and relatives have given her the death speech but she had hope, hope for life and hope to live. She didn't suffer through her condition, she was apathetic. Many times have various foundations made donations but she didn't like to seek sympathy, she wanted to be treated normally. She was scared that if she tells Sam her secret, he wouldn't treat her same as he is but, she really liked this guy. She needed to tell him. As they departed the party, both leaving in opposite directions, they were texting each other nonstop. Quinn placed her tipsy mother to bed and walked over to her own, turning off the lights and smiling each time her phone lit up with a new message from Sam.

Sam, can we hang out tomorrow? I need to talk to you.

Sure, is 10 okay? I need to talk to you too.

Sure, see you then. Goodnight.

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