I AM BACK! so sorry it took me forever to update I had writer's block and got involved in another fandom + I have been really busy...I hope I still have some readers...this last chapter might be a little off but it's because I haven't wrote anything on this story in so long I hope you enjoyed it ... ~DramaQueen127~

No one's p.o.v

Ray was walking out of school that day and saw Stella sitting outside on a bench just looking blankly at the sky a few tears here and there...

Ray couldn't stop himself, he walked over and sat down with a look of worry and concern "Stella are you okay why are you crying!? are you hurt?" he asked frantically

she stifled a laugh at his franticness but then remembered they couldn't be together...his dad and just about everybody at school thinks they are a joke...

"I'm fine leave me alone Ray" she started to get up and walk away but Ray grabbed her turned her toward him and said "no you're not tell me what happened. now."

now if you know Stella you would know she never cries but lately she has been cracking...ever since the whole Ray and Stella thing started...she has...so when patty come up to her right after school...

*flash back*

"so you and Ray are done huh...I knew it would happen sooner or later...all just a joke anyways..." she said prancing over to Stella.

"shut up Patty" Stella said clearly annoyed.

"Why should I?...did you actually think he cared about you?" Patty said with a cackle getting all up in Stella's face"

Stella just stared at the ground trying to think of a good comeback...

"HA you did...isn't that sweet...well he didn't and doesn't so just forget about it...you aren't good enough for his! never will be! you are just some ugly rock wannabe with no talent what. so. ever!" the little witch said with a smirk before prancing off.

Stella broke...and it's is hard to break her! but she did...she ran out of school to a bench a little bit away from the building and tried to calm herself a few tears escaping.

*end of flash back*

"nothing happened! just leave me alone! why don't you just go find somebody else to mess with that fits your image? hmm? somebody that your parents will approve of! A proper 'Prettier" cheerleader Barbie doll girl arm candy? That would be better for both of us..." she spat, tailoring off towards the end.

"STELLA MARIE YAMADA! That's it! forget all of those thing people say! forget what my parents think! just forget it all! it doesn't matter! none or it! I love you! okay?! I always hated those spray tanned stuck up snob's! and where have you got it in your head about what a proper prettier girl friend is? stop being so stereotypical! And you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen! I-"

"you love me?" Stella said in astonishment.

Ray laughed slightly "yes, I love you, I probably should have mentioned that little detail sooner but...yeah...now will you stop all this and be my girlfriend again? I miss my hard core care-free doesn't listen to anybody Stella that I used to have daily screaming matches with..."

"...yes...I will be your girlfriend again" she said looking into his eyes.

Ray smiled and picked her up and spun her around giving her a big kiss, "okay girlfriend...do you need a ride home?" he asked.

"Yep...oh yeah...and Ray..."


"I love you too"

*different location*

"hey guys...I don't think we are going to have to come up with that plan..." Olivia said from the enterance of school

"what do you mean?" Mo asked.

"look" Livy said pointing to Ray spinning Stella around kissing her.

All of the members of lemonade mother (not counting Stella) looked and a huge smile crept across their faced...

"YAY RAYELLA IS BACK!" Charlie shouted.

"yep the couple that caused everyone in masa a shock of a lifetime are back together" Olivia said watching the couple head into the parking lot.