Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Sonic one-shot

Hey guys im kinda back! Well im kinda in the mood to write a sonic one-shot thingy about whispers and Angel having one of their fights…sisterhood


"Ang! Where are you and why did you leave the oven open whilst the cupcakes were baking! I told you to turn it off!" Whispers shrieked when she got home to her apartment, she was out visiting Glacia while her sister Angel (who is not innocent at all) was in the house alone. Angel had arrived 2 weeks earlier when Whispers made her a surprise birthday\picnic party.

Whispers had been baking cupcakes all morning for the town's annual bake sale bake off, so she popped round to Glacia's house to grab some mixing bowls.

"I was too lazy to." The peach fox said walking out of her new room in a purple shirt that matches her eye color and a black mini skirt,

"Too lazy to just close the oven?" Whisper said when she opened the oven to be greeted with a puff of black dust\smoke. "Bah!" Whispers said, gasping for air when she took the cupcakes out, half of them were damaged beyond repair

"Err half of them can still do fine." Angel waved her off, "Plus you still have the others"

"Angel you're going to damage my squeaky clean cupcake bake sale reputation jeez!"

"Repu- what?" Angel said like a 3 year old.

"Ugh, don't you get it? I'm the queen of clean! And then you come along…" Whisper trails off Appling pink icing on the half damaged cupcakes.

"See not all lost." Angel said leaning against the sink.

"Not at all lost dear sis." Whispers snaps at her.

"Jeez, no need to be all grumpy" Angel murmurs.

"Yeah sis no need at all, its just me!" Whispers snaps again going around the kitchen placing a new bunch of cupcakes in the oven then continuing to fix the damaged cupcakes.

"You look like a crazy fox right now you know that?" Angel said with a matter of fact tone.

"You think?" Whisper shrieks again cleaning the counter with the black remains of the burned fiasco.

"But sis really you need a chill pill." Angel says jumping over the counter that separates the kitchen from the living room.

"Yeah chill pill." Whispers said sarcastically.

_-_After a Few hours after the bake sale back at the house -_-_

"See nothing bad happened." Angel said eating the last bit of cookies she had with her.

"Yeah sure Ang, nothing just you buying every last bit of chocolate chip cookies from every person." Whispers said dropping the now empty baking trays.

"Ehh I like them, plus you kept your precious 1st place blue medal" Angel shrugged.

"You think I care for the ribbon more about making people happy worth my cupcakes? Seriously? That's to low even for you" Whispers replied.

"Here we start about me not being enough" Angel muttered.

"Who said you weren't enough Ang? You're a bit too much" Whispers said about her 16 yrs old sister with the mind of a 5 year old.

"Ok I'm sorry I burned your precious cupcakes gesh" Angel snapped.

"That's all I wanted to hear all morning! Sis just apologize for the wrong stuff you do. Is that so hard?" Whispers asked her sister.

"Yes…I mean no." Angel said falling onto the couch

"Well it's not so hard just be a teeny weenie bit responsible so I can leave you be, how you've lived on your own that past year is beyond me." Whispers pointed out.

"Is that all you ask Whisps?" Angel said. (Oh yeah did I mention Whispers got over the fact that people call her Whisps? Yea she did.)

"Yeah that's all I ask for" Whispers said.

"Ok then, deal!" Angel said.

"Deal." Whispers agreed then the Harry Potter theme song started, "Go get your phone."

"Fine." Angel said. (if you didn't notice she is a huge 'Harry Potter' fan.)

"Yea its angel….really?…wait your asking me to…if my sis can…of course then! Bye!" Angel hung up with a smile of her lips. "Guess what?"

"Do I have to?" Whispers asked.

"Nope! We are going to the lunch of my new spring collection!" Angel piped happily.

"Seriously? Amazing I'm so happy for you Ang!" Whisper said, trapping her sis in a bear hug.

Sisters alway fight bu no matter how long it takes they reunite, because they share a special bond; Sisterhood


Just had a fight with my beastie about ignoring me so yea just felt about righting about it but with a make up part =) obviously I don't own glacia its for solar Sunset (GW before)