Oh my God. I can't believe I basically forgot about this story. I just got a few reviews and I realized that I haven't updated for about two months :S I'M SORRY GUYS! if u dnt forgiv me den ur all prepzzzz

Anyways… got some more suggestions, thanks guys! :D I put the usernames in bold beside the ones that were suggested!

So here we go. Commandments 70-95!

Thou shall write furious author's notes at the beginning of each chapta which criticize the reviowers for flassing.

Thy characters shall make out keenly against trees and consequently end up in situations in which they lose thy virility.

Thy chapterz must deel wif rlly srus issus!11!

Thou has to tell ebony why your being all erective.

Thou must confuse Voldremot and Darth Valer.

If thou art getting visions, thou might be getting possessed like in Da Ring 2!

Thou shall make da prepz do exorcizes (GEDDIT) wen da rest of da class is fucking dismissed.

Thou must refer to thy friends as bich and cunt.

Thou must not flame Tara, or else da nredz will put vrtuz in ur computer!111

Thou must spork heroin cabarets.

Thou must get sum fucking ppl out there to look for Series and Lucian – pornto!

Vampir shall film u when ur having sexxxxx.

Thou must CUM NOW! guiltily when Preacher McGongel tells u 2.

Thou shall have a Dork Mark on your you-know-wut.

Thou must stap Vrompire, otherwise Snoop will rap Draco!1

Thou shall not rite da next chapta til u get TIN god reviuws!1!

Snoop/Snep/Snap and Serverus shall be two completely different characters.

Thou must give thy friends deth's touch sin b4 dey go bak in tim.

Thou must use every possible short form.

Dumbeldore shall cry wisely (c is da toot of crakter?) when Darco commitz suicide because he wwuz relly upset.


Thou must wear panamas and a tshit.

Thou shall never bother Dumblydorr if he hath a hedache. (jessigaga137)

Thou shall change thy middle names when thy friend steals thy sweater. (FamiliarTasteOfPoison)

Voldemort must speak in olde Englishe. (FamiliarTasteOfPoison)

Thou shall masticate to videos of Enoby. (Emullz)

That's all for now, folks! :D Hope you liked it!

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