The stuff you need to know before you begin reading…
didn't move to Forks during junior year. She stayed in Phoenix to finish high school, then went to culinary school in Arizona for four years. Just after Bella graduated, Renee and Phil were killed in a car crash.
The Wolf Pack
are as they were in Stephenie Meyer's novels. They are all wolves, but are now thinking about trying to stop phasing as the Cullens have been gone for a few months and promised not to return. The imprints are all the same as in Meyer's novels, but I have added imprints for Embry and Seth.

The story begins a month after the deaths of Renee and Phil. Bella is moving to Forks to stay with Charlie for a while because she doesn't want to be alone, until she figures out her next steps.

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All characters are owned by Stephenie Meyer, aside from the few I have added :)



I stepped into Charlie's house in Forks and took a quick look around. Not a lot had changed during the years I'd been away. The kitchen cupboards were the same sunshine yellow thanks to Renee, and my bedroom still looked the same as it had since I was born. Thankfully, Charlie had upgraded my bed to a double size and had added a desk, which I placed my laptop onto after throwing my bags onto the new bed.

It was pretty depressing really: I had been alive for 22 years and yet my worldly possessions could all fit into two sports bags. I had given all of Renee's furniture and clothes to charity and sold her house as quickly as I could; otherwise I would have dwelled in the grief of losing her and would never have moved on with my life.

So here I was, back in the place I had avoided at all costs since I was 12, with no idea what I should do next. Nothing about Forks had appealed to me back then, and I was pretty sure that nothing would appeal to me now. But, I didn't have much choice. Charlie was my last living relative and I was really looking forward to spending some time with him, no matter how much I hated his cold, wet hometown.

It was the middle of the afternoon, but the sky was grey and everything outside was damp. I unpacked my clothes and added a few personal touches to my room, which took all of ten minutes. I then seriously considered just going to bed, but I figured I should really go down to see Charlie seeing as he had taken the day off work to help me get settled in. As chief of police, and being a single man, I knew Charlie spent a lot of time at work, so taking a day off had to be a big deal to him. With that in mind, I made my way downstairs to where Charlie was, sitting in a recliner watching baseball.

"Oh, hey kiddo," he greeted me as I sat down on the sofa. "You all unpacked?"

"Um, yeah. Didn't really have much to unpack."

"Yeah, I noticed. You travel light for a girl."

We sat in silence for a few minutes, and I focused on the TV screen while Charlie sipped his beer. I'd never really gotten into sports what with my lack of coordination, so I was glad when Charlie spoke up again.

"I almost forgot, I've got you a surprise Bells. Should be here soon."

I flinched at his words. Firstly because I hated surprises, and secondly because I hated people buying me things. "You didn't have to do that, dad."

"Sure I did. I know you hate me getting you gifts but, I'm sure you'll like it when you see it."

I didn't reply. I was pretty sure I wouldn't like it, but I wasn't about to tell him that. We settled into another silence then, watching the TV. It wasn't uncomfortable, which was the thing I liked about Charlie. He was a man of few words, which was probably where I got it from.

The silence was interrupted a while later by the sound of a vehicle horn outside the house. I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but it made Charlie jump up from his chair.

"That'll be your present, Bells. Think you should come outside." He told me as he set his beer on the coffee table and made his way to the front door.

I got up and followed him out to the porch, where I saw a huge red Chevy parked in the driveway. What could he have bought for me that needed to be dropped off? I watched nervously as a huge Quileute man jumped out of the cab and walked to the passenger side to help an oldish man out into a wheelchair.

"Hey Charlie," the man greeted him when he was settled into his chair. "How's it going?"

"Great, Bella just got here." He told him, motioning up the steps to me. Both the men looked up to where I was standing, and I gave them a small wave. "How're things on the Rez, Billy?" Charlie asked the man, and I realised it was Charlie's best friend, Billy Black. I had met him several times before when I was visiting Charlie, and had always been a bit intimidated by him. I think he was the chief of the nearby Quileute tribe, and he radiated authority.

"As they usually are Charlie, no trouble." He replied with a smile, still watching me. "You've grown up a lot since I last saw you, Bella. You have grown into a beautiful young woman."

I blushed, as I always did whenever I received a compliment. "Um, thanks Billy. You're looking pretty well yourself."

He chuckled at that. "Can't complain."

We were all silent then for a moment, and Billy looked at Charlie and raised his eyebrows, as if to prompt him.

"Oh right, yeah. Bells, say hello to your new truck!" he said, holding his arms out towards the Chevy in a 'voila' stance.

I definitely hadn't expected that. I felt my mouth drop open, but wasn't able to close it again. I looked between Charlie and the truck several times before I managed to speak.

"The truck… is for me?" I asked stupidly, walking slowly down the steps so as not to fall and beginning to circle the truck to get a better look.

"Yup, bought it off Billy here. He was saving it for his boy, Jacob, but he preferred to build up his own car. He's a really good mechanic, so any problems and he'll sort it right out for you." He was speaking fast and glancing at me nervously, awaiting my reaction.

"It's… perfect!" I announced, making the three men smile. Charlie looked shocked by my enthusiasm.

"Well I wouldn't use that adjective, but it'll run fine. I got Jacob to change the engine and tune her up properly this morning while I picked you up from the airport." He seemed to realise something then, and turned back to Billy. "Where is Jake? I expected him to drive it here."

"He's stuck at work, they've got a lot of customers to get through today. He wanted to come to see Bella, but I guess he'll have to visit when he's not so busy." He turned to the man standing behind him now, and I couldn't help but tear my eyes from the truck to look at him. "Paul here drove me instead."

Paul was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He was really tall, had to be about 6"4, and incredibly well built. He had short dark hair, dark smouldering eyes and high cheek bones. His skin was a beautiful russet colour like Billy's, which I couldn't help but compare to my embarrassingly pale complexion. He gave me a cocky grin and I realised I had probably been staring at him a little too appreciatively. Blushing again, I quickly looked away to inspect my truck again.

"Thanks for this, dad. It's really great."

"No problem, kiddo. It might be old but it's one of the strongest vehicles you can get. Thought that might make you, y'know… feel a bit better about driving."

I smiled at him appreciatively and felt my eyes water up a little. It was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me. After losing my mother to a car crash I was pretty nervous at the thought of driving, but the fact that Charlie had been concerned enough to buy me this monster to help protect me made me choke up. I just nodded; afraid my voice would crack if I tried to speak.

"Do you wanna take it for a test drive?" he asked me then. "You could take Billy and Paul back to La Push? It's only a fifteen minute drive."

"Sure," I said, eager to test my truck out and see a little of the area.

I got behind the wheel while Paul helped Billy back into the passenger side of the cab and put his wheelchair into the bed of the truck, before joining us up front. There wasn't much room for the three of us what with Paul's giant stature.

"Just make sure you stay in the speed limit!" Charlie called as I reversed off the drive, and I waved at him in acknowledgement.

"Don't think you'll have much problem with that," Paul spoke up from his cramped position next to Billy. "I think this is the slowest truck I've ever driven."

Billy looked like he was going to protest, but I beat him to it. "Don't bad mouth my truck!" I said in a mock serious tone. He snorted, and I gave Billy a wink.

With a few brief directions, I found my way to Billy's home on the reservation and pulled up in front of the small red house. It might have been small, but it definitely had a certain charm about it.

Before Paul got out to help Billy, I asked him, "Where can I take you to, Paul?"

"I'll just get out here thanks, I don't live far." With that he jumped out of the cab to retrieve the wheelchair, and Billy turned to me.

"More like he's coming in my house to eat everything in my cupboard," he said with a sarcastic laugh. "He's dating my daughter." He explained.

"Actually, I am engaged to your daughter Billy. Remember?" Paul added as he came back to the door.

"How could I forget" Billy muttered quietly to me with a wink, and Paul rolled his eyes as if he had heard him.

"Come on, old man. Let's get you in the house." He said with a laugh as he helped Billy out of the cab. "See you around, Bella."

"No doubt I will see you soon, Bella." Billy called with a knowing smile as Paul began to wheel him towards the house.

"See you, Billy!" I shouted after him, before starting the truck and heading back to Charlie's place.

That night in my new bed, I wasn't surprised to see the return of my nightmare. I had been having the same nightmares over and over since Renee had died, and rarely got a proper night's sleep. I got out of bed the next morning feeling like I hadn't been to bed at all.