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RiZing Star ended. And Mudslide Crush came out on top.

Ray smirked knowing he beat those 'lemon head', Did he expect anything less?

An involuntary glance to the side made that smirk widen even more,
the only rivals Mudslide Crush ever had, the losers who called them self 'Lemonade Mouth'.

They represented the lower class; the bottom feeders of if it willl.

the front-man of Mudslide Crush would admit to no one but himself that he was worried for a second there. About his band possibly losing to those, those lemon heads, But no

Thanks to some twist of his good luck, Lemonade Mouth fell through the cracks.
Even with the cheesy performance the audience threw, Mudslide Crush was victorious and Ray
couldn't be happier. Everything was exactly like he wanted.

From over the heads of his many fans coming to congratulate him, Scott Pickett nodded from
where he spoke with Mo and her parents, a slight smile on his face.

Well, except for that. Ray shrugged, Oh well, He'd cross that bridge when he
came to it.

"You were awesome!"
"I knew you could do it!"

Ray nodded and smirked at the many girls coming to greet him. From blonde, to brunette, to red heads, they gathered around him.

"Hey Ray."

The red head pianist of Lemonade Mouth greeted him too, a friendly smile on his
face. "Just wanted to say congrats." The rival front-man, a timid blonde stood beside him, smiled slightly and nodded.

He was in a good mood after the win so Ray nodded and said, "Too bad about your eye there Ginger."

Almost on instinct Wen touched his face gently, the dark ring from his injury nowhere near fading
from his skin. "Ha, yeah well, we gotta go, congrats on the win once again."

The two Lemon Heads departed and was quickly replaced by another rush of fans.

As time wore on, Ray saw and received the well-wishes of the attendance even from
Mo, Scott, and Charlie. But one was missing.

He wouldn't admit it but Ray was particularly anxious to get the guitarist's congratulations
as her other band-mates had.

From afar he saw her carefully placing her guitar into its case, taking her time making sure her instrument
was in place and when that was done, she slipped on the guitar case and walked off.



"Yo Yamada, get back here!"

The half-Asian revolutionary looked over her shoulder, her brow arched in
question. "What do you want Beech?"

He opened his mouth to say something as he came up beside her in the doorway
of the exit but was stopped by the girlish scream of the Delgado kid.

Both Ray and Stella turned at the sound and found Charlie being surrounded by a large herd of fan girls, In the middle of the chaos, the brunette screamed for help.

"Dang it Charlie," Mo groaned from the side as she tried to fight her way
through the crowd surrounding him while Scott snickered from behind her.

"HELP ME!" He continued to plead nonetheless as the crowd of teenage females moved through the parking lot.

Stella shook her head.

"Charlie do the armadillo, drop down and duck!"

"But the floor's hard!"

both Stella and Ray rolled their eyes, "JUST FREAKIN DO IT CHARLIE," Stella yelled,

Charlie dropped as told in any case and his action was followed by his fan girls who
tried to snuggle up to him on the tarmac of the parking lot.

"Man up Delgado, they can smell fear," Ray found himself saying as the fan girls
all seemed to dog pile on top of the curly haired drummer.

"Anyway, what do you want Beech?", Said Stella a little annoyed.

"Oh I just think you forgot something," Ray said with a smirk.

"No I don't think so, & why the heck are u smirking you wannabe rock Dutch-bag!"

"Oh, I don't know, I was just expecting a congratulations
or something, you talentless toed!"

"For what, did you win the biggest jerk in the universe award?"
Stella said sarcastically.

Ray rolled his eyes and said; "I think you know completely well what
I won,

You're just too jealous to admit it."

Stella rolled her eyes. "Whatever Ray. Who cares what you win?
Just because Lemonade Mouth didn't win RiZing Star, doesn't mean we aren't the best ever no matter what,
Plus, don't you have enough fan girls running around to go on without having to get me to congratulate you?"

Ray smirked. "Oh. I get it. You are jealous...but of something else."

"And what would I be jealous of now?" Stella asked, bored.

"You're jealous of all those fan girls because they get to run around chasing after me, but you can't."

Stella scoffed. "And who says I would want to be one of your stupid fan girls anyway?"

"I do", Ray, said.

"Uh huh in your dreams beech!" Stella retorted



"one I'm not delusional, And two, If you don't want to be my fan girl..." He smirked, "Why don't you just be my girl?"

"What?" Stella's eyes widened and she backed away slightly. Did Ray Beech just ask what she thought he asked?

"You heard me" Ray simply said still with that same old smirk on his face

"…did you just ask me out? Is this a prank because if it is a swear_"

"yes I did, and this is no prank Stella".

(back with the gang – Charlie about 10 minutes ago)
"oh my gosh did you hear Charlie scream", wen said laughing a bit

"how could you not man, I mean you would have though a little girl was getting kidnapped or something", scott also laughing a bit

"I gotta go guys gram wants me in bed resting and eating soup", Olivia choked out almost whispered

"oh okay...I'll walk you home okay?" Wen said little more then asked

"oh you don't half to_"

"I know but I want to, come on lets go" Wen said cutting her off while leading her towards the main exit in the front

"yeah I better get going too I'm already on the edge now I don't want to push it and again thank you so much for what you did, um...bye", Mo said rushing to the exit

shortly after Mo left Scott headed out leaving Stella as the only band member left in the building.

(Back with Ray and Stella)"I...I…I don't know what to say…"

Ray smirked then did the complete unexpected, most shocking thing ever, he crashed his lips onto hers and was kissing her! O_O

they were supposed to hate each other weren't they…..? This had to be the most shocking thing in history, Ray was even kind of shocked himself but...yeah there was no turning back now,

Stella was in complete shock still and when Ray took notice that Stella wasn't reacting to the kiss he was about to pull away and apologize but couldn't because Stella had just wrapped her arms around his neck pulling them closer together.

when they finely parted Stella was slightly blushing and Ray was of course
slightly smirking, "so pick you up tomorrow, about 5:30?"

"Sure see you then", Stella said then swiftly left.

(With Stella after school)she went home, took a shower, picked out her outfit put it on ( cgi/set?id=42102496 ) curled her hair did her nails in a red and put on some red lipstick, base, little bit of mascara & eye shadow by this time it was 4:42 so she decided to go down stairs and wait for Ray to get there,

"Hey Stell", Mrs. Yamada said as Stella came down the stairs

"Hey mom", Stella said once she once she was fully down the stairs

"Well aren't we looking extra nice this evening may I ask why?" Mrs. Yamada said standing up from her chair and putting her book down with a suspicious smile on her face

"….um...well I am uh kind of going on a…date" Stella saib hesitantly hoping her mom wouldn't go all crazy mom on her

"oooooooooo a daate", her mom said half teasingly and half existed

"yes mom a date no need to go all 'my oldest baby is going on a date' on me" Sbtella said putting air quote by the 'my oldest baby is going on a date' thing

"oh alright if you insist on spooling my fun", Mrs. Yamada said with a fake pout and a giggle as she left the room taking her book.

(5:29 Stella's house)

Ray just got there, he was a little nervous though he didn't know why, he had took countless numbers of girls out before what was so different about Stella… he shook his
head and walked up to the front porch and rang to door bell, and like a minute later the door was opened by Mrs. Yamada with a huge smile on her face and Stella right
behind her, she looked like she was about to freak out, he was guessing her mom was annoying her or she was worried her mom was going to embarrass her,

"Hello you must be my Stella's date", yep she was worried she was going to embarrass her, Stella face palmed herself

"…uh yeah that's me, nice to meet you, I'm Ray"

"Nice to meet you too I'm Lydia" Stella's mom said & she was going to shake his hand but Stella grabbed Ray's hand and bolted

"TIME TO GO BYE MOM BYE DAD!" Stella said as she ran out the door dragging Ray with her towards his car just as she saw her dad coming down the stairs out on the corner of
her eye and before her mom started bringing out the baby photos.

(In Ray's car)
Ray hadn't noticed how great Stella looked until now, he didn't realize he was staring
until he noticed Stella was waving her hands in front on his face screaming at him trying to get him to come back to earth, "RAY! HELLO ANYONE IN THERE? COME BACK TO

"Wha? Oh um… you look nice this evening"

"….. Um thanks you look pretty good yourself"

"… thanks"

"so um we better go before my mom and dad think we are just going to sit here and come out and my mom go's all aww look at my oldest baby's date isn't he cute blah, blah, blah, and my dad go's into protective mode and interrogates you and with the past we've had I don't think it will end well for you or me",

"Yeah good idea..and did you just call me cute" Ray smirked for the umteenths time.

Stella gave him a look as to say "drop it or you shall be smacked upside the head"..yeah he dropped it all right, Stella can give some pretty scary looks sometimes.

(Outside Stella's house after the date)

"So what do you think we should do about telling people", Stella said

"I don't know since we are supposed to hate each other people are more than likely going to freak out and you friends are more than likely going to think I'm just playing with your feelings and go all.. yeah I guess we should keep it a secret for a while so we..well I don't get like murdered or something", Ray said the last part with a laugh,

Stella laughed, "Yeah your right, they would totally freak out, some might even try to split us up I guess when we are in public we hate each other and put on our daily fights and screaming matches and when it's just me and you we are…yeah"

"sounds good to me, but we can't hide forever we are eventually going to get caught or we are going to have to tell"

"yeah I guess we will cross the bridge when come to it, ill text you later bye", Stella said before giving him a quick peck then going inside,

Ray headed back to his car but before he got in he for some reason looked back up at the second floor of Stella's house and saw Stella sitting by one of the windows, he guess in her room, and waved when she saw him looking at her, he waved back then got into him car and drove off

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(end seen where the characters do stuff)

RAY: thanks for putting me and Stella together finally it took long enough

STELLA: ah-hah you admitted it you liked me for a while now I KNEW IT

RAY: yeah sure you did Yamada and like you didn't like me too *smirk*

STELLA: maaaaaaybe maybe not *smirk*

RAY: whatever Stella-bell

ME: will you too stop it you know everyone is right here don't you

(everyone waves or does something that means hello)

RAY & STELLA:…..hi