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The Witches: God...s?

Wyatt POV

"Thanks Kelp Head." The older girl, who's name was Thalia apparently, smiled and leaped through the portal that the older boy, who's name was Percy i think, had just created out of water. The portal shimmered and disappeared.

Chris and i were now staring at the. "Who are you guys?" I asked them.

Percy looked at us with a slight smirk. "Well believe it or not... we're children of the gods."

The girl shoved his arm. "Percy! What's wrong with you why would you-"

"Whoa... iv'e heard of witches running into people like you! You're Demi-Gods right?" Chris said. He was grinning ear to ear.

Percy nodded. "Yeah... you guys are witches?"

Chris nodded back. "Yeah bu-"

I cut him off. "But we're not supposed to go around exposing MAGIC!" I glared at him.

Chris' face flushed as he realized his mistake. He looked at the ground and mumbled something incomprehensible.

I sighed. "Look it was nice to meet you and all but we have to be going." I gripped Chris' shoulder and was about to orb out when the girl said.

"Wait... you aren't really going to just leave are you?" She looked at me with her eyes. It was like looking into a kaleidoscope, and i felt really compelled to do whatever i could to please her.

"N-no, of course not... we were just going to invite you to our house and maybe show you guys around..." I said. I saw Chris nod, agreeing with me.

"Great! So do you guys have a car? Or...?" The girl asked.

Chris laughed a little. "No we orb. But we do have cars too."

Percy looked at us funny. "Orb?"

"Uh well basically our molecules turn into these blue lights and it takes us where ever we need to go." I explained.

The girl smiled. "That is too cool... oh and by the way i'm Piper. This is Leo," She pointed to a boy who looked very mischievous. "and that's Percy." She nodded at the boy with green eyes.

"Wait..." Chris started. "You said your name was Piper? And he's Leo?"

Piper nodded. "Yep!"

We both laughed a little. "Alright..." I said.

"What?" Percy asked.

"Nothing, those are just our parents name's, haha" Chris told them.

I cracked a smile. "Anyways! Lets get this show on the road?"

Percy, Piper, and Leo all nodded.

"Okay! Chris you get Percy i'll get Mom and Dad." I said.

Piper and Leo both gave me a look. "Geez... it was just a joke..." I saw Chris place a hand on Percy's shoulder and i placed a hand on Piper's and a hand on Leo's shoulder, then orbed to the Manor.

We appeared in the attic and the three Half-Bloods were a light shade of green. "Oh my gods," Percy said. "I gonna hurl..."

Leo raised his hand. "Me too."

"Me three." Piper chimed in.

I laughed. "Dont be such wusses! It's not that bad..."

Chris smiled and said. "Yeah... but maybe it's worse for non-magical beings?" I shrugged in response.

Percy took a deep breath. "Trust me... it waspretty bad.."

Piper was walking around, checking out the attic. I guess she was over her Orbing-Sickness. "It's nice up here... very cool." She noticed The Book of Shadows. "What's that?"

Chris walked over with her to the book. "It's our spell and demon book."

Leo started towards the book now too. "Really?" He asked.

"Yep, really." Me and Chris said at the same time. I heard the door downstairs open and shut.

"Wyatt? Chris? Mel?" Our mom yelled. I could hear my sister talking to her.

"Oh! Are you guys hungry? My mom's a kick ass chef and was planning on inviting everyone over for dinner tonight... you guys hungry?" I asked.

They all smiled. "That would be awesome." Percy said.

"Great! Lets just wash up because we're all pretty dirty haha." I said and showed them to the bathroom.