A Morning in My Random Life

Summery: Angel's life with Whispers, not that easy living with a clean-o-holic! a small refrance to WWE.


"Whispers? Can you please stop vacuuming the house on 6:30 in the morning?" Angel screamed from her room in a half-sleepy way.

"No no way im finishing the house stuff early so we can go to the park" Whispers said back to Angel.

Whispers was now vacuuming the fluffy white carpet in Angel's purple bed room since they were going out with Glacia, Leaf, and Ally to the park then to somewhere nice

"UGH!" Angel let out a loud sigh and got out of her purple covers, she was wearing a red Camisole top with swirls of purple on them, she starched out and moved out of the room.

The house was quite too quite if you delete the humming sound of the vacuum cleaner in the next room.

Angel plopped her self on the white love seat in the living room toke out the two remote controls from the near coffee table and opened the TV on the first channel: News

"ugh, boring!" Angel said moving to the next channel


"NO!" Angel almost screamed pressing the next button

'Sponge Bob squar-"

"cool but not now!" angel pressed next getting a little frustrated

'Welcome back to Monday night Raw'

"its not even Monday you idiots!" Angel closed the TV Giving up hope of finding a decent show to put on. Getting up from the coach, getting used to the ground till the walls stayed where they were supposed to be. One thing for sure: Angel is NOT a morning person.

Getting to the kitchen to seeing on the table a bunch of chocolate chip Pancakes

"now this I like" Angel said eyeing the pancakes then getting a dish from the cupboard then placing 3 pancakes on it

"these should do" Angel caught her reflection on the perfectly clean oven door -courtesy of whispers maniac cleaning- and gulping… her hair was mixed blonde with blood red colliding with each other, her purple eyes barely opening . She sat up straightening her outfit a red camisole top with a pair of red and black pants 'Blazing Angel' of course her trade mark.

Making it to her bathroom she washed her face for what seemed to be the 1000 time applying some eyeliner and foundation, a coral pink lip gloss. Then grabbing a brush and a hair straighter although her hair was naturally straight this made it smother. After all that was done Angel looked at her watch it was 8:30 already huh time really fly's by..

After picking some Black Denim pants with a hot pink shirt with two tacos draw on it and a pair of sneakers she headed out to the kitchen hearing the vacuum cleaners sound she concluded that whispers was still cleaning. Taking back her plate full of goodies she plopped on the sofa again hoping for some good TV shows. She opened it to what was WWE: Raw since she closed the TV after she saw that; was now replaced by a fashion show Angel sat and watched as a new Fashion Designer broadcasted her first fashion show

"no! she got the colors all wrong!" Angel said taking another bite almost choking on it once she saw a giant balloon like dress in orange with green accessory

"she looks like a giant orange ready to be pealed and eaten" she mumbled

Then Harry potter theme song came on, knowingly Angel pressed the green button on her I-phone "yes? Yes…I know… wrong number ,,,bye!" she said cheerfully

"stupid retarded people" She muttered

She continued watching TV until Whispers came out of the room with a cheerful face

"all done! I see you liked my 'goodies' Angel" whispers said motioning towards the empty plate

"Yup, but don't you dare waking me up again" angel yawned

"ok then, hey wanna watch a taped Episode of Monday night raw?" Whispers said all energetic

"no, I hate the freaking WWE" Angel said

"but -but this is so 'freaking' funny! Trust me on this one, plus weren't you bored?"

Angel mumbled a 'yes'

"ok so this one was on I think 20-june after Capitols punishment, there is that one segment that even if you don't know what they are talking about you'll laugh here" Whispers started the show fast forwarding the show until the moment she wanted (AN:the segment's link is down)

"so ok, Miz and Christian and R-truth arguing much more fun than ours" Whispers said

"but whisps I don't care" angel made a move but only made whispers glare at her

M: "How dare you?"

C: "How dare me? How dare you?"

T: "How dare me? How dare you?"

M: "Really? Really? Really?"

C: "Really? Really?"

T: "Really? Really?"

C: "Riley!"

M: "Riley? Randy!"

C: "Randy? Riley!"

M: "Randy!"

C: "Riley!"

M: "Randy!"

C: "Riley!"

M: "Randy!"

C: "Riley!"

M: "Randy!"


Whispers was laughing so hard at this point .

"ohh-kay?" Angel said fighting a smile

"oh come on! This is the best segment WWE had in…well years!" whispers managed to say

"but their stupid!"

"that's the point, you see Mr. Blondie, Christian, their, has been working their for '17 long years'"

"whats he complaining about again?" Angel said

"he lost his best Friends' Title, you see when edge retired he had to give up the title so anyways it was cool up until 5 days after he won, he lost it to randy Orton"

"oh" was Angels only response

"the other one Mr. Awesome, Miz, who isn't that awesome, lost to his own apprentice"

"taught him well"

"yes he did, lastly Mr. Psychopath over their, was complaining that 'little jimmy's AKA kids, lost him his match"

"cool I guess,I don't even know you any more sis!, so anyways what do you wanna do today?" Angel asked

"errr nothing, but you have to admit that was pretty funny!"

"it was, a teeny tiny bit" angel said

"OK! Lets go we are going to be late for the park" Whispers said hyperly

"aren't I supposed to be the hyper one? And why did we watch that?" Angel asked

"well since you were all rational and stuff I said why not?"

"good enough.."

"plus I wanted to show you how Crazy wwe Creative team is"



So I decided since I got a block for my CSI:NY story (writers block sucks) soo yea this is kinda inspired by Saso and the WWE :P random much?

While writing I was listening to: "just close your eyes" by story of the year, explains why WWE got into this

LINK: www .you tube watch?v = -EEc h0Gz pUo