Ok this is my very first story! Hope you like it! This is the prologue and I know it's short. I just wanted to see what you guy think first! I'll try to update fast! Also Unseated4TH is helping me a lot so thank you so much! Check out Unseated4TH's stories! They're awesome! The setting is around the vizard training. Also I don't mind constructive criticism but please no flames. Sorry if it's horrible. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I would love to own Bleach but sadly I don't.


Most rulers have protection. Some even have fierce animals protecting them. I want an animal protecting meā€¦but not just any animal; for this protection will also be a weapon. I want a hollow. One with intelligence and abilities beyond firing ceros and causing damage. One with a weapon like a vizard, but not just any vizard. One with talent and the will to never give up. One who name even stands for protecting. Yes, Ichigo Kurosaki. He will be my protector, minion, slave, pet, whether he likes it or not.