I've been back on reading my Tintin comics again. You've probably noticed...

It has been one week since that rare moment of peace except…that rare moment has continued to happen again and again for the last week and it didn't just limit to leaving early and brushing him off. Now he began ignoring him completely. He spent majority of his time talking someone on his phone leaving no time to even look at him, let alone talk to him or anyone else for that matter except maybe Aoi, Shinsuke, Kariya and Kageyama. He should be elated that his prayers of the boy finally leaving him alone have been answered but instead, it irritated him to no end. So much so that he actually went to his brother for help on this subject. He still couldn't believe it much himself. Finally, he decided to take his brother's advice and go talk to him about this but only when the two were alone of course. The last thing he wanted was for the entire team to get ideas like that he actually had a soft spot for the child. A rather fantastic story, isn't it?

He found his chance while he was leaving to visit his brother again when he saw the boy alone, resting underneath a tree after they had just finished practice, positively worn out.

Tenma was closing his eyes to take a quick nap when he heard rustling next to him and he was surprised to see Tsurugi standing near him.

"Hey, Tsurugi!" Tenma chirped, not sensing that his frown meant that he wanted to be serious.

"Matsukaze," Tsurugi said firmly. He wanted to get straight to the point. "You've been acting strangely for the last week."

Tenma cocked his head quizzically at his friend's question. "Eh? Really?"

Tsurugi sighed as he shook his head. Of course he wouldn't have noticed. "Yes, really. You've been ignoring majority of the team and just waste your time on that phone of yours."

Tsurugi felt a little hypocritical considering how he was with his phone when he saw the brunette's smile fade to an apologetic look. "I'm sorry…It was just so excited talking with Taiyou…"

Tsurugi raised an eye. "Who is Taiyou?"

He knew he should have never asked that once he saw his eyes began to glitter with excitement. "Oh! Taiyou is amazing! His soccer skills are incredible and he can steal just any ball and he's got such a powerful kick…! He's a genius!"

Shindou and Kirino were walking by and were surprised to hear Tenma talking about someone like that and they soon found themselves interested with this "incredible striker" considering that they have never heard Tenma talk so fondly about another striker other than Gouenji Shuuya and Tsurugi. But what aroused their interest more was the way Tenma was talking about him. Whoever this guy was, it was obvious that Tenma had taken quite a liking to him, possibly more than he ever did when Tsurugi was his idol.

As Tenma was about to continue, he quickly remembered that he was pressed for time. "Aah! I'm late for my visit! Bye Tsurugi! It was nice talking with you!" Tenma stood up quickly and ran out of the school grounds.

Shindou couldn't help but go over to talk with Tsurugi. "I guess you're pretty happy now, huh? Now you don't have to worry about Tenma always following you around."

Everyone knew how irritated he was with Tenma doing that so he really did think Tsurugi was relieved until he saw his fingers of both hands were clasped together, forming a shaking fist.