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The Witches: Hunting Demons is Hard to do.

3rd Person POV

Wyatt and Chris orbed to the location that had been found on the map, but there was no one there. They walked out of the alley and looked around.

"Dammit!" Chris yelled. "Why did it say to go here when there is obviously NOTHING!"

Wyatt shrugged his shoulders looking around for anything odd. "Hey Chris?" He called to his brother as he began towards the dead end of the alley.

"Yeah, What is it?" Chris asked following Wyatt.

"Looks like your mystery demon was here after all..." Wyatt bent over and picked up a thorn identical to the one Chris had.

Chris sighed and looked at the projectile."We just missed him then! Dammit how is he so-"

"Fast?" Asked a voice with a thick French accent, behind them.

Chris and Wyatt whirled around and saw they were cornered by this demon. "Holy crap Chris you weren't kidding with that description..." Wyatt muttered.

The creature sniffed the air and looked at the brothers. "You don't smell like Half-Bloods... What are you?"

Wyatt gave the monster a Are-you-kidding-me-right-now? look. "Seriously? What demon doesn't know who we are?"

"Wait... Half-Blood? That's what those kids are called in Mellies' book uh Peter Johnson, about the Greek kids and monsters?" Chris asked thinking out loud.

"Oh!" Wyatt exclaimed. "Freshman flashback! In Greek Mythology you're like some creature! A Manticore?" Wyatt pointed at the thing.

"Why yes finally i'm recognized! No one ever remembers me! Well some do as i am shoving them down my throat..." The Manticore ranted.

Wyatt and Chris glanced at each other and nodded. Chris swung his hand out while the Manticore was distracted and slammed him against the wall of the alley. Wyatt held open his palm and pushed towards the demon, making waves of heat shoot at the Manticore.

"AHGGG" He screamed as he was burnt badly. The manticore sat leaning against the wall.

"What that should have killed him h-" Chris stopped as the air at the beginning of the alleyway shimmered. "W-what?"

"I don't know..." Wyatt stared as four teenagers steeped through the portal. One was a boy with Shaggy black hair and he was wielding a bronze sword. The next was a girl in silver clothing with a glittering bow, an arrow already notched on the string ready to fire. The second boy had a rubber mallet in his hand and looked Hispanic. The last was a, strikingly, beautiful girl with dark skin and a sheathed dagger on her hip.

Wyatt focused on the oldest boy, seeing him as the leader and biggest threat, watching his every move. "Who are you?" Demanded Chris.

The younger girl and oldest boy turned to Wyatt but the older girl and younger boy charged the Manticore throwing fire balls and shoot him with lightning. "More demon!" Wyatt yelled and summoned his sword, Excalibur, and charged the oldest boy and the girl with the dagger, While Chris ran towards the two charging the manticore.

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