I had this scene in my mind for days and I decided to write it down. I'd love to see something like this happen in a third SG1 movie (too bad that it isn't going to happen *sigh*). I'm probably better as vidder than writer but I tried nonetheless. Thanks to Ellie5192 for the beta work.


"Here we are again", Jack thought, "Someone should really hang signs all over Stargate Command with the message Rule No1: Do Not Touch Anything!"

But, of course, some geeks had to play with that machine and inadvertently turn it on. As a result, now everybody was asking her to save the universe from an oncoming catastrophe. Again.

He found her standing next to the window, her gaze fixed on the sunrise. The morning light softly illuminated her in an almost ethereal glow. Though shadowed with concern, her eyes revealed a fierce determination; a look that he has often seen on her face, after more than a decade of knowing her.

Like when that infernal metallic sphere pinned him to a wall and she asked him to trust her. She saved his live.

Like when she came back for him on Hathor's planet, even though the last time she saw him he had just been chosen to become a host for a Goa'uld. She saved his life.

Like when she pleaded him to take the Tok'ra symbiote. She saved his life.

No wonder why everyone was expecting a miracle from that national treasure that was her brain.

"Sam, it's time to go" he told her. She turned and smiled softly at him, then she walked towards him and handed him the toddler who was blissfully sleeping in her arms.

"Be good Gracie" she said and gently kissed the top of her head.

Before she could go any farther, Jack reached out and crashed his lips on hers in a passionate kiss. And then he locked eyes with hers and whispered "Be careful".

A white light suddenly appeared and she was beamed up. He has just the time to hear her answer: "Always".