The Thunderbirds are not mine. They belong to Gerry Anderson. Here's to all for the fun and joy of writing about the Thunderbirds. The variety is amazing. Hope you enjoy this as well.


It was just after midnight when Jeff Tracy and his sons walked into the hospital and up to the reception desk to inquire about Ruth Tracy. They were so concerned about Grandma and Alan that they really didn't take heed to all the police and hospital personnel milling about the emergency room entrance.

The receptionist looked in the computer, "Mrs. Tracy is in the ICU, room 5160. Just take the elevator down the hall to your left and up to five. There will be signs posted to direct you to the unit she is in." Jeff and the boys thanked her then quickly made their way to Pod three. The sign on the door explained 'only two visitors at a time and cell phones must be turned off.'

Jeff looked at his sons, "okay Scott and I will go in first, you three check the waiting area for your brother."

Though the others also wanted to see their grandmother immediately, they agreed to go and find their little brother, truth be known they were just as worried about how he had handled grandma's sudden illness. "Alright," answered John. "I'm sure he has to be worried and scared." Jeff and Scott just nodded turned off their cell phones and went through the closed doors.

John, Virgil and Gordon gave the waiting area the once over, not seeing Alan, Gordon went to check the bathroom. "He's not in there either!" a hint of worry in his voice.

Trying to stay calm John replied, "Maybe he's actually in with Grandma. Surely they wouldn't leave a kid by himself? I wish we could call and ask."

"Maybe we should go and check the ER waiting area, though when we came in I glanced around I didn't see him," said Virgil.

"That's a good idea. Gordon, stay here in case dad or Scott come out. Virgil and I will go take a look down stairs. There seemed to be an awful lot of police activity. Maybe he's watching and didn't see us come in." With that John and Virgil headed for the elevators.


"Mom, can you hear me." Ruth Tracy slowly turned toward the voice and opened her eyes. "J-Je-f-f" she gave him a weak smile, and gave his hand a weak squeeze.

"Hey, Grandma." She looked at Scott on the other side. "Sc-ott. -I'm-so-glad-to-see-you—-b-oth."

Her words were slow and one at a time, but they were clear. She took Scott's hand also with her left hand, her grasp was very weak, but it was there. Scott and Jeff's eyes met.

"Looks like the medicine has helped. I'll get a full report as soon as we see the doctor." said Jeff relief very evident in his voice.

"Alan-where-is-A-Alan? -No- one-will -t-te-tell-me-where-h-he-is."

"Don't worry grandma the rest of the guys are checking on him now. I'll go check and let one of the others come in, okay." Scott leaned over and gave her a kiss on the forehead, and headed out to his brothers.

Just as John and Virgil were about to get on the elevator they heard Scott call and went back.

"We haven't been able to find Alan, we had hoped maybe he was in the room with grandma, but couldn't call you since the phones have to be off. So we were about to go check down stairs. How's Grandma?"

Scott raised his eyebrows a hint of anger in his voice as he replied, "Grandma's very weak, and her words are slow, but they are clear and easily understood. She is very worried as no one has told her anything about Alan since her arrival."

"What?" exclaimed Virgil. "The doctor who contacted us had said Alan had recognized the symptoms immediately and called for help. You mean he's been on his own for over twelve hours now?"

"Okay, let's all go look. If one of us goes back in now she'll be asking about him." said Scott.

"But she'll worry if someone doesn't go back in."

"True, but we've got a little time – she'll think were just visiting with him for now. Okay let's move and find the sprout!"

They all headed to the elevators. "I've got a very bad feeling about this." said John. The others just nodded, afraid to speak their fears out loud.


Alan woke shaking from fear and the cold. He could hardly feel his fingers, his ears ached, he was soaked completely from the drizzle. He contemplated what plan of action he should take. It was the middle of the night, dark and he was in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Home was too far, so that plan was definitely out and if he went back to the hospital the strangers or now even maybe the police would take him away, especially since he assaulted the security guard. How had everything gotten so completely out of hand? Oh, his father and brothers would be so angry with him for causing all this trouble. All he was trying to do was stay out of the way and wait for his family and find out how his grandma was doing. "Grandma I wish I knew what to do," he thought to himself fighting back more tears. He knew he couldn't stay out in the night much longer as cold as he was. "Maybe I can find another way in and then just try to stay out of eyesight until my family comes." This seemed the most logical plan at this point in time. He knew he was in trouble for his actions tonight, but he would worry about that later, for now he needed to get out of the cold, and find a way to check on Grandma. Looking around to get his bearing he headed back in what he hoped was the direction of the hospital


The four Tracy brothers came out of the elevator and headed over to the front desk.

"Excuse me, mame we're looking for our younger brother Alan Tracy. He came here with his grandmother, Mrs. Ruth Tracy, who is up in your intensive care unit," said Scott.

The Receptionist looked up and was about to ask for a description when she spied John, her mouth froze as she stared at the other blond Tracy. It took a moment before she collected herself enough to answer, "I think you had better talk to the police." She called, "Officer Doyle, could you come over here please?"

The brothers looked at one and other, then gulped each wondering to himself what trouble the youngest Tracy could have possibly gotten himself into. Officer Doyle made his way over. He held out his hand and introduced himself to Scott. Scott replied, "I'm Scott Tracy and these are my brothers John, Virgil, and Gordon. What's going on? What do the police want with my little brother, Alan?"

Officer Doyle nodded to each of the brothers. "Well it seems your brother was disruptive here in the waiting area and when social services tried to take him to a shelter he assaulted a security guard and then took off running. We haven't been able to find him as of yet? When we do he'll be taken to juvenile detention as the guard he assaulted states he will be pressing charges against him."

The four brothers raised their eye brows looked at each other and than at Officer Doyle in disbelief. "Our little brother? Assaulted a security guard? Is this some kind of sick joke, because it's not very funny."

"I'm afraid this is no joke, two of my officers witnessed the assault."

"I want to talk to these officers, and anyone else who may have knowledge in this matter NOW!" said Scott. " And what do you mean he ran off? Where?" Scott's voice was firm, he stared into Office Doyle's face, making the man take a step backwards before he answered.

"Well he -I mean I was told he ran out the ER and though they chased him for several blocks he managed to get away. We still have several cars cruising the area looking for him."

This time Scott's voice was full of anger as he fought the urge to deck the man standing in front of him, only John's hand on his arm kept him from doing it. "Are you telling me that you chased a twelve year old out into this neighborhood and weather in the middle of the night?"

"Well -ah –he-"

"You get those people over here NOW! Virgil you'd better go get dad."

Virgil headed up to find his dad. He wasn't looking forward to telling him his youngest son was not only missing; they wanted to haul him off to JD. He shook his head, unable to believe this was happening. How could he get his dad without alarming grandma. And the fear he felt for his youngest brother out in an unsafe neighborhood in the middle of a cold rainy night made his heart ache. He stepped off the elevator, to his relief he saw his father in the hall talking with whom he suspected to be grandma's doctor.

"Dad, I -"

Jeff turned toward his son, "Virgil I'd like you to meet Dr. Cassens, he is the neurologist looking after you grandmother."

"Pleased to meet you sir," replied Virgil as he shook his hand. "Dad we need you to come down stairs, a -"

"Where's Alan?"

"That's just it dad, they chased him out of the hospital and now they can't find him!"

"WHAT?" replied both Jeff and the doctor.

Jeff started for the elevator.

"What about grandma?"

"She went back to sleep, and for now we're not saying anything to her. Now let's go. You can explain to me on the way down!" All three got in and Virgil hit the button.


John looked at the officer, he kept his voice calm, but forceful, "You do not have much time, when my father arrives he is going to want answers and you had better be prepared to give those answers. I might also suggest you get a hold of your commander and the hospital CEO, because if any harm comes to Jeff Tracy's son …."

Officer Doyle turned white, "Jefferson Tracy?... Of Tracy Enterprises?"

"That would be correct."

"Scott, John you guys take care of this part, I'm going to talk with the officers over there and find out where they last saw him and start looking."

"I'll go with you bro," said Virgil coming up behind Gordon. Luckily they both had their jackets with them.

Jeff Tracy was in his full command mode when he walked up. "Someone had better be prepared to give me answers, as to where my youngest son is," his voice leaving no room for debate.

The two officers and the women from social services were standing there, all a little taken back with who they were about to speak to.


Sharon was the first to speak. "Sir we were called and advised that an unsupervised boy was here in the waiting area causing problems. We were going to take him to a shelter until relatives could be found."

"My son would not be disruptive. What kind of problems are you talking about?"

"Well- the security guard hadn't really named anything ah- specifically, but he was an unsupervised child."

"Who was waiting on news of his grandmother who was taken suddenly ill, and is in this HOSPITAL! Why didn't you see if maybe he could have been taken to an area closer to where she was? The staff knew his family was on the way."

"Well we…"

"You didn't find out what was going on, you just assumed and threatened to take him away! He was already worried sick about his grandmother, and you scared him even more!" John was forcing himself to control his anger.

Jeff turned towards the officers. "What was your part in this?"

"Well- we had just brought a combative drunk in and Cliff was helping us get him under control. Then he asked us to back him with a kid he said was a troublemaker- who he was about to turn over to social services. He grabbed a hold of the kid and-."

"This guard put his hands on my brother?" Scott said angrily his hands in fists.

"Yes, he said something to the kid we couldn't hear then he had grabbed the kid's arm. The next thing you saw was this kid, grab his wrist with a hold I've never seen before. Made him lose his grip immediately and holding his wrist he spins around throws himself back and puts a foot to Cliff's abdomin and throws him over causing Cliff to fall into those chairs over there." The officer pointed to the roped off area.

The Tracy's could hardly believe their eyes, in a taped off area they looked over to see several over turned chairs. They recognized Alan's jacket on the floor.

"Then when we tried to intervene he took off like a jack rabbit and there was no catching him. Cliff said when we do get him he will press charges against him."

"Excuse me." The group turned to see the desk receptionist standing there. "I may have some information that will show that the child had every right to do what he did."

"Please go on," said Jeff.

"Well I didn't come on until seven tonight, but the young man introduced himself to me as Alan, and said he was waiting for news on his grandmother and for his family to come. The worker I relived had pointed him out before she left and said he was a lone and to try to keep an eye on him, she said Cliff had shoved him earlier and was being his usual bulling self. Alan was not causing any problems, in fact he was probably one of the most well behaved and polite kids I have ever met. But Cliff was being very rude to him and kept glaring at him, trying to intimidate him. Alan tried to stay out of his way, but whenever he came to ask if there had been any word or get some water from the fountain Cliff was right there harassing him. I could tell Alan was angry by the look in his eyes, but he kept his temper in check and would just go back over and sit down. I became rather busy and didn't notice until the commotion began that Cliff must have called social services."

Jeff turned back to the police officers, "So NOT knowing all the facts you chased a scared twelve year old out into the night! Gentleman I suggest you find him and if any harm comes to him….." He let his words sink in, then ordered them to bring this security guard over.

"He's being checked over after complining of back pain."

While the three Tracy's fought to control the rage they felt toward this man who had dared to touch Alan. They remained outwardly calm, but very intimidating. Scott and John gave each other a look, knowing they were both thinking the same thing. If anything happened to Alan he'd have more than back pain to worry about.

Officer Doyle came walking back over with the security guard, he hadn't told Cliff who wanted to see him, so Cliff was totally taken back and turned completely white when he came around the corner and saw Jeff Tracy standing there. The Tracy's were equally surprised when they saw Cliff.


Jeff lunged at the man. Had Scott and John not been there to hold him back, Jeff Tracy might have been up on assault charges himself.

"Hang on dad."

" You know this guy?" asked Officer Doyle.

"This is Cliff Biggerstaff, ex-Tracy corps employee, I gave him the choice of resigning or being prosecuted for trying to steel computer equipment and airplane parts, from a hanger in New York last year." The anger in Jeff's voice unmistakable. "So you thought you'd take it out on my son. If anything happens to him, I'll have you charged and put away, so that you won't ever see the light of day again!"

Cliff tried in vain to recover and be intimidating himself, "your brat was causing problems, and…"

"We have witnesses that say different," replied Jeff coldly.

"I'm having him charged with assault and you'll pay for the pain he has caused me."

"From what a witness has told us, YOU assaulted him first. Maybe we'll charge you with child endangerment!" said John.

Scott stared at Cliff till the six foot, 230lb man backed up and looked away, knowing he had bullied the wrong person this time.

"You had better hope we find my brother unharmed! Get him out of our sight!"

Jeff Tracy turned back to Officer Doyle, "What are you doing to find my son."

While Jeff talked with the authorities, who had arrived, namely the chief of police and the hospital CEO, each of whom were doing their best to apologize and assure Jeff Tracy that everything possible would be done to find the youngest son. Scott and John also went to do some looking on their own. Hoping that the other two brothers might have some encouraging news.