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Leader Songstar – A blonde she-cat with amber eyes (Dragon- Raven)

Deputy Darkenshadow – A black tom with gray paws and dark blue eyes (Dragon- Shadow)

Medicine Cat Goldenblaze – A small, orange-blonde she-cat with grass green eyes (Dragon – Astrid)
Apprentice; Fallenlight

Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits)

Grassmoss – A calico tom with moss green eyes (Dragon – Adventure)

Falconleaf – A golden-brown she-cat with midnight blue eyes (Dragon – Amber)

Weathertail – Beautiful silver she-cat with one black paw on her front-right (Dragon – Adder)

Mouseflecks – A mouse-grey tom with slay grey eyes (Dragon – Rain)
Apprentice; Bouncepaw

Firewind – A fire-orange tom with golden-amber eyes (Dragon – Echo)
Apprentice; Applepaw

Rockyflight – A rocky grey she-cat with amazing green eyes (Dragon – Scales)
Apprentice; Swallowpaw

Apprentices (more than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

Fallenlight – A tortoiseshell she-cat with sea blue eyes (Dragon-in-Training – Hollow)

Bouncepaw – A white tom with black patches over his green-blue eyes (Dragon-in-Training – Cloud)

Applepaw – A light brown she-cat with white flecks on her chest and tail, leaf green eyes (Dragon-in-Training – Lightning)

Swallowpaw – A swallow brown she-cat with awesome amber eyes (Dragon-in-Training – Striker)

Queens (she-cats, expecting or nursing kits)

Creekfall – A fire-orange she-cat with river blue eyes; Mother to Mosskit (a silver-grey tabby she-cat with bright green-blue eyes), Darkkit (a pure black tom with amber eyes), and Destinykit (a pure brown tabby she-cat with bright green eyes) (Dragon – Ember)

Oceanblast – Blue/grey she-cat with green eyes; Mother to Berrykit (a white tom with black stripes over his head, ears, eyes, back, underbelly, paws, and tail tip, green eyes) (Dragon – Flame)

Elders (former warriors and queens now retired)

Yarrowshadow – A dark grey, fluffy tom with faded brown eyes (Dragon – Spike)

Featherfur – A long-limbed black and grey tabby she-cat with dark amber eyes (Dragon – Seagull)


Leader Sparkstar – A white she-cat with sparks of grey, blonde, black and brown all around her. Dark blue eyes (Dragon – Toothless)

Deputy Heatherpelt – A ginger she-cat all through with sparkly blue eyes (Dragon – Shadow)

Medicine Cat Morningshadow – A small, pure black she-cat with amber eyes with flecks of green in them (Dragon – Melody)
Apprentice; Flamefur

Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits)

Skycloud – A pure white she-cat with orange-amber eyes (Dragon – Fire)

Nightsky – A black tom with white flecks like stars through his body, dark blue/green eyes (Dragon – Stripe)

Jaggedscar – A golden brown tom with black paws, green eyes (Dragon – Night)

Scarleteye – A light brown she-cat with white flecks on her paws and black flecks on her ear tips (Dragon – Sky)

Larksong – A dark brown she-cat with blonde patches over her eyes, sparkly yellow eyes (Dragon– River
Apprentice; Ravenpaw

Riverclaw – A dark blue/grey tom with falcon brown eyes (Dragon – Song)
Apprentice; Omenpaw

Apprentices (more than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

Flamefur – A ginger tom throughout with green eyes (Dragon-in-Training – Ocean)

Ravenpaw – A pure black tom with light blue eyes (Dragon-in-Training – Omen)

Omenpaw – A tiny light brown she-cat with pure amber eyes (Dragon-in-Training – Spark)

Queens (she-cats, expecting or nursing kits)

Willowdawn – A light blonde she-cat with flecks of white on her paws, green eyes (Dragon – Hail) Mother to Fallenkit, Hollowkit, and Grasskit

Elders (former warriors and queens now retired)

Iceflight – A long-limbed white she-cat with icy blue eyes (Dragon – Flamester)

Grainyarrow – A long-furred muddy brown tom with icy green eyes (Dragon – Tower)


Leader Swallowstar – A brown-grey tom with wide blue-grey eyes (Dragon –Leader)

Deputy Thrushleaf – A white tom with patches of brown over his back, eyes, paws, and tail, green/blue eyes (Dragon – Tooth)

Medicine Cat Kiteshadow – A blue/grey tom with a white tail, green/grey eyes (Dragon – Star)
Apprentice; Skyfeather

Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits)

Softcloud – A fluffy white she-cat with blue eyes that shine in the sunlight (Dragon – Bubble)

Windbreeze – An orange tom who looks exactly like a fox with fox green eyes (Dragon – Rowen)

Falconswift – A pure brown tom with blue eyes and a splash of white on his paws (Dragon – Breeze)

Breezesky – A light grey she-cat with green/blue eyes that stand out against her fur (Dragon – Grass)
Apprentice; Mellowpaw

Darkfluff – A dark grey long furred tom with grey/blue eyes that shine against the moonlight (Dragon – Snarl)
Apprentice; Arrowpaw

Fallenwind – A dark brown tom with amber eyes (Dragon – Lake)

Apprentices (more than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

Skyfeather – A cloud white she-cat with sky blue eyes (Dragon-in-Training – Strike)

Mellowpaw – A blonde she-cat with white paws and muzzle and she has blue eyes (Dragon-in-Training – Breeze)

Arrowpaw – A black tom with white flecks on his ear tips, paws, underbelly, and tail, green/blue eyes (Dragon-in-Training – Snake)

Queens (she-cats, expecting or nursing kits)

Lakefeather – A light brown she—cat with blonde flecks on her paws and pure green eyes; mother to Oceankit and Rainkit (Dragon – Ivy)

Elders (warriors and queens now retired)

Holeflake – A black and white she-cat with amber/green eyes (Dragon – Falcon)

Jaggedthorn – A ginger and blonde tom with yellow eyes (Dragon – Two-heads)


Leader Fallenstar – An eagle brown tom with bright green eyes (Dragon – Long Neck)

Deputy Thornshadow – A ginger/brown tom with green eyes that darken in the dark (Dragon – Fire-Ball)

Medicine Cat Falconcloud – A light grey she-cat with mottled brown eyes (Dragon – Snarl-Face)
Apprentice; Heatherpaw

Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits)

Shadowfalcon – A brown and black tom with white patches on his tail and eyes, grass green eyes (Dragon – Falcon)
Apprentice; Adderpaw

Flakestorm – A white she-cat with spotted grey paws (Dragon – Half-Face)

Growlthorn – A black and grey tom with flecks of brown on his ears and paws (Dragon – Jagged)
Apprentice; Hollypaw

Amberblaze – A ginger she-cat with white flecks on her chest (Dragon – Thrush)

Darkfall – A pitch black tom with green eyes and amber flecks in his eyes (Dragon – Kiwi)

Thunderflight – A brown and ginger she-cat with amber eyes (Dragon – Vole)

Apprentices (more than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

Heatherpaw – A small grey and black she-cat with mottled blue eyes (Dragon-in-Training – Icy-Rain)

Adderpaw – A long-limbed white tom with a tint of grey in his tail, pure dark brown eyes (Dragon-in-Training – Acid-Fire)

Hollypaw – A pitch black long furred she-cat with icy blue-green eyes (Dragon-in-Training – Night-Fury)

Queens (she-cats, expecting or nursing kits)

Tigereye – An orange she-cat with black flecks running down her back and tail, green eyes; mother to Squirrelkit and Icekit (Dragon – Icicle)

Elders (warriors and queens now retired)

Fishtail – A ginger she-cat with dotted brown spots around her under-belly, yellow eyes (Dragon – Dark)

Cats Outside of Clans

Thumper – A calico, elderly tom with faded green eyes

MistClan's Dragons

(Flame = Boy Dragon)
(She-Dragon = Girl Dragon)

Raven – A four-headed she-dragon with brown scales on her necks, black scales on her head, and yellow scales everywhere else, spikey wings, Amber eyes

Shadow – A black scaled flame with a white scaled tail, green eyes and scaly wings, he can glide through the forest without a sound

Astrid – A yellow scaled she-dragon with blue eyes and two tails, her wings are smooth and can slice through the forest without a sound

Adventure – A red scaled flame with 4 sharp wings and 3 tails, amber orange eyes, his 4 wings are a darker shade of red than the rest of his body

Amber – An amber scaled she-dragon with 2 heads that shoot out fire, her tail has green scales that make out a cat picture, blue eyes

Adder – A yellow scaled flame with 2 heads, 3 wings and 4 tails, his tails are brown, his heads are red, his wings are green and smooth, and the rest of him is yellow, his teeth are the sharpest teeth in the Cln

Rain – A grey scaled flame with a very long neck, his wings are sharp and scaly with light blue scales, he has super sharp teeth but not as sharp as Adder

Echo – A black scaled she-dragon with a long tail, ears, wings, and neck, her ears are a black scaled colour, she has grass green eyes

Holllow – A black and white scaled flame dragon in training, his head and tail are white and the rest is black, including his smooth and scaly wings

Cloud- A white scaled she-dragon in training with huge spiky wings that flap without disturbing the other dragons and cats, her wings are a grey-white color, but you can hardly see the grey

Lightning – A lightning yellow color scaled flame dragon in training, his wings are smooth with spikes near the top

Striker – An orange scaled she-dragon dragon in training with lighter orange going down to her tail and wings are the darkest orange scales in her scaly body

Ember – A green scaled flame with orange wings and blue sparkly eyes, he has 5 tails, each a different shade of red, he can shoot fireballs while he's flying

Flame – A red-orange scaled flame with pitch black sharp wings and icy grey eyes; he is swift in the sky

Spike – A small, midnight blue scaled flame with spikes all over his body, he is short and stubborn, he has purple spikes protecting his chubby body, he is stupid and hates to be bothered

Seagull – A white scaled she-dragon with smooth fluffy wings like a dove

A Scared She-cat of the Ancient Clans


"Mouseflecks, meet your new kits," Goldenblaze meowed gently after what seemed like forever for the grey tom. His dragon, Rain stared after him as Mouseflecks entered the nursery and saw Creekfall and his three kits.

"Creekfall, what shall we name them?" Mouseflecks asked his mate. The fiery orange she-cat blinked wearily and didn't say anything. Then, she said pointing her tail her grey tabby she-cat kitten.

"What about we name that one Mosskit?" she asked.

"Cool, perfect." He replied. "How about the black and grey one Darkkit?" he asked Creekfall. "That words," she meowed, Mouseflecks detected humor in her voice. "What about that light brown and white one?" asked Creekfall.

"Then Creekfall and Mouseflecks said together: "Destinykit," Ember, Creekfall's dragon roared and flapped his wings, happy that he didn't have to go hunting or fighting with Creekfall for a while.