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Destinypaw, Berrypaw and Nico were padding through into MistClan territory.

"This is so AWESOME!" cried Nico happily.

Destinypaw smiled "I knew you would. There is so much to see out there, if only we could all see it!" she exclaimed. The three padded into the MistClan camp and Nico's yellow eyes widened with adventure.

Destinypaw and Berrypaw padded to Rockystar's den and mewed "We need to see you, Rockystar." The cats meowed.

"Come in," whispered Rockystar. "What is that rouge doing here, he smells like one!" snarled Rockystar once the cats had come into her den.

"Rockystar, it's okay, he is our friend, and he wants to join our Clan." Berrypaw explained to the new leader.

"I shall make the announcement right away." Meowed Rockystar, more calmly. The cats padded out and sat beneath the High Rock. Rockystar meowed "All cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather round the High Rock for a clan meeting!" All the cats gathered around before Rockystar continued.

"We have two warriors and an apprentice to make, for the battle with rouges earlier! Berrypaw, Applepaw, please come onto the High Rock!" she yowled. Berrypaw and Applepaw pounced up onto the High Rock.

Destinypaw gave a quick sigh. Separated again. She thought sadly before hearing Rockystar continue.

"I, Rockystar, leader of MistClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these two apprentices, they have trained to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as a warrior in their turn. Applepaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, and to protect and to defend your clan, even at the cost of your life?"

Applepaw gasped nervously "I do."

Rockystar saw the nervousness in the apprentice's eyes, and she smiled. She bent down gently and whispered into Applepaw's ear "I was nervous when I got my warrior name, its okay to be nervous." She mewed gently. "Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name, Applepaw, from this moment on, you will be known as Appleblaze. StarClan honors your bravery and strength and we welcome you as a full member of MistClan."

Rockystar rested her head on Appleblaze's head and Appleblaze licked the new leader's shoulder. Rockystar then turned to Berrypaw "Berrypaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, and to protect and defend your clan, even at the cost of your life?"

Berrypaw meowed "I do."

"Then," yowled Rockystar "By the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name, Berrypaw, from this moment on, you will be known as Berrysplash. StarClan honors your loyalty and strength and we welcome you as a full member of MistClan!" she announced.

"Appleblaze, Berrysplash, Appleblaze, Berrysplash!" the clan yowled with cheer.

"That's not all!" she continued. "Nico, please come onto the High Rock!" she yowled. Nico padded up to the High Rock and leapt up on it in a heartbeat. "This is a proud day for MistClan! By naming apprentices, we show that MistClan will survive and remain strong."

"Go, Nico!" mouthed Destinypaw.

"Nico, from now until you earn your warrior name, you shall be known as Nettlepaw. Grassmoss I think you are ready for an apprentice, you will mentor Nettlepaw. I know you pass on your wisdom and strength to Nettlepaw, and train him the skills that will make him a brave member of MistClan!"

The three apprentices and the two new warriors saw Nettlepaw's yellow eyes widen with determination as Grassmoss and Nettlepaw touched noses.

"Nettlepaw, Nettlepaw, Nettlepaw!" the cats cheered and the former rouge apprentice leapt down with Grassmoss by his side.

Berrysplash padded up to Destinypaw and he touched noses with her. "I'll see you when you become a warrior." he purred.

"I love you, Berrysplash; I'll miss you in the apprentices den." Destinypaw nearly cried as Berrysplash padded off to see Nettlepaw and Appleblaze.

"Hi, Destinypaw, will you miss Berrysplash?" asked Nettlepaw, padding up to Destinypaw, seeing Destinypaw's eyes water.

"Yeah," she cried, feeling tears fall down her cheeks.

"Awwwww Destinypaw, you have me, Mosspaw and Darkpaw to help you through it until you become a warrior." He meowed, trying to cheer up the she-cat.

"He loves me, which is all I need to know." she sniffed.

Nettlepaw stiffened, then meowed "That's a brave she-cat." And he padded off. Destinypaw put her head down and cried a bit more.

Mosspaw walked over to Destinypaw, her eyes widened at the tear puddle, which was like a tiny speck of dust. "Destinypaw, you okay sis?" she asked worried.

"Berrysplash, he isn't going to come near me, he might think it is weird to be in love with an apprentice." Mosspaw gave an mrrow of laughter.

"Destinypaw let me tell you a story." Mosspaw meowed. "Into the apprentice's den." she whispered. The two apprentices padded back into their den and Mosspaw started.

"There was once this cat called Addertooth, and his best friend, Foxfang was mentoring this beautiful light grey she-cat called Emberpaw. Anyway, Addertooth loved Emberpaw with all his heart and he knew Emberpaw felt the same. Foxfang then got badly injured at a huge battle, the older elders will remember this but, because Emberpaw fought so well, she became a warrior called Embersky. They fell in love and had kits called Creekkit, Rabbitkit and Longkit. They had mother as their one of their kits, remember she told us that before she…"

Mosspaw gulped "Died."

"Oh yeah!" pricked up Destinypaw. "He can still love me!" her heart nearly skipped a beat and she jumped up and her depression flooded away like an over flooded river drying up. Mosspaw purred with happiness that her sister was happy again.

"Swallowheart, Bouncefoot and Fallenlight want us to come training with Grassmoss and Nettlepaw." Mosspaw remembered. The cats padded out to the ravine, but first picking up their dragons.

Destinypaw shut her eyes as she entered the dragon's lair. She felt a heavy weight land on top of her and saw Flightless licking her and she laughed "Good girl, Flightless!" she yowled between licks. The dragon and the apprentice padded out of the dragon's lair. Destinypaw groaned as they padded down to HollowTrees.

"Today's lesson will be hunting!" announced Bouncefoot. Darkpaw gave a huge groan but Destinypaw was excited.

Swallowheart sniffed the air being very careful. "I smell a mouse in the bushes." she meowed slyly. She positioned herself into the hunters crouch and Darkpaw tried to do the same. He failed and tripped up over his paws but Destinypaw tried it. She perfected it and Destinypaw caught the mouse before Swallowheart.

Nettlepaw looked at Destinypaw proudly and meowed "I could never catch a mouse that quick, well done!" he started to purr.

"If only Berrysplash were here, he would be so proud of you." taunted Darkpaw.

"BE QUIET DARKPAW!" snapped Destinypaw and unsheathed her claws, ready to attack.

"Destinypaw, stay!" warned Bouncefoot.

"Sorry Bouncefoot." she whined.

"That's better." growled Swallowheart. "And I expect to see better behavior from you, Darkpaw." growled Bouncefoot.

"Okay, Bouncefoot." meowed Darkpaw. Destinypaw started to dig a hole to bury the mouse that she caught. She tossed the fat mouse into the hole and started to dig the soil over it. Swallowheart then turned to Darkpaw.

"Your turn, smell the air, do you smell prey?" she asked.

Darkpaw lifted his nose into the air and sniffed. He leaped off of his paws and whispered "I smell a thrush." Destinypaw and Mosspaw stood together but Fallenlight called the silver tabby she-cat over and Mosspaw left. Destinypaw continued to watch Darkpaw catch the thrush, which it was hopping around the floor, unaware of the black tom creeping up on him.

Nettlepaw padded along beside her. "Hi, Destinypaw, where's the mouse you caught earlier?" he asked.

"Over there." replied Destinypaw, swishing her tail over to the lump of mud beside Darkpaw, who wasn't noticing it. The cats watched Darkpaw unsheathe his claws and launched himself at the thrush. Darkpaw killed it with one powerful swipe with his claws. Darkpaw looked very proud of himself and he gave a smug look at his baby sister.

Destinypaw gave a quick growl. "Stop it brother!" she growled.

"Make me." he challenged.

Destinypaw snapped "Maybe later." And she padded off. Flightless took off in flight and flew faster than the speed of sound, to her owner. Destinypaw sighed and returned, thinking about what she did. 'I'm just angry today, I had the battle, and then Berrysplash became a warrior, then Darkpaw was getting on my nerves and then-" explained Destinypaw but Swallowheart covered her mouth with her tail.

"Hush." she meowed "Can you hear that, footsteps, the scent of badgers." she whispered to Destinypaw. "Faint, but still there." She growled as deep as her voice could go.

Darkpaw yowled "BADGERS, WHERE?"

His Clanmates snarled "HUSH!"

Destinypaw heard a huge yowl "HELP ME!" it seemed to wail.

"Mosspaw!" Screeched Destinypaw.

"FALLENLIGHT, MOSSPAW WHERE ARE YOU!" yowled Bouncefoot. They heard another screech of terror.

"That is the two medicine cats," cried Destinypaw "We have to save them!"


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