This is my first ever published Victorious Fanfiction.

Rated T for language.

This is based off the song; I Can't Wait by Runner Runner.

Each chapter will be based off another paragraph from the song.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Schneider's Bakery, Momma always told me not to play with my food, but I couldn't resist!

Credit to Capitol Records, as they signed Runner Runner.

Beck switched his foot onto the brake, as rush-hour began. The groan that escaped his girlfriend was inevitable.

"Shit." Jade mumbled tossing her head back, onto the vintage backrest of Beck's Mustang. "Fucking rush-hour. I hate this bullshit. 10 more minutes and we would have made it."

Beck smirked. Most would be horrified by Jade's language, covering children's ear with disgusted gasps. But whenever they were stuck in rush-hour, it just amused him. He knew her reasons for cursing had nothing to do with being stuck with him. Infact he was the only thing that made it barable for her. She would shut her tongue in the car door, rather than be stuck with anyone else.

No, she just hated the claustrophopic feeling of being surrounded by strangers in their cars with no escape. The bored on lookers looking for any kind of distraction, and she was usually the perfect fit for their need. Her shiny piercings catching the light was usually what got their attention. Her unusual hair color helped keep their stares. Then before they knew it, noses would be turned up in distaste, and conversations would take place.

She sighed turning eyelids fluttering closed. Beck reached his hand over, interwining their fingers. He studied her face. He could sense the discomfort she was feeling.

He glanced back at the road, seeing no change. Then leaned over and pressed his lips to hers gently. She gave him a half-smile when he pulled back, obviously still uneasy.

"Your lips are dry." She complained, pulling chapstick out of her bag, applying it, before holding it out to him. He smiled, and kissed her again, stealing the moisterizer right off her lips.

Jade smiled a full smile as he pulled away, putting some more chapstick on, before tossing it back into her bag.

"What flavor is that?" Beck asked, rubbing his lips together.

"Strawberry Mango." Jade answered.

"It tastes good. That wasn't the one you had yesterday, was it? That one was different somehow." He stated.

"Yeah that was, Kiwi." She leaned her head onto his shoulder.

"You have so many different ones, how do you keep track?" Beck asked. "I can barely keep track of my phone. How can you keep them all straight?"

She shrugged. "I just do, I guess."

He put his arm around her, as she snuggled into him. The traffic was just starting to let up. He kissed her forehead, then saw the car next to them look at them in distaste. Beck's eyes narrowed into a glare. The top was down, so Beck could hear what the stanger said to what he assumed to be his wife.

"Piercings, Tattoos, Dyed Hair. Definition of a whor-"

"Don't talk about her that way!" Beck yelled above the stanger.

"Rude too." He tisked.

"Fuck you, asshole." Beck uttered flipping him off, before pulling out in front of him, and getting off on their exit.

Nobody had the right to say that to his girlfriend. He would protect her until the day he died. He couldn't wait to marry her some day. Some may say he was whipped. But the smart ones would know, someone took his heart captive.

"I still hate fucking traffic."

And that someone had sticky fingers, and a mouth to match.

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