NCIS – The truth behind the winning smile...

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The team sat in the bull-pen carrying out their individual morning tasks. The day was set out to be a boring one case-wise, the only excitement being a work-experience girl from England assigned to Gibbs' team by director Shepherd.

'I wonder what she's like...' Said McGee, looking up from the paperwork he obviously hadn't been paying any attention to in the first place.

'Who?' Questioned Ziva from across the room, grateful for any release from the mind-numbing chore of reports.

'The work-experience kid Ziv-aah, who else!' Tony said, lifting his fingers from the keyboard and rubbing them down the length of his face, 'She's meant to be arriving sometime this morning.'

Ziva's face changed from utterly confused to calmly understanding as the facts clicked into place in her brain. She made a move to reply but stopped short at the sound of her boss's low growl,

'I don't see why the director had to dump her with us, it's not like we're the agencies top response team, it's not like we have work to do...' There was a slight pause as Gibbs stopped talking before the elevator doors opened with a 'ding'. As the doors slid open, all heads turned as a tall, slim woman with wavy chestnut hair and a calm but confident air emerged, a small black briefcase in one hand and wearing a loose but smart trouser-suit.

She strode across the bullpen and came to stand at the end of the divider next to Tony's desk. Placing her briefcase carefully on the floor, she stood up and un-buttoned her jacket before turning to address them all.

'Hello, my name is Naomi Farhi, and I believe you are Team Gibbs'

The team sat there for a moment, slightly dumbstruck by the beautiful, confident young woman standing so coolly in the middle of their bullpen. She looked so comfortable standing there yet so very out of place at the same time.

'That wasn't quite what I was expecting...' muttered Gibbs.

It was Tony who regained his composure first, rising from behind his desk and moving around to shake hands.

'Where are my manners! Tony DiNozzo – Senior Field Agent. This is Ziva David,' he said pleasantly, gesturing to Ziva, 'Tim McGee and the Boss-man Leroy Jethro Gibbs' He smiled before leaning close to her ear and stage-whispering: 'But don't call him 'Sir', he works for a living!'

Naomi smiled good-naturedly, 'It's a pleasure Ziva, Tim ... Gibbs' she said grinning and smiling at everybody individually.

'I met your director downstairs and he offered to show me around, I declined – I find its better to make your own impressions rather than have opinions of others thrust upon you...'

'Is that...?' Tony said, frowning slightly in an attempt to recollect the quote.

'Yeah,' Naomi turned to him and smiled, 'Stop Running' by Fraz Wattson, starring Elsy and Ro Wattson. Released October 2011'

'Youngest family filming business' said Tony excitedly, 'three siblings' barely past University and already they're making short movies that are fast becoming internet sensations!'

'Whenever you're ready, DiNozzo' bit out Gibbs.

'But boss, she's a movie nerd!' said DiNozzo, the excitement of finding a fellow movie-fanatic shining through in his voice.

'Does this face tell you I care?' Gibbs questioned rhetorically.

'Naomi, you're with DiNozzo – I want you to stick like...'

'Gibbs to his coffee' McGee whispered, winning a small giggle from Ziva and subtle grins from Tony and Naomi.

'... Glue, was the expression I was looking for thank you very much McGee!' Snapped Gibbs.

'DiNozzo, you can give her a tour, show her the ropes and don't get either of you into any trouble – for everyone's sakes'...'

'On it Boss!'

Gibbs raised an eyebrow, 'Go!'

Grinning, Tony turned on his heels and led Naomi towards the elevator, regaling his favourite movies and quotes.

'I hope she can handle him...' Ziva muttered before turning back to her work and pushing all other thoughts from her mind.

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