Our lives is just a series of one-shots drabbels and stuff :) right now its a little side project, so yeah.


The White fox rolled her eyes.

"na, no way Sparks" she told her witchy friend,Sparkle.

"no way? cant you just reverse the whole way back?" the Peach fox said, otherways known as Angel.

"ha-ha" Sparkle said dryly, which cased whispers to burst out laughing.

"what ..im not even goin to ask" she said, holding up her hands in defence.

"no one toldya to!" Whispers managed out getting into a new fit of laughter.

"is she always like that?" The brown wolf-fox asked. (sparkle)

"na only when your around" Angel said throwing herself onto the cream sofa, plopping her feet onto the coffee-table.

Whisper sobered up in an instance, "what did i say about putting your feet on my coffee table?" Whispers asked in a low, creepy voice, which scared the living life out-of Angel.
"uhh..not to?" she said, scratching her head. Whispers narrower her now crimson eyes and the blond. Angel gulped.

"some-ones in trouble" Sparkles said in a sing song voice, which whispers choose to ignore. Angel, gingerly took her feet off the coffee table, grabbed a tissue as she cleaned up the non existing mess and throwing it in the near by trash can.

Whisper's crimson eyes returned to their normal rosy pink. As she walked over to the kitchen. "cookie or cupcakes?" she said, showcasing her newest baked delicious food.

"Cookie!" Angel yelled just as sparkles said "cupcake."

"both?" Angel said, shrugging taking a piece of both, stuffing the cupcake in her mouth, frosting cherry and all.

"if only Ally was here.."whispers said, gingerly taking a bite.

The names squirrel walked in. "some one said Ally?"she said, leaning onto the kitchine isle. Angel motioned her over and stuffed one of those giant chocolate chip cookies into her face, mainly mouth. she gave whispers a thumbs up, as she munched away the cookie.

AN: now i want a cookie xD