Author, DramaQueen127.


ME: yep I own lemonade mouth Ray and Stella are together ^_^

RAY: no you don't and yes me and my wonderful Stella bell are together *zone out into a daydream*

ME: ok I don't own Lemonade Mouth happy?

SCOT: dang man Stella has you totally whipped *burst out laughing*

RAY: NO SHE DOESN'T! and yes I am thank you very much

(Mo & Stella, walk in)

STELLA: no who doesn't what ray-ray *walks up and gives him a kiss on the cheek*

RAY: he think you have me whipped *puts arm around her*

STELLA: of course not

SCOT: come o-

MO: just drop it you know how stubborn BOTH of them are *whispers*

RAY & STELLA: heard that!

whatever I'm just gonna get back to the story


(1 month later)

ok it's been a month sints Ray and Stella got together and they have still somehow managed to keep it a secret from everyone but their parents, and Mrs. Yamada almost slipped up once last week when she didn't know Mo was there and she asked stella something about the date Stella and Ray were going on later on that evening, they are currently on a feel trip to some lake in the middle of who knows where,

Ray was on the lake shore secretly watching Stella and Stella was playing chicken & of-Corse Stella won when she was heading to shore she felts for her dead grand mouth's necklace that was given to her, she was her absolute favorite person in the world and when she died when she was 8 she really took it hard and she NEVER took the necklace off so when she didn't feel the necklace there she started panicking ("and so did Ray though he didn't show it he was like, why the heck it she panicking he she hurt! What's going on?")

"OH NO! MY NECKLACE IT'S GONE", Stella said panicking

"What are you doing you'll never find it, the water is to icky", Mo asked

"I dint care how 'icky' it is I HAVE TO FIND IT" Stella exclaimed right before she jumped back into the water she tried about 5 times before she spotted it in some kind of twisty root
she went to get it but got stuck in the twisty root.

ok I know it's short but I have been like mega super busy this past week I will try to post another chapter AS SOON AS I CAN (I know what's gonna happen next but it got deleted to yeah ill get it up soon as I can)