Written for SK-fan7's Let's Make Writing More Fun contest, January 2012, category: Stop our breath! Faust's thoughts as Eliza is returned to him. Anime-based.

Disclaimer: Yes, I own Shaman King. I am Hiroyuki Takei. If you believe that, I have a lovely bridge to sell you.

Eliza. I'm going to see her again. I'm finally, FINALLY going to see her again.

These were the only thoughts that could fit in my head as Anna began her chant. All this time and all my tears were about to be repaid in full.

I remember the day she was first taken from me. I had just gone out for a short time, less than half an hour. It took less than half an hour for my world to be shattered. When I returned she was bleeding out on the floor, already gone no matter how I tried to deny it.

After the fight in the cemetery, I honestly hadn't expected to see Anna or Manta again. When I saw him at the airport it was only logical to bring him back to his friends. I hoped it was Anna he was with. She was more dispassionate and likely to forgive.

All I had hoped for was to possibly gain an ally to further my original goal. What Anna offered instead was more than I could have asked.

As Anna finished, her beads glowed and dozens of spirit flames appeared, coalescing to form-


My Eliza.

My beautiful, precious Eliza was here, and she was smiling at me, I had never managed to make her empty oversoul smile, she's here, it's real, it's really her.