Since the first day Tsurugi began acting as an actual member of the Raimon team after their match against Teikoku rather than another one of Fifth Sector's personnel, everyone noticed, as if it weren't obvious enough, the sudden spike of admiration that Tenma had already bared for the now ex-SEED and for him, that was everything but good. Not anything, everything. And even before that spike, it was already quite apparent on how much exactly Tenma had looked up to him. Always following him around, inviting to practice sessions and games, even trying to get him join in minor outings like going to the park with him and his dog when they bumped into each other that one time. Tsurugi found it annoying and just wished the boy would leave him alone but he didn't despite telling him off many, many times. Of course, now the two were friends but he still could do without all the "Oooh!'s" and "Wow!'s" he often gave him.

Now it was another afternoon like all the others Tsurugi had experienced: dull and boring. He was about to leave when he felt something bumping into him from behind. He turned around to see two brown tufts of hair which both were twirled, forming a shell-like pattern just below his nose. He muttered angrily as he closed his eyes to await his friend's barrage of praises and questions like he usually did everyday whenever the two would run into each other during or after practice and being teammates, this happened quite a lot.

"Oh, sorry Tsurugi!" Tenma apologized quickly before bolting out of the room. Everyone was surprised because Tenma, the most avid soccer lover there, always was the last to leave. Tsurugi on the other hand was more surprised by the fact that the boy who usually pestered him every single day to be more active with group rather than separating himself from them all time had just brushed him off completely. Then again, recently he did seem to be in a hurry a lot these days. With one swing of his arm over his shoulder and his bag now behind him, he decided to savor this very rare time of peace which he had missed since first his meeting with that soccer-obsessed child.