"OWWW!" artemis was rammed into the fridge hitting her head on the top of the fridge.

enraged, artemis got out of the fridge and looked around to see who pushed her in.

wally was sprawled on the floor groaning.


"don't kill me! I'm too beautiful to die!" wally wailed.

Artemis just rolled her eyes.

"beautiful? That's not the word I would use to describe your face"

"your right! It's gorgeous!" wally said as he picked himself off the floor.

"great! Just greaaattt! Now I'm going to have a bruise on my face, and my mother is going to be wondering what happened." She said.

"well, your face wasn't that pretty to start with."

"how do you know? You've never seen my face without my mask. Unless you're some kind of creeper and have been stalking me…"

"me stalking you? Only in your dreams, blondie."

Suddenly artemis had a flashback of her dream.

I was clutching a teddy bear and some sticks, one of them tied with a string. I "shot" one of the sticks at a tree. "Ha! Take that big foot!" I shot another arrow at the tree. "And that! Quick, teddy, throw the net while he is down!" but then, suddenly, another voice called out from farther in the forest. "Artemis! Come out now or now dessert after lunch!" "Quick teddy! Hide into the bushes!"

"-and that wouldn't have happened if- hello? Are you even listening?"

Apparently wally had been ranting on and on.

"I-I have to go." And she sped out of the kitchen, forgetting her water bottle.

"jeez… what's her problem?" wally shrugged and walked over to the fridge looking for some peanut butter, ketchup, salami and ranch for his sandwich.

"you know, you could be a little nicer."

Wally whipped around, and saw robin leaning on the door to the kitchen.

"I am nice. It's just that… harpy… brings out the worst in me."

"sure she does. Especially when you call her the green giant who decided to lay off the steroids."

"she started it!"

"mhhm… of course she did."

"and you say you're my friend."

"I do what I can." Robin shrugged and ninjaed away.


Artemis sat on her bed so deep in thought, she didn't hear m'gann open her door.

"artemis! here you are! I've been looking all over for you!" M'gann squealed.

"hi M'gann." Artemis said kind of uninterestedly.

"artemis artemis artemis! do you want to go to the (she paused for emphasis, at which artemis mentally rolled her eyes) mall?"

Artemis almost pulled out her phone and called belle reve to take her away.


"oh yes! I think you should get new clothes!" M'gann walked over to the closet and pulled out some jeans, a couple of shirts, a sweater and a jacket.

"I have more at home. So I don't actually-" artemis didn't get to finish her sentence because she was cut off by M'gann alking.

"but isn't this what earth sisters do?" somehow, over the last mission, M'gann got the idea of artemis and her being earth sisters. Not that it was so bad. It was actually kind of nice to have someone to be there for you.

"not all of them."

"please artemis!"

She was starting to remind artemis of a 6 year old kid who was on a sugar high.


"yay! Lets go!" miss m clapped and grabbed ahold of artemis's arm

"I never said yeeessss!" artemis screamed down the hallway.

Arriving at the mall…

Artemis was having a heart attack. She was sure of it.

As soon as they stepped into the clothing store, M'gann (now megan) immediately ran over to the dress section.

And pulled out a pink dress.

A pink frilly dress.

"you would look perfect in this!" megan squealed.

And that's how artemis found herself in a big, itchy, pink, frilly dress.



"no. just-no."

"but artemis! you look lovely!" the Martian was disheartened. And pulled out her puppy dog eyes.

At the cave with the boys…

Wally, after hearing artemis's pained screams going down the hallway, decided to pull a prank on her.

Well, not exactly a prank, more like some pranks.

A bucket filled with brown dye was at the top of her door.

In her bathroom, he refilled her body wash with orange permanent (at least permanent for a month) dye.

He stuffed her bed with some bugs and her pillow with a dead mouse.

And, for the cherry on top, when she turned on the shower, (he had switched her pipe that led to water, to the sewage pipe) well… feces would come out.


But a job well done.

He looked around at his handiwork and grinned. And just in time too. He could hear the girls coming .He opened her door, forgetting about the bucket.

"oh crap…"

The girls…

artemis was….what was she feeling?

She had been put through torture. TORTURE!

All the frilly dresses…. The shoes… the make up…

M'gann had been forced to take artemis back because after the shoe area, well, artemis 's eye began twitching, and she fell, and she started rocking herself back and forth.

The salesperson had pulled out her phone to call the asylum.

Also, M'gann was having trouble carrying her many bags.

For artemis, she just wanted to go to sleep. As she was going to her room, she heard commotion going on.




(sound of shower turning on)





Hearing kid in torture was her highlight of the day.

But it was in her room, and it sounded like many things were happening there.

So she barged in to find chaos, wally covered in many…. Things…. And a horrible smell from the bathroom.

Her eye twitched.

Wally p.o.v

He was leaving her room, but he forgot about the bucket of brown dye on her door. So you can guess what happened.

The dye fell on him, and he being blinded, slipped into the bathroom. Where he fell into the tub and pushed the lever for "water" on. Also, while falling, the body wash came unscrewed and everything fell out.

To top that, the "water had started running, even though it was having a hard time because of the holes in the showerhead. So the filter (the part where the holes are) popped off and feces ran more freely.

Stumbling into the bed, the bugs just decided to crawl on him.

And for the finale, the dead mouse came out of it's pillowcase and landed on top of him.

Which is how artemis found him, and her room, like.

He was dead. He was so dead.


Again, I'm ending with artemis ready to kill wally. Poor artemis, today was just not her day.

And wally is a dead man. Sorry for disgusting some of you. My brother thought it would be an ok idea.

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