"Artemis! Artemis! Where are you? Oh when I find that girl, -huff- I'm gonna -pant-…. ARTEMISSSSSS! WHERE ARE YOU?" the nanny huffed/ panted. "Well, it's not really her fault," said the nanny to herself, as she was treading throughout the forest, "Why, with her father and mother being gone almost all the time, and her sister only there to keep her company, It's no wonder why she would want to run away. Poor thing. The tenth time this week, and still counting! Her father won't let her go outside, and who can live without the sunshine? –Yawn- well… it's not …..-Yawn-…really my fault I –yawn- dozed off….maybe….. Another doozie -yawn- wouldn't …zzzzzzzz" and with that the nanny fell asleep. "Good. She's asleep, teddy. Now we can go to the park!" a voice hidden from behind a tree said. A young, girl with long blonde hair and icy blue eyes whispered to her teddy bear, teddy. "Come on teddy, let's go!" She yelled. The park she was going to was a rather small one. It was old, and almost everything in it was rusted or broken. The swing set was lopsided and some of the chains of=n the swing were broken. The slide was extremely rusted, and had dents in it from kids throwing temper tantrums before. The "lookout" tower had some holes in the ground, and the ladder leading up to it had some missing rungs. The sign by the park that had once declared the name of the park was faded away. Since the gardener that had once taken care of the park was gone, bushes and trees grew around the park, making it seem like it was a kept secret.

The young girl that was holding her teddy bear was jogging towards the park. The girl lived at the edge of the forest, the slums. She lived in an old abandoned condo with her father, who was gone almost all the time, and her sister, who was also gone all the time. The park was at the other far end of the forest, and the girl had been hiding around the middle. When she finally reached the park, she let out an excited yell. "We're here teddy! Come on! We MUST find that jewel in the jungle! Teddy! Watch out for the tiger!" and so the girl and her teddy played until it was starting to get late. She trekked back, until she reached the condo. "Artemis! Where were you? Your father is going to fire me! No more running off!" the nanny scolded. "Sorry, nanny." "Well, now. Off to bed with you." "Yes nanny.'' And the girl climbed up the steps to her bed. "Oh, poor girl." "The only poor girl will be you." A gruff voice said behind the nanny. The nanny whirled around, and saw it was Artemis's father. "Oh, it's you. Are you going to fire me?" "No. but your performance was very poor." "I'm sorry sir! It won't happen again. I promise." "Oh, it better not….."

Three days later

Artemis' father and the nanny had been watching her especially hard lately. The nanny was following her practically wherever she went, and Artemis was starting to get bored of staying inside. So she pulled the "I-have – to- go- to- the-bathroom-trick" and climbed out the window. When she was out, she ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Through the bushes, trees and rocks. "Finally, teddy! We're here! Ohhhhhh! Teddy! Look! There's Bigfoot, stomping through the trees! Let's get him!"

A shiny, red van pulls up to the sidewalk. On one side, a book store, and Wayne tech building. On the other side, a forest. A woman with red hair and a blonde man step out of the car. "Wallace, come on now. You can walk your dog around the block while we talk to Mr. Wayne." A young red headed boy, about 7 steps out of the van. "mooommmm! Don't call me that! Why do we have to be here anyway? Why couldn't I stay with gramps?" "Because Wally, grampa had a doctor appointment, and no one else would volunteer to baby sit you." "Fine. Here, flash." An over-energetic mini-husky leaped out of the car. "Don't get into trouble Wallace." "Ok mom."" Oh and Wallace, be back here in an hour!" "OK MOM!" "And Wallace ….." but the rest of her sentence was drowned out by a passing truck. So Wally shrugged and started walking. After about 5 minutes, his parents were gone. Wally grumbled. Suddenly, a squirrel crept by in the forest. Flash froze. "What is it boy? Oh, no! Don't go to the bathroom! I didn't bring any bags!" but then Wally looked where flash was looking at. The squirrel froze and glared back at the husky, as if challenging it. Then flash began to growl. "Oh, no…" then flash took off. " NOOOOO FLAAAAAASSSSSHHHHHHH! HEEL, BOY! STOP! PLEASE?" then flash suddenly stopped, sending Wally flying into a pile of bushes. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" CRASH! "owwwww…..jeez, thanks a lot flash." Suddenly, Wally heard a voice. "Quick, teddy! Grab the net and I'll get the bow and arrows!" Wally followed the voice, but stayed hidden in the bushes. He peeked out and saw an old rusty, broken down play ground. But what interested him most was the person to whom the voice belonged to. It was a young blond haired blue eyed girl, which looked about his age. She was clutching a teddy bear and some sticks, one of them tied with a string. She "shot" one of the sticks at a tree. "Ha! Take that big foot!" she shot another arrow at the tree. "And that! Quick, teddy, throw the net while he is down!" but then, suddenly, another voice called out from farther in the forest. "Artemis! Come out now or now dessert after lunch!" "Quick teddy! Hide into the bushes!" and to Wally's horror, the girl came running towards him and dove into the bushes, just in time before an older woman stepped out from the bushes into the clearing. "OW!" Wally and the girl said at the same time. The girl widened her eyes in fear and quickly covered both of their mouths. "Shhhhh!" she said through her mouth "do you want to get caught? My nanny will kill me if she finds out I've been outside again!" Wally peeled her hand off his mouth and asked why. "Because I'm not supposed to be outside in the first place! Daddy said I can't EVER leave the house unless he lets me! Oh, no. dad." Her expression turned from anger to panicked and frightened. "what happened to your dad?" "ummmm…." She looked nervous, but then peeked out the bushes, checking to see if her nanny was around. The nanny wasn't around. "she must have gone back." The girl said. "Who?" "my nanny." "oh." She got up and walked out of the bushes. Wally followed her. " what are you still doing here?" she asked. " ummmm, well…. I was wondering if I could play with you." "in my secret fortress? No way!" " please?" suddenly, a branch fell down from a tree. "quick! Bigfoot is on our trail!" wally grinned. "he must've escaped from the net teddy and I put on him!" " I'll get a new unbreakable net!" wally volunteered. " we must hurry before he disappears into the jungle! Oh, but don't go into the castle tower." "why?" " a monster that eats little kids with red hair lives there." "yeah right. Why only red heads and not blonds?" "because I saw a little red headed boy go in there and never come out again!" she lied. "lets just capture bigfoot." "we can't." "why?" "because he got away." "oh." "well now we'll have to go track him in the jungle, wont we?" she asked him with a grin. " we will." He answered back. They played and played until it was starting to get dark. " hahahahaha! We sure got him, didn't we …..ummm…. I didn't get your name." "wally. What's yours?" "arte-'' artemis got cut off by a car going down the street. Artemis' eyes widened. "oh no! daddy's going home! I have to go! Pretend I was never here!" " Can we play again tomorrow?" "yes. Meet me here at noon!" artemis called behind her back. Wally smiled, and shook flash who had fallen asleep. " wally!" his mom called. "coming ,mom." And he jogged back to the van with flash.